FYA Self-love Challenge: Week Four

It is already the fourth week following my friend j’s Find Your Awesome Self-Love Challenge. Where does the time fly? Well, anyway, every evening I sat down and wrote a short summary of my day, which adds up to the below short recap post.

Day 16 – Life unplugged
Although I like having a cartoon or some kind of series playing in the background while I color, or doodle, or even do some light cleaning, I really enjoy life unplugged for the most part. It gives me the chance to relax and lets my mind wander where ever it pleases. There is something so soothing in listening to the noises around you as you cook, the cat purrs, and notice-but-try-to-drown-out the noise of children yelling outside while crickets try their best to chirp over them.

Day 17 – Make a songs-to-belt playlist
I wrote one a few years back, but am adding a couple of more songs to the list:

  • Uptown girl; Bop bop baby; Us against the world; The reason, by Westlife
  • All out of love, cover by Delta Goodrem and Westlife
  • Just Give Me A Reason, cover by Luke Conard and Helena&Maria
  • Back to December, cover by Luke Conard and Ingrid Nilsen
  • Spirit in the sky, by Norman Greenbaum
  • Anyone of us, by Gareth Gates
  • Right here; Goodnight Moon; Louder than words, by HeyHiHello
  • B-e-a-utiful, by Megan Nicole
  • Love me like you do, by Ellie Goulding
  • Friend of mine, by Treble Charger
  • What makes you beautiful, One Direction
  • Never let it end, by Dancs Annamari
  • Woke up this way; Break free from silence, by Antal Timi
  • On Road 67, by Republic
  • It’s gonna be OKAY, ThePianoGuys
  • Only you, Yazoo

Day 18 – Be UNapologetic
I am SO bad at this. It unfortunately doesn’t help that in Hungarian the same word is used for “sorry” as is for “excuse me”. In Romanian also, the two terms are used interchangeably for some reason.

Day 19 – Write a self-love mantra
“You always do what is asked of you, go beyond that, and quickly too. Nice people need to be recognized and deserve appreciation. There is a need for more people like you in the world. You are awesome, and deserve to be happy.”

Day 20 – Create a Personal Manifesto
I created one a few years back, and it still rings true to me.

How was your week? Did you sign up for the challenge? Even if you haven’t joined the self-love challenge, what did you do this week to love yourself?

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