FYA Self-love Challenge: Week Five

During the fifth week following my friend j’s Find Your Awesome Self-Love Challenge, I was in Kingston, London, for a couple of days for handover of the project I was working on. As is my new habit since starting this, I sat down nearly every evening and wrote a short summary of my day/days, which adds up to this short recap post.

Day 21 – Leave “it” here
In the e-mail j sent out, she said “Regrets (which are all about the past) and worries (which are all about possible futures) change nothing in the present moment.” I loved that reminder!
So although I got up at 4am and went to bed at 12am, although I traveled by car and plane for several hours, although it was mostly a hectic day and I held presentations, finished documents on a tight deadline and was all on my own – I chose to be present. I did all that was needed at work, and then after work, I went shopping in a store I really wanted sports clothes and a Harry Potter t-shirt from, got some delicious food, then got equipped and went for a walk and 5K run in Richmond Park which I wanted to see since I first visited Kingston in 2015!

Day 22 – Leave love laying around
There was a little premeditation to this day, as I took a few handwritten love notes with me to leave behind. It coincided with the self-love challenge’s suggestion, so it was perfect. I left love notes behind in the office cafeteria, on the fence of a school near the office, in a supermarket, and on a bench while taking a looong walk along the Thames toward Hampton Court Palace.

Day 23 – Practice pleasure
I had a meeting at 10am. So, because it was also my last day in Kingston and I was leaving straight from the office to the airport, I had a delicious breakfast, then before checking out from the hotel, I went shopping for a few things for myself and some presents to bring home. I had a lot of fun during that short walk, and delighted in the small town. On the cab drive to the airport, I talked to the driver the whole way, learning a lot of interesting things about the UK, about India, about people and how alike we all truly are when it comes down to what matters most to everyone.

Day 24 – My NOT-To-Do list

  • I won’t get lost in editing pictures instead of writing my travel articles
  • I won’t put off running until the end of the day unless it’s literally too hot to do so in the morning
  • I won’t give myself a hard time for not finishing all the errands, all the house chores or all of what ever else seems like a big deal, but in actuality can wait until the next day
  • I won’t find excuses for not doing what I don’t want to
  • I won’t expect others to have the same exact values and thought-process as I
  • I won’t wait to do the things I really want to do just because someone else won’t join in also

Day 25 – What matters?
j wrote this suggestion inspired by an article she read, about a woman who had to gather her most important things because of a fire in her flat years ago. All too real a situation to think of right now after the fire in London, unfortunately. I’ve never been through having all my stuff stolen, or house/flat burn down, so I’m not positive that this ideal list from below would be what I’d truly grab, but it’s what I can think of right now, spur of the moment (which is how many seconds I’d probably have to decide anyways):
Pixel kitty, my phone/laptop bag (since it equals to laptop+charger)/tablet/camera, some clothes and footwear (depending on the current dressing situation), my jewelry case (cause I have quite a few gift earrings and bracelets from friends in there) and some books, and my handbag with ID, bank cards, money and such in it. (And hope the BF would remember the rest!)

How was your week? Did you sign up for the challenge? Do you like it so far? Even if you haven’t joined the self-love challenge, what did you do this week to love yourself?

One Comment to “FYA Self-love Challenge: Week Five”

  1. It’s really interesting to discover what you decide matters when you’re in the ‘heat of the moment,’ so to speak. I recall a time a few years ago when the California fires were raging and one was coming our way. We had to think very quickly about what was necessary vs. what could be purchased again. My husband put all the important papers together while I gathered photographs. I threw some clothes into suitcases for each of the girls knowing that new clothing could be bought. We did grab all the important technology not only because they stored more photographs/memories but because technology would have been more expensive to replace.

    In addition, I took photos of the entire house in the event we wanted to recreate it if it burned to the ground. I ran from room to room, running out of time as the ash rained down and it was as dark as night.

    What you eventually figure out is that only you, those you love (pets included, obviously), photos, and proof of your identity/bank records/housing records are truly important–although I would imagine if we had any family heirlooms I would have grabbed those as well. We don’t because my husband and I moved far too many times in our youth.

    I hope you don’t ever experience this terror in your lifetime.

    BTW, our driver took us near the burned out building in London. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering of all those people. Looking at the building at dusk was an incredibly chilling sight.

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