Six reasons to smile in June

It’s nearly the end of June, and I honestly can’t believe this month went by so fast!
June started out perfectly! I went to a concert!
As soon as I noticed that Republic band were coming to perform here as part of the Hungarian Day organized at the Gilau Castle during the Transylvania International Film Festival, I bought tickets. I went with a friend of mine. The weather was really weird that day, and it had rained on and off all afternoon. We decided we’d go anyway, we love the band so much. On our way up the small hill on the castle grounds, it was still raining, we could hear thunder and saw a flash of lightning. When my friend asked if she saw correctly, I replied overly-positively “No! It’s not even raining anymore!” We laughed, but by the time we reached the stage, the rain stopped! I couldn’t believe it, but sure wasn’t complaining :)
The concert was amazing. We were in the front row and had a blast. The band was really good, they laughed and genuinely had a great time themselves, no playback or anything like that! One of the reasons I love them so much. After the concert ended, and before heading home, we even got autographs.

I stayed at home for two weeks, because of a clone being made of the Online Help website I am working on, and no one was allowed to make modifications. In the first week, I took the time to complete a Technical Writer’s course, and worked from home the following week on some smaller, non-deadline-related projects.

This resulted in witnessing quite a few funny kitty poses, aside from Pixel having the time of his life being able to get out on the balcony during the day. He also caught his first (and hopefully last!) bird this year, which brings us to a total of four. Luckily, three of them survived his grabby little paws.
The other funny thing was that he measured himself! While I took a shower, he sat on our digital bathroom scale, and got measured. He weighs 4,9 kg.

We also went to the Botanical Garden this month, took the scenic route home several times, went on a few one-day road trips, gathered Elder flowers for lemonade and to dry for wintertime tea, took a short road trip and went out with friends.
It was a full month all in all, despite working from home half of it!

Here are the reasons I smiled in June:

six reasons june1

Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

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