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2018, February 23

Dear Friday, 23.February.2018

All I can say today, is that I received the best advice four years ago when I first started working in IT. 

“Get to know that guy, he’s a nice person. He’ll help you.” 

That guy is my boyfriend of four years to the day, and I am the luckiest to have met him and have him by my side.

Thank you!

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2017, October 20

Dear Friday, 20.October.2017

Grief sometimes weighs us down more than it should.

2017, July 7

Dear Friday, 7.July.2017

seriously? 26 Celsius when I went for my run at 10PM? You need to work on that…

2017, April 28

Dear Friday, 28.April.2017

this week was rough from the beginning. How about we make it a relaxing weekend, please?


2014, May 5

Dear Monday, 5.May.2014

From the way and length of the neighbors letting the water run, you’d have thought they were taking a bath in their kitchen sink! *woke me up*

Let’s keep next week’s Monday quiet. What do you say?

2014, March 17

Dear Monday, 17.March.2014

On one page of the book, the character is wearing a white sweater. Four pages later, the sweater is described as purple…

With some books, I just want to rewrite the whole thing.

2014, January 15

Dear Wednesday, 15.January.2014

Sometimes, words fail to express what our heart so desperately wants to say. We seem unable to contain what we’re feeling within punctuation marks.

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