Do we have enough fun?

A while back, I read Giulietta Nardone’s blog post, Fun. Do You Really Have Enough Of It In Your Life?and copied her suggestions into a blog post of my own as a reminder, and to share with you guys as well. Obviously, I forgot all about it.

Until today. I was doing some light cleaning among my draft blog posts and after re-reading Giulietta’s words, decided to type away.

“If you would like more fun in your life, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Take charge of your own life.
  2. Make a list of what you like to do.
  3. Do things on that list.
  4. Make a list of things you don’t like to do.
  5. Don’t do things on that list unless you absolutely have to.
  6. Confront the mantra that you have to be serious most of the time. Or always at the beck and call of others.
  7. Figure out if your current activities are real fun or fake fun. It’s possible to be conditioned to believe that you are having fun, when deep down you know you are not, but don’t want to “rock the boat.”
  8. Rock the boat. It might seem scary at first. In time, it will be a blast.
  9. Decide to say no to things that are not fun.
  10. Decide to say yes to things that are fun or new things that could be fun.
  11. Ask everyone in your family what they find fun and try to find ways for cross fun activities to happen. Children and adults are equally important for the health and well being of a family.
  12. Put money away in your “have fun cookie jar.”
  13. Make time for fun things first.
  14. Forget what others think. They are not living your life.”

A blog post I wrote six years ago also came to mind, where I noted what I found fun in the past, at 10 years old, and how they turned into present-day’s having fun and achievements (I updated the list with a couple of items this year).

It took a few years, but I am doing my best to do mostly enjoyable things. I run and sign up for running events, I cycle, ice skate, watch movies or read, write… if friends seem draining, I make other plans, and if someone can’t join me for drinks or any activity I want to do, I do it alone.

There are two big lessons I learned in 30 years:
Stop waiting for other people when I want to do something, and just because no one else joins in doesn’t mean I won’t have fun alone.

What do you find fun? What do you still find fun from the things you used to do as a child? What do you find fun now as an adult?


One Comment to “Do we have enough fun?”

  1. Oh, boy. This is a loaded question for me these days. Having been a mom for nearly 24 years, I’ve forgotten what *I* like to do. I’ve been trying to figure it out for the last couple years now that the youngest child is almost 17. At this point, I feel like I know more about what I *don’t* like to do rather than what I like. I feel this is a sad state to be in and am actively finding my way out.

    I do know that I love to travel and experience everything there is to experience in this world. I have a couple trips planned already and am looking forward to them. I like to walk around in leaves and look at the trees in the fall so that’s good. I love to drink coffee. I guess I love to tweet (seeing that I have over 56,000 tweets!), and on some days, I like to write.

    As a people pleaser, I have a serious problem with #6. I need to relax some!

    I’m going to definitely do #11. Recently when I asked everyone to go ice skating and rollerskating, nobody wanted to go, and here I was thinking these were favorite activities.

    I’d forgotten about my desire to go to the caves this summer so maybe I’ll get off Twitter and go do that! That would cover #10.

    I’m glad you found that you love running–it’s always a joy to discover what you like and that you like it enough to do it over and over again. And it’s healthy to boot!

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