Things I hate and love in mom’s remodeled house

Right off the bat, I need to state that the remodel took place two years ago. I was so disappointed by the outcome, that I never even thought about writing a blog post on the topic.
About a month or so ago though, I read a blog post over at Bloggoneit, and then another one, which got me thinking about the old remodel, and decided to write down all my own thoughts.

We didn’t have too much money to spend on it, which might also have contributed to some things not being done properly. The house itself is very old, it was built about 100 years ago. The layout is not ideal, some rooms are warmer and others keep a steady freezing temperature even during summer. We have a closed patio-type thing and its roof leeks every time it rains, or when snow starts melting. I still have a loan to pay off, because it was the only way we could afford the remodel in the first place. It is basically a money-pit I can’t wait to get rid of!

And I could go on and on, with the old issues, but I am also stealing the idea of making a top likes and dislikes list, because you might just need to set aside a whole day to listen to my complaints otherwise.

Top five things I hate in mom’s remodeled house:

  1. The total cost for quality and time spent. We went over budget, even though we rounded every price up. It’s not the quality I would’ve expected. And it got done in a full four weeks over schedule.
  2. The shower. My mother insisted on getting rid of our (albeit bulky and old) bathtub, and replacing it with a shower pan the workers would build, then install a shower curtain around that.
    Well, what we ended up with is not a shower pan, but a tiny wall built which has a square cut out so the water can flow out of it to reach the drain. Yes. The drain is outside of the ‘pan.’
  3. That we didn’t get more wall sockets. We could’ve, but we didn’t. Now the house is, again, filled with a bunch of extension cords to plug in appliances and electronics.
  4. Unfinished things. We still need doors for a cabinet, covers for seat cushions and an armchair needs reupholstering. Up until last week, we still needed to replace our 30+ year-old fridge. A friend was kind enough to bring over her 3 year-old fridge since she bought a bigger one and would’ve thrown it away otherwise.
  5. Piled-up crap. Everything we owned was boxed up, stored on the patio during the remodel, and for the most part I managed to convince mom to only take back in the stuff we actually need inside.
    Unfortunately though, there’s still a lot of crap (I won’t even try and name it differently, because that’s what it is) that is on the patio, waiting to be thrown out or donated, because my grandparents refuse to let me near the stuff. Come to think of it, we also have a garage full of crap my grandparents don’t let me near because I’d happily throw it all out/donate it…


Top three things I love in mom’s remodeled house:

  1. The wall of art in the kitchen. I wanted to display my plaster wall hangings for so long, but all the walls were covered by too many pictures/paintings, in odd places because the paint was peeling off or we had holes from previously hung stuff.
  2. The color of my room’s walls. Light blue. Exactly what I wanted when we moved into that house in 1998, and what I didn’t get because someone thought an eleven-year-old won’t know the difference if they paint it pink instead.
  3. The fact that I moved in with my boyfriend while the remodel was ongoing, and he wanted me to stay instead of moving back home once the remodel was done ;)

Have you guys remodeled your houses? Did you regret not selling the place instead? Or did the remodel turn out lovely? I’d love to hear how you survived a remodel, and possibly even kept your sanity! What are your likes and dislikes about it all?

4 Comments to “Things I hate and love in mom’s remodeled house”

  1. I love this post! So many times you only read about the “good” remodels, but I think you’ve brought some reality into it all. I haven’t remodelled a house, but it’s one of my life dreams. I’d love to buy an older house and remodel it. It’s a big thing over here – lots of people do it and some make a living out of it. There’s actually a house down the street and around the corner that I want to buy and remodel… not a reality for me at the moment, though… :)

    • I love that you love this post ;) It wasn’t until a fellow blogger wrote a similar post that I actually started thinking about the remodel again, but once I did, there was no stopping my brain until it all got out!

      Flipping houses isn’t a big thing over here, but it is definitely what happens when people buy older houses or even apartments. They negotiate so much off the original asking price only because of its maybe untidy aspect, that sellers might just end up losing money when they sell and buyers could easily sell it along for double the price after fixing it up.
      So yes, I can see how it can be profitable to make a living out of it!

  2. I’m so glad I inspired you to make your own list. You usually inspire me so this is quite the nice surprise!

    #3 on your list is so true for us, too. What the heck were we thinking when we got rid of outlets especially in today’s world where we each have an iPhone, an iPad, computers, etc. Just those small things alone adds up to 15 plugs! After the remodel was over, we had an electrician come back to reinstall one outlet that had been removed from the wall. Wasted money. And another thing to add to my list is how much we hated the original electrician. Nothing he installed is level so I have to either tolerate having every outlet cockeyed or pay to have him come back. Ugh. He also installed the plug for the oven too high even though he had the stove right in front of him. He installed it so high that the oven rattles even time we turn it on. I hate that. (Hey, I may need to start another list about this remodel!).

    I also love your #3 on the top things you love about the remodel ;-)

    • I like that you inspired me, since I haven showed these thoughts so far out of reach, it never occurred to me again to write about the remodel.

      Hah, funny how I stumbled onto something you also find annoying in your house. It’s the small things once doesn’t think of at the time, which tend to pile up once everything is finished, isn’t it?
      I actually had an argument with the workers when they wanted to leave wiring outside of the walls, because “that’s how it’s supposed to be, and you can get covers to cover them up”. Umm, no. I want them hidden right next to the bricks under all the other layers of the wall, and I don’t give a crap about what is easier for workers.
      Let me know if you write another list like this! I’ve love to read it.

      I love #3 of the things I love, also ;)

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