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2016, November 25

Six reasons to smile in November

I took part in Positively Present’s 2016 Gratitude Photo Challenge this month. You may recall I took part in the November 2011 one, carried my camera with me for the month of November and it inspired my very own, year-long photo challenge.

Go check out my Instagram or Facebook feed to see all the photos I posted this month. There are still a few days to go, but even so far it is a lot of fun, and it was hard to choose six that I love most. So, one of them is a collage of four as a small bonus.

I am so thankful for being able to take pictures and enjoy my surroundings. I need to be more present in the moment.

Here are the reasons I smiled in November:


Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2016, November 4

Fall in a jar

So, last year around Halloween, I bought some pasta. But not just any kind of pasta, Halloween-themed pasta! It is in three different colors and they’re shaped like pumpkins, spiders and bats. So very cute!

I’ve only tried cooking them once, and albeit still cute after done, they are so awful-tasting I had to throw them away.
I kept the left over pasta in the bag though, figuring I might try to use it for some kind of DIY project. And that day has come!

It’s a bit difficult to decorate the apartment with a way-too-curious and mischievous kitty underfoot, so for Christmas two years ago, I made a jar ornament (I’ll write about that one in December.) And it was perfect – no kitty attack whatsoever!
Two days ago, I remembered that little DIY project when rescuing the chestnut and acorn bowl from falling off the shelf due to curious paws, and decided to try the same for a fall-themed decoration. Here’s how I did it.

fall-in-a-jar page-fall-in-a-jar

Fall in a jar

jar with a lid, to your liking in size
Halloween-themed pasta
tea candle
crafting paper

Wash your jar out well, and remove any labels from its side. Mine was a huge pickle jar which I wrapped in a wet towel to soften the labels, then ran it under the tap and used a kitchen brush to rub the labels and adhesive off.
Let it dry thoroughly.

Add the pasta as a first layer, then place the chestnuts and acorns on top. Place the tea candle in the middle. I love that you can even burn the candle if you want, and then put it out by screwing the lid on.

Screw on the jar’s lid.
Mine wasn’t a single color, so I cut out and glued on a round piece of crafting paper to cover up the pickle brand’s name on the jar lid. It just so happens that it’s a Halloween poem, so it adds even more to the Fall feel of the decoration.

Place your jar on a side table or where ever you like, and enjoy the Fall decor.

PS: of course, you can skip adding pasta or any of the above mentioned and use what ever Fall things you have laying around. The possibilities are endless.

Happy crafting ;)

2015, November 10

Sweater weather is here!

November is flying by, and soon most of us will be back in hibernation mode with only a few mere hours of sunlight. (I know it’s definitely sweater weather when Pixel sleeps in and doesn’t wake us up at 5am anymore!) That is why I did my best to spend lots of time outside, trying to absorb as much vitamin D as humanly possible these past few weeks.

Will you take a Fall walk with me in my city? Here’s sending you over to Milliver’s Travels where my article, “Sweater weather in full force, Cluj-Napoca, Romania”, is all bright and colorful.

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful Autumn weather as well, wherever you are in the world ;)

2011, October 24

Some Love letters won’t be sent

This month was dedicated to love letters. Last Monday, in part one of this post, I talked about the snail mail I sent. I wrote some love letters to my friends all over the world, to friends who live in the same city as I do, to a (slowly becoming more and more) special person in my life. I’ve sent all of these.

However, not all of my love letters were/nor will be sent.

In May, I wrote a love letter to myself, and it just kept on going from there. More recently, I thanked bloggy awards. I posted a poem in memory of my uncle; it truly was the longest of farewells. I wrote love letters to my laptop and notebook, to a rose, to my bookshelf, to a particular leaf I felt the urge to pick up (and make something pretty and commemorative with once it dries), to someone who used to be a part of my life, to someone who died, and to someone who came into my life for a reason yet unfortunately only a season.

And now, since this won’t get sent either, I’ll share a love letter I wrote to Autumn (and some of the pretty pics I took in the past few weeks).

autumn light flower love collage

Dear Autumn,

I love your light. And I love your colors. I love the warm, golden leaves’ long shadows on the sidewalks. Walking on the streets, in parks, with leafs crunching under our feet and the smell of Chrysanthemums and chestnuts is lovely.

My red hair sometimes resembles the color of chestnuts. When I was little I liked that comparison the most, because I could envision dozens of chestnuts rolling in each strand. I now always anxiously await your arrival and chestnuts season for this reason.

Meeting friends for dinner at one of the terraces we love, with wooden tables, wrought iron railings and flowers flowing from window frames, I can’t help but look around and think of how clear, how peaceful and tranquil everything is. Your wealth is not measured in money, but in smiles and happiness.

So hold on to us, Autumn, we still have to gather so many of your fruits!

~ Estrella

2010, September 23


Autumn is so here, with the bluest blue sky with red and orange and yellow flowers, scented leaves and a sun falling more asleep with each sunset.

page chestnuts its fall

My little soul is gathered in an unopenable knot at times.
I freeze, then melt, I’m glad, I’m sad… the usual.
I live like a continuous line, not going up, nor down, I float and wait to get somewhere. To finish many projects, to get orders in time, to be able to sit down and write more than a few lines and pass them off as a post.

But I’m autumning…
And I can feel it, something new is right around the corner!

2009, November 2

Autumn Window Decorations

These past few days I found some great templates for window decorations and made a few autumn themed ones.

They’re pretty easy to make, and all you need is:

How to make – Window decorations

recycled colored paper (or white paper you can color yourself later)
a template or imagination and skills to draw one yourself
carbon paper
and a paper cutter

You start off by choosing your design, print it out/draw it, place the carbon paper on you colored paper, place the template on the two and trace it to transfer the design to the colored paper.
Then use the paper cutter to cut the gaps which give your window decoration shape and the much loved effect on your window.

Here are a few I made :) (I placed them on a black background so you can see the colors and shape gaps better)





I love how cool they look on the window and they’re great cause they can be enjoyed from inside and outside as well.

Later update: You can also find my post about the “Autumn window decorations” right here on

2009, October 21

I should listen to my better judgment

It’s been cold for over a week now, and I just hate it!

Yes, the leaves now have amazing colors and everything, but I hate the rain, and especially the cold, in case you hadn’t noticed by now.

My better judgment advised me 2 days ago not to go out in the rain.
In fact it advised me to stay inside and in bed for the whole day, possibly until March at least, but stubborn as I am, I didn’t listen.

After walking around downtown for a whole afternoon in pouring rain it wasn’t even an issue to go around all the puddles (way too many/too big to avoid and my shoes were soaking wet after the first 15 minutes anyway).

I didn’t worry too much about catching a cold, but it looks like I definitely have a talent for it.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to type, sneeze and cough at the same time.
Oh darn, my nose is running, I better go catch it…

If there was anything you wanted to say, leave a message after the sneeze and I’ll get back to you in a few days ;)


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