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2013, September 19

Dear Thursday, 19.September.2013


Estrella’s new sheets <3

I’ve woken up with certain words floating around my mind, inspiration for blog posts and fiction came to me.

Here’s hoping for even more!

2013, May 20

Dear Monday, 20.May.2013

tulipI won’t wish for much at 26 years old, but if the coming years are as sunny as this morning – it’s enough to make me wake up with a smile :)


2013, April 29

Dear Monday, 29.April.2013

today was just the right amount of fun and work, of anticipation, daydreaming and reality. Let’s try and keep it up all week!

banana ice cream

2013, February 12

Dear Tuesday, 12.February.2013

Thank you, dear friends, for the love you showed in my comment section yesterday. You’ve made me teary several times. And my day went infinitely better after releasing those weighing thoughts into the ether. You are all so wonderful, I wish I could give you a great big hug in real life! *hugs you tight, virtually*

So, for today…


Dear Tuesday,

Replaced my to-do list for today, with this. All on a post-it note and in my weekly planner now. I have a feeling I’ll move note around from week to week.


2012, December 19

Dear Universe,

Yesterday was beyond awful. From start to work-day-finish. And then, when a group of carolers got on the bus and sang three songs right then and there, I got all teary.

You’ve restored my faith in humanity.

Thank you!

2012, November 8

Dear Thursday, 08.November.2012

All the small stones born on Mindful Writing Day are now in e-book format. Mine is on page three! *excited*

Mindful Writing Day Small Stones <— download here

2012, September 25

Dear Tuesday, 25.September.2012

getting up before the Sun is shining was pure torture. Let’s not try it again next week!

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