FYA Self-love Challenge: Week Six

This was the last week following my friend j’s Find Your Awesome Self-Love Challenge. I talked about it before, so I won’t repeat myself.
Every evening I sat down and wrote a short summary of my day, which sums up to a short recap post at the end of each week. You can read them all in one place, here.

Day 26 – Take a break
Consciously, deliciously, (as j suggested), I took a break and filled it with coloring a page from my “Inkspirations for Women” adult coloring book.

Day 27 – Be surprising!
Ever since I got a bike for my birthday, I’ve been wanting to go groceries shopping on it. I finally surprised myself and just did it. All alone. I cycled on the road, not the sidewalk and was good at it, too. On my way back, I took a detour cycling on a road I’ve never even walked down on before. It was so much fun!

Day 28 – Draw a self-portrait
My drawing skills really haven’t improved since the last time I drew a self-portrait, so I’ll post a picture the BF took of me on one of our bike rides.

Day 29 – Write yourself a love letter
I know I’m bailing on this one mostly, but I did write myself a love letter before. At the moment, I don’t think I’d write another one. However, I wrote myself a short love note, to post here. I also folded it in half, and keep it in my wallet.

Day 30 – Design a book cover
First off, I didn’t design a book cover. I meant to, but then wasn’t motivated enough to try.
Instead, second, I’ll share what j wrote in the newsletter for the day. I wrote this down and put it on fridge – and maybe I’ll design that book cover, too, one of these days.

“Everyday, we’re writing our stories – OUR stories – which means they are ours to embrace, to tout, to celebrate… or to change. You don’t have to accept a narrative in which you are anything other than who and what you want to be.
Your life story is the one you’re writing every single day, from scratch, armed with nothing but your wits, your fortitude, and your big curious heart. Make no mistake about it, it is YOUR story. Believe in it. Own it. Love it fiercely. And don’t let anyone else try to write it for you.”

How was your week? Did you sign up for the challenge? Even if you haven’t joined the self-love challenge, what did you do this week to love yourself?

One Comment to “FYA Self-love Challenge: Week Six”

  1. I love what you wrote in the newsletter. I read it twice! It is my life and I do have to own it–and all of it, not just the parts I like.

    The picture of you on your bike taken by your boyfriend is amazingly beautiful. What a sunset and what an incredible composition. Your boyfriend nailed it!

    I’m glad you followed through on your self-love. Sadly, I did not. Perhaps when I’m feeling more love for myself, more compassion, I will be able to complete it. I’ve been laughing more at myself (that’s a start), and I’ve become more self-reflective about WHY I do things and WHY I need things and have been deciding whether the whys are good enough (mostly, they’re not).

    Keep up the amazing stuff you’re doing on your bike. Your writing makes me want to get on my bike. I have not yet because it’s been far too hot and humid–something we’re not used to here. I’m not saying I don’t like to sweat (I have a sauna where the sweat pours off of me) but what I am saying is that bicycling around a suburban city that happens to be a tourist destination doesn’t sound all that safe AND it’s too hot!! You should see the tourists–oy, they sometimes just stop in the middle of the road as they’re trying to locate where they need to be. Makes me hate summer and pray for a quick end to it.

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