Six reasons to smile in September

This month, I have signed up for George HS Singer’s Poetry Tour run by Poetic Book Tours, so I am posting this one week early. I know you won’t mind, once you see the pictures I’ll share ;)

Nearly every morning, I get one of these beautiful lattes, prepared by the boyfriend after he wakes me up. I love sitting on the balcony with him while drinking it.
For the birthday of a colleague at work, I decided to get a bit creative and place the money we raised in a jar filled with M&Ms – he loved it!
Pixel was all sorts of cute this past month – like always – and delighted me with a bunch of new poses.

I was walking on Eroilor Street one afternoon and saw an arrows-advertisement for WalkingMonth, which I found interesting. Teams of four people compete against each other to take as many steps as they can during September 12 – October 11, and the funds raised through registration will be donated to the children with neuromotor disabilities cared for by the Malteser Relief Service in Romania.
I would’ve loved to participate, if I hadn’t already (very bravely!) signed up for The Companies Cross, where you can run either as individuals or in teams, in a fun race of 6 km! My colleagues and I have formed teams and have trained for the run in Central Park every week this month, and honestly I can’t wait to see myself crossing that finish line on Sunday. Like my colleague also said, the benefits of doing sports are life changing: helps us clear our minds, makes us more productive, keeps us focused and in good shape. Definitely a nice little nudge to continue my new-found exercise routine! I only wish I could run during winter as well, without having to go to the gym, which I hate the thought of…

One evening when I was visiting my mom, I really felt like turning on the lamp my godfather made when he was young. I just needed a moment of quiet.
And one day after my afternoon run, I came across a really pretty sunflower. Just the one. In the middle of a grass patch. I loved it!

Here are the reasons I smiled in September:


Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

4 Comments to “Six reasons to smile in September”

  1. Those are some great photos, and I love the sunflower! The light/lantern is gorgeous too and I love that latte, much more impressive than the ones here in the states!

    • Thank you, Serena!
      You’ve prompted me to go back and add another line to my blog post, because that is no ordinary latte one buys in coffee shops. That is a caramel latte, prepared by my boyfriend after he wakes me up. I love sitting on the balcony with him while drinking it. :)

  2. I love all your reasons to smile, especially the lamp. It looks so beautiful.

    Good luck on your run. I know you will do well. And, yes, there are so many benefits to staying fit besides health. One of my doctors told me that the more active one stays, the less symptoms a woman has of menopause. Isn’t that something good to know at your age?? It’s all I needed to make sure I walk miles and miles (or kilometers!) every day.

    I also love the idea of the M&Ms gift. I like how it was so simple and so thoughtful. We always feel like presents have to be so extravagant but it’s really the thought that counts. What I love the most is when my birthday comes around and my girls make cards for me. Because they’re so incredibly talented in creating art and are so in tune to me, the cards are so meaningful and usually make me cry. I cry because even though I think I’m nobody, they notice everything about me. It’s just so great to be noticed.

    Enjoy your weekend and let us know how you do in the race!

    • Thanks! Glad you liked the photos.

      And thank you, the cross was a great experience! 6,3 km in 41 minutes! Especially for someone like me, who has only been running for such a short period of time it was great to try. I’ll sign up for more races, for sure.
      I haven’t heard of the fact that the more active one stays, the less symptoms a woman has of menopause before. Don’t think it makes such a huge difference to me though. I just want to be healthy.

      Last year we bought this same colleague painting supplies, because in his spare time he paints. This year we were at a loss, since he’s become more serious about it and figured if we gather the money it’d be best for him to go buy exactly what supplies he needs/is running out of. That’s how the idea of giving him money came to be, but I couldn’t bring myself to just hand over an envelope to him. Definitely cuter this way, and sweeter ;)

      Love the story about your girls making you cards that are so thoughtful. That is always awesome, when one is noticed!

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