Bedtime Yoga!

I know at the time this blog post goes live it’s currently morning where most of my readers reside and the word “bedtime” in the title is funny to read, but I really wanted to talk to you about Yoga today. And about Bedtime Yoga!

After an awesome afternoon spent with my friend Stephany, lots of laughs and her little nudge “Have you tried Yoga? Knowing you, I think you’d love it!”, I bought myself a Yoga mat and the next day went online trying to find a Yoga class. I figured I’d go to class once a week, and do it at home, too, when I had the time to.
Unfortunately there are literally only four places in my city which have Yoga classes (two of which I suspect have actually closed and haven’t updated their website), and none at the gym near where I live.
Good thing I had the mat already, so, I started looking around on Youtube instead. I kept finding videos like yoga for weight loss, total body yoga, power yoga and anywhere from 10 to 45 minute yoga sessions. But which one to choose?

Since I’ve never even tried it before, I was happy to find the Yoga with Adriene channel with so many great playlists for everyone’s different needs. There are also two 30-Day Yoga Challenge playlists with sessions of different lengths, and something new or different for every day. I think that is awesome for someone just starting out!
This is the playlist I started with. I didn’t get bored of the pose sequences, as opposed to if they were the same every day, and even though before doing it myself I thought of Yoga as something which looked oh-so-simple, I realized it’s actually harder than it looks. I can feel every single muscle get the workout!

It has been a blast! After the first two days, I even woke up early to do Yoga before getting ready/leaving for work when I knew I’d get home too late in the evening. When I get home early enough, I do Yoga then and maybe include Bedtime Yoga into the mix. Or, if I know I’m not able to do Yoga every day, I compensate with two consecutive sessions every other day.

I really love the Bedtime Yoga! If all else fails and I only end up doing this, I still consider it a great day, because I did show up on the mat, I did take that 20 minutes just for myself. To unwind, and let go of the day and any stress or anxiety I might be feeling. It has slowly become one of my favorite moments of the day, something I truly look forward to.

I noticed that my back doesn’t hurt as much as it did before starting Yoga, I am slowly becoming more bendy, and I started breathing deeper.
That was definitely one of the challenges – breathing. It’s funny how for the duration of the 30-day challenge, every time Adriene said her little reminder to breathe, I realized I was holding my breath… and I’m not even sure why I did that.
unnamedThe other challenge? Corpse Pose. It’s such a challenge to quiet my mind and just relax (and I know I’m not alone, friends of mine have also said this numerous times). But I do love Adriene’s approach to this. She advises to allow ourselves to acknowledge what we feel then release everything, choose to let go of the stress, of the tension, and to connect to a sensation of peace from within. I think that if we allow ourselves to feel what/how we feel, and let the emotions run though us/past us, by the time we are done with Corpse Pose we might just notice that we’ve let go of all that anxiety and unnecessary feelings, and it won’t build up, evolve and amplify into something worse.
It feels so good when I manage to achieve it all!

Are you a Yoga practitioner? What are your favorite moments of Yoga? Any advice for a beginner like myself? Or have you tried it and it didn’t work for you? What do you do instead, to clear your mind and include some kind of exercise into your days?


4 Comments to “Bedtime Yoga!”

  1. Thank you for the reminder to get back into yoga. I was doing it for a short period and then decided I needed something more challenging since my goal is to firm up and lose some weight. I felt with yoga I wasn’t getting the cardio I needed to burn some calories. I know that some yoga can be very intense but some of the poses I cannot do due to a neck issue which also affects my right arm.

    Yes, I’m a mess. Between my neck and my autoimmune disease, I’m not doing much more than 4 mile walks with my dog. At least that’s something!!

    For stress release, I’ve been meditating. And because, like you, it’s difficult to quiet my mind, I use guided mediation either on an app (Calm or Headspace), or go online to a program I use called Learning Strategies dot com. Headspace is fun because the speaker has a Brittish accent and we Americans love our accents!

    I’m glad that you’re following through on your goal to practice yoga. It’s great that you’re getting more bendy and you’re making yoga a priority when you know that you won’t have time in the evening to complete a session.

    We should all take at least 20 minutes every day for ourselves.

    • You’re very welcome for the reminder, Cathie! This bedtime yoga seems easy enough to do and unwind and stretch a bit each evening, if your neck/arm allows.
      Did you find something more challenging to firm up and lose some weight? I’ve added some abs and cardio workout alternating with jump rope to my week as well since last month. It’s going okay so far, I’m either doing an hour of yoga or abs+cardio each day – now to see if I’ll keep up with it, too!

      The 4 mile walks are definitely good for you, have you tried maybe jogging that? It’d be a two in one, walk then jog or the other way around, and also get the dog some exercise ;)
      I tried meditating, but have given up. My mind doesn’t quiet, and if it’s guided I just quickly lose interest because I’m thinking more about how it is all being said. It’s just not for me.

  2. I love Yoga with Adriene! So happy to see other people like her videos as well, and how much it helped you. Keep doing it, you might even get to be able to do corpse pose one day ;)

    • Yes, Adriene’s videos really helped me, and inspired me to start exercising (and biking, and walking more), too, which I am sooo happy about.
      I doubt I’ll be able to do corpse pose in the meditative way it’s supposed to “work”, but hey, one never knows!

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