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2012, February 15

Writing Love Letters for Our Adopted Bundle

moreloveletterslogo We’re past step one — we’ve committed to writing at least ten love letters for a bundle we adopted from MoreLoveLetters. We’re actually up to sixteen love letters which thrills me beyond measure. Thank you again everyone!

Step two is all done as well, as I have signed us up and have just received the love letter request from Hannah.

Now it’s time for step three, my playing Juliet and passing on the info to all of you wonderful letter writers:

Your Letter Request:


Requested by Brandis’ Best Friend

“Brandis is a very loving, caring, and sweet woman who was my first friend when I moved to Texas for my new job. I had no family in Texas and she immediately opened her home and her heart to me. Just recently, she discovered her husband was being unfaithful and now her life is cracking and crumbling as a divorce is pursued while she tries to care for her two young children and battle ill-health. Brandis is stronger than she knows, but now she is feeling unloved, unwanted, and very alone. Please help me show her that she is loved, wanted, and needed in this world. It would be a darker place for many of us without her in it.”

If this is your first time writing a love letter like this, I suggest dropping by and reading this Starter Kit Hannah has put together. It’s filled with all the info you need to turn your love letter into an emotional art form.

Step four is up to all of you individually, write your love letters to Brandis <3

Please be intentional with your love letters. We want to be able to gift someone else with the best looking letters of the bunch. Handmade cards, stationery are a plus! Ribbons, bows, confetti, etc. will score you extra brownie points with the MoreLoveLetters team!

I’m adding step five, because I’d love love love to see all Your letters! So make sure to take a photo of your letter and send it to me at estrella [dot] azul20 [at] gmail [dot] com . I promise to make something beautiful with the received love letters and then share it/them here on my blog with the whole World Wide Web!

Tweet and Facebook the MoreLoveLetters team, they want to report all our love letter progress! The team is also encouraging everyone to snap photos that they can feature on the site, and are also open to video blogs and guest posts! If any of you are interested in guest blogging about the experience, please e-mail me and I’ll get back to Hannah for all the details.

And then as step six, since we can’t mail them all together, please mail your love letters, by the end of February, to:

Brandis Bundle

More Love Letters
PO Box 2061
North Haven, CT 06473

Make sure to include an extra, loose, stamp with your letter (or if you’re feeling extra generous like one of our letter writers has already, include a book of stamps). If you have more than one person in your household writing letters, you can include them all in one envelope.

Step seven: Spread the word! MoreLoveLetters currently operates under the pocketbook of its founder, Hannah Katy. The team will so appreciate you reaching out to friends, family, and social networks to tell everyone about the Bundle we are putting together and encourage them to support the Postage Stamp Drive: Without raising funds, they cannot continue to keep MoreLoveLetters up and running, so drop by IndieGoGo and help. Any support is so appreciated!


For any of you reading this blog post who haven’t volunteered, but would like to, please feel free to do so in the comment section below! The more love letters, the better <3


The nitty gritty P.S. kind of stuff…

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2011, October 17

This month, Love comes in the form of letters

I already took a step toward the month of love letters by finishing up handmade/handwritten cards in September and sending out not fewer than fourteen letters to some of the people I love all around the world (Hungary, Australia, Brazil and the US) on October 1st.

I’m not sure how snail mail got on the back burner. But this month I’ve sent more letters than I have in the last four years. I’ve never turned up at the post office with a stack of envelopes as massive as the one below in photo I took of them.


I felt terribly guilty about not being able to reciprocate sooner some of the love I’ve received at the end of last year and during 2011. Things somehow didn’t fall in place until now. But finishing up all those letters and sending them felt nothing short of amazing!

And you know what? The best part of sending these love letters and small tokens of my affection are actually the responses I got/will probably get. 

By today, I already got six e-mails/FB messages/Twitter DMs and mentions, thanking me for the little surprise to people’s days. (twelve, by October 31st) 

I’ll definitely be sending more snail mail from now on :)


PS: For part two, join me here next Monday

2011, October 10

In lieu of a love letter

Life’s a Stage won a few awards this year and I’m sooo late in properly acknowledging them. Again. I know. Sorry about that!

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t (and still am!) excited to be considered worthy of them, so I’ll finally take a minute to thank Mari and Patsye for loving me and my blog!

Starting off with the most overdue award (oh my gosh, how did February turn into October like that?!), I’m so grateful to have received these pretty flowers from Mari.
Thank you, Mari!


I’m sending them on to:

  1. Patsye, at Whimseytopia for her warm friendship and wonderfully crafty blog which I fell in love with from the first visit.
  2. Becky Sain, at First pages – for continuously inspiring me with her lovely writing; no matter when I happen to drop by her place.
  3. Cindy Fasset, at Wings and Arrows – for always trying to be present and choosing a road to learn all about Love; and then sharing.

And last, but not least, one of the best surprises these past few weeks (I’m only two weeks late on this one. Right?), the Crow Worthy Award, which came from Patsye as a way to say thank you, she likes me, and she hopes I keep writing my wonderful posts.
Thank You, Patsye, you have truly touched my heart!


