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2017, June 2

FYA Self-love Challenge: Week Three

During the third week of this self-love challenge, I was tiling the balcony with my boyfriend. So, it means I didn’t get a chance to truly think of self-love during that time frame. But I have the feeling that it does qualify as such, given we are so happy now that it’s done and pretty! It’s a joy to sit and enjoy our morning latte out there while the cat gives us tiny heart attacks every time he goes too close to the ledge.

So this is week three. Nearly a month later, and backdated. I was a bit sad that I don’t own “Find Your Awesome” yet, maybe having it in my hands I would’ve followed-through more easily when Life happened.

Day 11 – Hold a burning ceremony
I needed to do this. Possibly only for the act itself of physically letting go of the piece of paper containing my list of things to let go. It felt good.

Day 12 – Doodle your loves
This particular task proved difficult for me, so I went with a photo collage of the things I love instead of doodling them.

Day 13 – Hug it out
Friends showed up with a lovely, late birthday gift, so they got hugged. Family, boyfriend and the cat get many hugs on a daily basis.

Day 14 – Make a list of people you are grateful for
A, I, and D, because they make office hours more fun.
The BF, because he can be the most amazing person to be around.
Family, because they care.
The cats, because they’re cuddly and give their love unconditionally.

Day 15 – Organize something (or Finding space)
I was re-organizing the balcony and making all kinds of space, too. First we needed to take everything inside, to clear the whole balcony. Then, I organized and threw out unused boxes and broken things that were simply filling space unnecessarily. Then I only put the needed stuff back in the two wood racks we have out there, after I stained them – they look brand new now and aren’t cluttered!

How was your week? Did you sign up for the challenge? How did it go? Even if you haven’t joined or haven’t finished the self-love challenge, what did you do this week to love yourself?

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