A froggy story

Back in 2010 while visiting my friend Csilla who lives in the countryside in Hungary, she let me know that they have frogs in the garden. I just had to find some and take photos, knowing a friend of mine would really like an e-mail with them :) And so I did, on my third day there. They were so little, only one inches or even smaller.
But little did I know that I’d get to take another photo, and get very close and personal with a froggy.


One morning, as I stood over my suit case, searching for something to wear around the house that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty from her dogs jumping on me after it had rained, I heard a noise. A very weird noise!
I looked around, but couldn’t see anything.
Then the noise came from a roll of plastic sheets my friends have used for construction, a few meters of it had remained plopped in a corner of the previously unused guest room. I looked that way, but there was nothing there. So I went on with my clothes search.


When I looked up again though, I saw it: my visitor!
One tiny frog in the opposite side of the room, looking for a way out. That was what made the noise on the plastic, but got away before I could see it earlier.
I was wondering how it got inside as the doors were closed. But then I remembered: the other day I myself took a photo of a frog going up the wall!


It must have come up on the wall, jumped in through the bathroom window and my room’s door was open, because I didn’t want to make too much noise when I went outside before my friends woke up in the morning :)
I searched for a container to put on top of it, slid a paper under and took it outside, away from the dog’s reach.


However, to this day I’m amazed how those tiny little guys can climb a wall like that!



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  1. Cute, and so believable. My frog story: Years ago. Screeching frog in my pond keeping me awake. Grabbed it and flushed it down the toilet (yes, I know. I’m a monster. But I was a monster who had to get up at 5 a.m. and go to work and save lives.) Next morning went to the toilet to do my morning thing and found the frog sitting on the seat looking up at me. Had to laugh, but took him with me in the car on my morning commute and dropped him off in the woods miles from my house. Strange, but totally true.

    • Oh, that is soo funny! Love your froggy story, Patsye *laughing*

      My mom has a similar story with a rat… she was a young woman still living with my grandparents and one night when she went into the bathroom, there was a rat in the toilet looking up at her. She freaked out, put the lid down and then placed a 10L bucket of water on top if the lid. Just to be sure it wouldn’t open the lid.
      The most confused about it all was my grandfather when he went in the next morning and saw the little bathroom-redecorating project *giggling*

  2. Thank you for bringing back a bit of my childhood. I used to “hunt” for frogs all the time to make them into pets when I was a little girl in Michigan; however, my guilt always took over and I would only keep the frogs for a night and then release them the next morning.

    Your frogs are so cute–I didn’t know they could climb!

    • Glad I brought back memories of your childhood. That is so cute to try and make frogs into pets!

      I think I knew they could climb, I mean I’ve seen Animal Planet shows, but I never thought they’d have any interest in going up the walls like that… There’s nothing interesting there!

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