I’ll pass along this award to a few people I would like to recognize with the following words:

* I have enjoyed your blog and want to say thank you.
* Your photographs and writing have brought me great joy.
* I have subscribed to your blog and will recommend you to others.
* I believe you exemplify the spirit of blogging and what it means to share.

  1. Mari, at Mari’s Randomities
  2. Kenneth Hopkins, at Kid Stuph
  3. Trisha, at Tabula Rasa’s Space

Thank you again! :)

2011, October 7

6 degrees

This Friday, I have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Kenneth Hopkins to Life’s a Stage. Kenneth has quickly become one of my favorite people on the web and an amazing friend whom I can’t wait to meet in person one day.
I think he feels the same way, so give his guest post a read and let him (well, us really) know what you think of these 6 degrees of…

6 degrees

Today as I stepped outside, I saw my neighbor washing his car. Running around him were his 2 small children. As the father rinsed the car, the children got drenched, and by all appearances, they loved it. They ran and danced and smiled with the water pouring over them. Then they helped their father wash the car, and repeated the water dance. It was fun to watch.

This made me reflect on one of my last posts on Kid Stuph. Truthfully, I wasn’t all that taken by my entry. It was what was in my heart, but I was having such a hard time writing, that I didn’t think it would have any effect or influence on anyone. That is, until Milli from Fear of Writing commented on the post. In her comment, I saw something very striking – just how connected we all are. Milli’s comment was prompted by my post, which started when I read Estrella’s post, highlighting J Clement Wall’s writing about her publishing journey, which was posted on, of all places, Milli’s Fear of Writing blog.

Six degrees of separation. According to this theory, we are only 6 introductions away from every person on the planet. I find it interesting that the theory is named for “separation”, rather than connection. What I saw with the kids, and with my post, was connection. Little things that bring us together, often in big ways. I imagine that when my neighbor and his kids reflect back on their life, they will for sure remember the big events – first dates, graduations, etc, but they will also remember little things, like dancing in the water…

Estrella and I discussed the pictures for her banner, and I was immediately taken with the dandelions. I remember as a young boy picking dandelions and using them as “wishing flowers” – making my wish and gently blowing on the dandelion to cast my wish to the wind. How easily the seeds are shaken from their home to be planted and produce in some other place – the same way the actions and intentions of others do for us. My initial thought of dandelions (as well as my words) was that they were too small or insignificant to be charged with so great a task as making the impossible happen. Yet, when I consider them, I see that they are designed to move, to plant, to produce. Our words, our connections, our influence, they are designed in the same way: to not stay inside of us, but to move out, to get planted in others, and to produce, even the impossible.

I think it was no more than a day or two after our conversation that I had come up with a quick poem about dandelions. I haven’t written a poem in years, but the connection with Estrella and the discussion about dandelions produced something in me that caused the poem to be born.

Thinking about the theory, Estrella and I were not connected a year ago, and we were truly within those 6 degrees of separation, but a series of connections with J and Milli caused a connection in us. The dandelions of our lives drifted from their base, and landed in each other’s lives producing both friendship and creativity. The seeds that started our connection were not major, but little things. A comment here, an appreciation there… even the conversation about the dandelions started rather simply, and grew into a much deeper conversation and appreciation of each other and our creativity.

I can’t remember if any of my dandelion-borne wishes were granted, but I imagine that there were many dandelions born because I was willing to help them fulfill their purpose. Similarly, we help each other fulfill our life purposes by being willing to share, letting the dandelion seeds of our life drift into their yard. The good thing is that we are both better for it.
6 degrees of… connection.

Do you wonder where your next connection will come from?


kenneth Kenneth Hopkins is new to blogging over at Kid Stuph, but not to writing. He started creating stories when he was 5 and had the privilege through his life of writing for some pretty great friends.
Kenneth has the honor of preaching the gospel, and loves cooking some pretty unique and exotic dishes in his free time.
He is currently working on his first novel, a story with intrigue, twists and turns, and a nice cast of characters. His goal is to have the book ready for prime time by the end of the year.


Thank you for guest posting on my playground, Kenneth, it’s an honor having you over!

2011, June 27

Loving Love Graffiti

June, according to J’s Love Project, was the month of love graffiti, a month to leave behind little love notes and messages for others to find.

Since my phone camera is mostly for show, and vehemently refuses to take good photos unless it’s outside in sunny weather (although it keeps a selective mind even then), I didn’t take a photo of every single love message I’ve left, nor where I left them since my frustration with poor quality photos would’ve drawn attention to my sneaking around to leave said love notes.

So, to go with what I have proof of, this past month, I’ve left post-it messages to say there’s an endless supply of hugs in my room. To state beauty and lots of love. To wish bon appétit & yummy food to go along with the appetite; a sunny day; and a lovely day such as the person I was wishing it for. To send millions of kisses; and hugs. To say thank you for a walk and for turning my afternoon into a lovely one.

page post-it love-1

I also found this love graffiti downtown as I was walking home in the rain (for the Nth time).

page i love graffiti 

And while I was at it, leaving love behind, I was more attuned to noticing how love didn’t always come in written form.

