Seasonal must-haves: Spring

Thought I’d try something different this year, and talk about a few things that made my seasonal must-haves list this Spring:

  1. Hoodies – The weather is getting warmer, but it is still quite chilly in the mornings, so I’ve been reaching for my hoodies more often these past few weeks.
  2. Hiking shoes – The boyfriend and I decided to aim for as many weekend road trips as possible when the weather is nice and warm, since we might not be able to go on a longer vacation this year. But even if we will, it’s still a great idea to spend half the weekend outside being active, instead of indoors.
  3. Sunglasses – One of the best decisions I’ve made was getting prescription sunglasses last summer. Even with the photochromic lenses of my everyday glasses, the light still bothers me sometimes, so the wide and darker lenses of the sunglasses are great to have with me.
  4. Tote bags or light backpacks – Especially for road trips, I love throwing my sunglasses case, wallet, water, napkins, sandwiches and some snacks into a tote bag or light backpack. Makes reaching for things easier, and also isn’t too heavy to carry while hiking.
  5. My Nivea Aqua Sensation cream – I bought it during Winter when I forgot to take face cream with me on a trip, and love it even more now in Spring because it’s moisturizing yet doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or oily. I think it might just be the perfect year-round cream.

Have you ever thought about your seasonal must-haves? What is your list for Spring?

One Comment to “Seasonal must-haves: Spring”

  1. I am pondering your question and wondering if there’s anything I can say with certainty that I consider a spring must-have.

    Definitely sunglasses because it’s 99 percent sunny where I live and I have light eyes. I sometimes wear sunglasses in the house.

    Milli was kind enough to let me know of a sunscreen you apply without using your hands so I’m excited to see if that new product makes it to my must-have list.

    Venturing away from clothing and accessories, I’m going to throw in getting the windows in my house professionally washed. After all the rain we’ve had and all the construction we completed, the windows were covered in dirt. I didn’t realize how dirty the had gotten until after the window cleaner left. I think it’s even brighter inside the house!

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