Dear Friday, 23.February.2018

All I can say today, is that I received the best advice four years ago when I first started working in IT. 

“Get to know that guy, he’s a nice person. He’ll help you.” 

That guy is my boyfriend of four years to the day, and I am the luckiest to have met him and have him by my side.

Thank you!

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4 Comments to “Dear Friday, 23.February.2018”

  1. Hello my foreign friend. I received your beautiful card, but I’m too ill-mannered to have responded until now because it is now that I’m trying to get something in the mail to you. I have had you on my mind lately because I bought a rather large stash of Valdani #5 perle cotton from someone in Canada, but in fact this thread is made in Romania. I am using it to punch projects and then make patterns out of them. They are on, under the shop name: Whimseytopia. Please go see.

    Anyhow, I do read you, but you are too prolific for me to keep up with. I think I’ve said that before, but please know that I mean this as a compliment. I wish I could be like you. I can’t. I’m too old. Too tired. Too restless to sit in front of this computer for any length of time.

    I still adore you and think of you often, and admire your life and writings. Is the old address the same? The right one? Look for a small package to arrive in a week or so. Thank you for the lovely handmade card. You are the best. Patsye

    • Hello Patsye, thank you so much for your comment! And you
      re very welcome for the card, I’m so happy you liked it :)
      I’ll go check out your Etsy store right now, glad you mentioned it :)
      I had no idea that thread is made in Romania, what a coincidence. Thank you for sending me something, I’m now wondering what it is (but don’t tell me!) Yes, the address is the same – even though I live with my boyfriend, I use my address at mom’s for mail.

      I have to tell you, I was thinking of you throughout December. The Santa watercolor you sent me last year has been framed (because it did get bent during shipping… probably because it said on the packaging not to) and it decorated my bookshelf from end of November to around mid-January. Thank you again, I love it!

      Thank you for reading my blog still. It makes me happy, even though I myself have less patience for it when I am swamped at work. I think I’ve been back-dating my blog posts for about half a year now! I’ve only now started to get back on track and actually write stuff to have scheduled in advance. What can I say, life happens, and I honestly am not as patient as I used to be either.

  2. This is a sweet, short post. Love it.

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