It came in the form of: a walk that turned out to be longer than both of us expected (but oh-so-fun), recipes printed out and stuck in my mailbox after I mentioned to a friend my need for some new rice recipe ideas, apples and cinnamon flavored micro popcorn in the mailbox (talk about unusual mail), paw print patterns – kitty love, real/virtual hugs and kisses, a statement that I didn’t look as awful as the rain actually did made me look, a cool new mug for the occasion of our semi-renovated house, conversations, prompts, sharing tech-savvy-ness as technology hated me more than usually this week, emails expressing love, links to (love (computer love)) songs, lending stuff/help/time, a plate of yummy cherries magically appearing on the counter. And so on.

cherry love

Now I’m curious: what was your month like spreading-love-wise?

2011, February 2

Fifteen minutes & a doodle :)

This Monday, J started an experiment for writers that I’m excited to be a part of. It’s basically about sitting down and writing for fifteen minutes whatever comes to mind. Go check it out!
And as a result of that, the blog post below has been written today in fifteen minutes (granted, in increments of three times five minutes actually as life kept interrupting) ;)

I went to sleep bed about 20 minutes before getting up and jotting down one word for today’s post last night.
Why didn’t I fall asleep like normal people usually do as soon as their heads hit the pillow? – you might ask.
Because my mind refused to quiet down.
It’s been like this (my mind) ever since I can remember, worse for the past few years, over-thinking, jumping from one half finished thought to the other, from one random sentence to the next… and it did the exact same thing last night too.
The only difference is that while on other times I just let it do its own thing until hours later I eventually fall asleep, last night I remembered something and just had to get up, search for something and write this word on a post-it note I stuck to my laptop.

I have absolutely no idea how it even crossed my mind (at 2 AM nonetheless), but I remembered something I had once received.
High school was never exactly a great experience for me, in fact the word ‘hate’ comes pretty close to how I felt about it.
But it did have a few moments when it was good.

On a day that seemed darker than most, just before the end of a class that had drained me of every ray of hope left for a carefree weekend, a classmate of mine turned around and placed a small piece of paper in my pencil case.
I reached for it and upon opening, instead of the cursing words about the teacher that I was secretly hoping to read, I found the following doodle.


And in that moment – I felt happy.
It felt amazing to see that someone cared enough to make me something, to try and cheer me up without expecting anything in return.
That was a simple gesture of selfless kindness, of spreading love, which lightened my whole week, and quite possibly four years of high school (in terms of random acts of love).

How about you? Any single life-alteringly beautiful memory (bonus points if its a high school memory) that stands out this very minute? Do share please, I’m curious! ;)

2011, January 31

Love projects – Pay it forward

Today, I want to share with you guys a couple of (love) projects I’ve been doing.

It all started with the week of extreme nice inspired by Gretchen Rubin back in December last year. It was a week where I decided to help out (my family, as they’re always so supportive of me) in every way that I could, not to question, criticize or judge and just do everything they needed even if it was unspoken, and just be extremely nice.
Though it’s not sustainable for every single day from that first day forward, it reminded me to be even more attentive, selfless and loving.

After new years, I read Judy’s post. I completely agree with her when she says “I believe love should be our default position.”
I loved the idea of making this into a project, and while I do act on impulse trying to make people around me a bit happier on a regular basis, by sending e-cards, e-mails, leaving loving comments, sending postcards and letters, giving unexpected small gifts, being there when all seems hopeless, talking on Skype when in fact I’ve had the account for about 5 years and barely used it a couple of times, calling just to say “Hi”, and lots more…
I’m feeling more accountable and so much more happy since I’ve decided to start consciously following J’s Love Project. Go check her blog out, take the cute love project badge and put it on your blog; she truly inspires people to join in and experience a year of loving fearlessly.

Which brings me to one of the loveliest ways I can entwine spreading love and my crafty side, and one which will go wonderfully with January being International Creativity Month –>


Last week, while flipping through my GoogleReader before heading out in the cold and our sidewalks consisting of pure ice to get to the last tutoring lesson of the week, I found this "Pay It Forward" blog post on Becky Povich: Writer and Bliss follower’s lovely blog. I instantly fell in love with the idea!


ME:  I will create something handmade to send to the first five people who leave a comment on this post saying they would like to participate! – And I just can’t wait to receive my gift from Becky :)
YOU:  To play along you must be willing to repost the photo + this part of my post and do the same, offering something handmade to five other people. (The Rules don’t specify that the five people must be the first five to leave a comment on your blog, but that seems like the fair approach.)
YOU & ME, BOTH:  All handmade gifts will be sent sometime in 2011, and they can be anything you want. Simple, light, funny and endearing, a hand drawn card, even just a poem written especially for someone if you’re not so handy; anything goes.
Just remember the main goal: bringing a smile to someone’s face – selflessly and fearlessly spreading the love!

Now, let me see a show of hands: who would like to receive something handmade from me and make a few people more happy themselves? ;)

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