I really do love Booking.com

A different blog post for today, but figured I’d share since I can honestly say that I love Booking.com, and you can get 10% back for travelling with them.

As you can tell from my travel articles on Milliver’s Travels, I love traveling! In any form. Road trips/one day trips are the most convenient at the moment, but I do like longer stays as well. And for the latter, I need accommodation too, of course.
So far, I have used Booking.com’s services four times and all the places I’ve stayed at were exactly as advertised – nice, clean, and the hosts were lovely and helpful people. I also have a New Years trip planned and already booked my stay for that.
I usually travel with my boyfriend by car, so every one of these four times, I loved that the properties were in safe areas, easy to find upon arrival and, except one, were very close to the town center which meant we were able to leave our car in the parking lot and walk everywhere throughout our stay. We have a total of 127,91 km of walking done during our latest trip!
What I especially love is that one can find properties and book them, with free cancellation. Given we live in the real world and plans sometimes get put on hold, it was such a relief to be able to cancel three bookings so far without having to explain to someone that colleagues booked their holidays on top of ours, or an emergency came up, or what ever else. I could simply book again for a later date, no questions asked and no money lost.

As they themselves say, on Booking.com you can book the perfect getaway in 229 countries and territories. From chic hotels, cosy apartment rentals and safari lodges to dreamy beach villas… you name it, they’ve got it!

If you book using this link, you’ll get 10% back after your trip.


PS: I am not an affiliate, but I can get $15 for referring you, after your stay.
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