Over-used YouTube expressions lately

Sometimes while being a very busy bee with house chores, I turn on my laptop, and either have some music playing in the background, or listen to different youtuber channels. I like the occasional make up tips, maybe a vlog or two and I especially enjoy DIY videos and recipes.

However, lately I start getting antsy when I hear youtubers say certain things/expressions. Here are a couple of examples of these pet peeves, in no particular order:

  • “I’m obsessed with x,y,z” – It seems like *everyone* is obsessed with *everything* from floral buttons, colors, lipstick, tank tops and decorative pineapples to working with a certain type of food processor, and everything else in between.
  • “Super natural” – Nope, not for make up tips. It always comes out pronounced as if it were “supernatural.”
  • “If that makes sense/If you get that” – If it didn’t, you wouldn’t include it in a video. That simple.

What expressions turn your radar on, either on Youtube, TV or real life?

2 Comments to “Over-used YouTube expressions lately”

  1. Love it~! Honestly, I don’t watch enough to say that I have pet peeves like these, but I agree with you on these! I like the “supernatural” comment, too. So true! Mind you, I often say “I hope that makes sense”, but I have a good defence for saying it! As in, I’m very busy, too engaged in this particular thing, and my mind might not be explaining it as clearly as I wish I could at the moment, but I really need to get this out. Maybe I should slow down and take more time… Hmm… Thank you!!!

    • Thanks. Good to know I’m not alone in this.

      And, “I hope that makes sense” is fine in my books as long as it’s in real life because of your reasons mentioned. I say it also in moments like that.
      On Youtube however, when it comes up as every other sentence in a five minute video… well, that’s what editing is for 😉

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