Six reasons to smile in July

This month we took a road trip, to a quaint little mountain village, Mogos. When we left home at 7am, we figured we’d be back by afternoon. Nope. We arrived home at 9pm, and were absolutely beat.
I took so many beautiful pictures, that my Instagram wall was mostly filled with those throughout the whole month.

On another note, I decided to buy a bike. I saw a cute, black with white polka dots design, so I already have the bell and handle grips laughing Granted, I decided this last Spring as well, so I am really hopeful that this year I’ll actually buy a bike and not be left only with these two parts for it. I’ll post a picture when I have it.

Until I do buy a bike, I signed up for the free city cycle scheme here in Cluj-Napoca. I think that it’s a nice idea to have such a thing! I’m still afraid to bike next to cars, so I only rode to my mom’s on a Saturday morning when there was little to no traffic on my way there, and other than that, I mostly stopped by the park after work and cycled for 30-45 minutes on sunny afternoons. The only issue I have with the cycle scheme is that the bikes are a bit high, for my 160 cm figure, even with their seats all the way down… I’m doing my best to get used to them.

I also crafted an order of wedding favors for a friend of mine. Below are the green magnetic hearts all done and painted. It was a big order, but I had fun creating it. I really do miss this creative side of life, ever since it’s not my livelihood anymore.

Here are the reasons I smiled in July:


Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2 Comments to “Six reasons to smile in July”

  1. I really want to know more about those green hearts. They look awesome.

    • I used to have a freelance business, casting all sorts of plaster decorations like wall hanging frames, candle holders, fridge magnets. I was making the green hearts as wedding favors for a friend of mine, and just finished off the order this past Saturday.
      They’re plaster hearts for which I’ve had silicone molds made a few years back, cast them, waited for them to dry, painted them and then glued on magnets on the back. I also painted some of the heart red, and white.

      My only problem was that I couldn’t work on them at home, because of our kitty, Pixel who is more curios and playful than any other cat I’ve ever had! This way, it took me about six weeks worth of Saturday sessions to finish the wedding favors, as I spent the day(s) at my mom’s place to work on them.

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