Six reasons to smile in December

This month, I couldn’t help but notice a trend: Winter weather has definitely settled in to stay in this little corner of the world, ever since mid-October actually when the weather changed drastically, and many of the things which made me smile every day are off of my Cozy List for Sweater Weather. And then there was Christmas, too, and being off from work, getting the chance to finally rest for a bit sure made it easier to smile.

I wonder if I should continue posting these six reasons to smile blog posts next year as well? They were fun to write up and share the pics, yet I’m not sure if I want to continue…

Here are the reasons I smiled in December:


Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2 Comments to “Six reasons to smile in December”

  1. I smiled a lot this holiday because I managed to ignore it and get my kitchen painted. I’m not really the curmudgeon I sound like this season, I’m just tired from all the frenetic activity our there. Plus the election has most certainly bummed me out. But I digress. Every year I think to send you a card. Every year I just drop the ball. I remember the beautiful handmade cards you’ve sent. You are so talented. And I am glad you are enjoying the season. Beautiful photos. Is that a cat?

    • That is such great news, you have your kitchen painted! I think that doing stuff you didn’t get around to before the holiday season qualifies as a win, instead of something some people might say you should’ve kept putting off until after the holidays ;)

      The elections, both the US presidential and our legislative elections in December (and given I’m only replying this late), and the protests in January/February/still ongoing, have just depleted my energy. I’ve come to the point where I need everyone around me to just shut up for a while and not mention it, probably also because some of our friends are exactly the Facebook generation I’ve mentioned on my blog who are going to the protests just to have a place to check in.

      Thanks for liking my cards, if they made you smile, that’s what’s important! I like giving gifts or sending cards when I can, and don’t expect anything in return :) One has to have the perfect moment for such things, I believe.

      And yes, that’s a cat. He’s Pixel, since both my BF and I work in IT, so the name fits him well.

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