A place where time stands still

I’ve been planning to write a travel article about Alba Carolina Fortress ever since my first visit during Summer 2013. I also re-visited the place in every season and all sorts of weather. So, after I got my snowy photos of it, I finally did write about it.

Head on over to Milliver’s Travels and read it, you’ll find it here “Alba Carolina Fortress Through the Seasons”. It has a ton of beautiful photographs so you can picture exactly why I call this, a place where time stands still.

One Comment to “A place where time stands still”

  1. I loved your travel story and photos. Alba Fortress is incredible! No wonder you’ve gone back there so many times. Apart from how amazing it is, you’d need many visits just to walk all the ground that it covers.

    I’d love to see the changing of the guard! And eat some street food from the carriages. The statues are wonderful. My favorite is the gypsy selling flowers. I would want to have my photo taken next to her. I would even get a Pinterest account if I could have that selfie. :-)

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