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2013, December 23

Deep Conditioner for Winter Hair – #12DaysOfDIY

12 days of xmas blogging-1 I have to come clean and admit to the fact that when I’m in a hurry or tired, I skip a lot of beauty steps. These include, but are not limited to: applying make-up, looking into a mirror before leaving the house, straightening my hair, actual hairdo aside from simply pulling it into a half-up or a ponytail, and so on. Seriously, I have no issue whatsoever to walk around or go to work without, for example, any make-up, not even eyeliner applied. I only regret it later, after running into people to whom I look like I haven’t slept in three weeks ;) But then promptly forget and repeat in a few days.

This is fine generally; during winter however, my hair demands attention. It likes being pampered just as much as I like to be when the weather’s all chilly and staying indoors with a cup of delicious S’mores Hot Chocolate seems like the best plan of all time.

My usual hair washing routine consists of:

  • brushing my hair well before washing
  • shampoo, rinse
  • applying a hair mask when I have time to (I’ve tried many, but most of all love the Mediterranean Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask from Avon)
  • pulling my hair into a bun atop my head and leaving the hair mask in for 15 minutes
  • rinse off hair mask
  • wrapping hair in a towel and waiting another 15-20 minutes
  • drying with a hair dryer (since I’d get a cold if I don’t)

(Now that you can see this takes the better part of an hour without the actual drying, I think you “get” why I end up skipping the hair mask step.)

Watching MissGlamorazzi’s YouTube channel more often this December, I noticed she posted the recipe for a deep conditioner she uses. It sounds perfect for Winter, and especially for the weather we’ve been having this month!

It sounded super easy, so I gave it a try, and my hair thanked me. This conditioner really moisturized my hair, it looks nice, is all soft and silky to the touch. In her styling tips at the end of her video, Ingrid suggested straightening one’s hair, but I’m leaving that until tomorrow and for New Year’s when I’ll actually style my hair more interestingly – probably one of these two hairdos.

page deep winter conditioner

Deep Conditioner for Winter Hair

-3-4 tbsp olive oil
-2 tbsp regular milk (or you can use half & half for a creamier texture)
-Half a banana

Measure ingredients into a microwave safe bowl – don’t worry about the separation of the oil and milk. Add the banana in small chunks.

Warm in the microwave (do NOT cook!) for about 30 seconds, then break up the banana pieces really well.

Bring to the shower with you, apply on wet hair and leave in for 5-10 minutes while you wash your body.

When rinsing, make sure you don’t get any of it in your eyes, and that you’ve rinsed out all the banana pieces from your hair.

My hair tends to get oily fast, especially during Winter from having to wear hats.
So I applied this conditioner mainly to the ends of my hair, and only combed through my hair near the scalp with my conditioner-covered fingers once or twice.

Happy beautifying! ;)

2013, August 19

Two hairdo tutorials – A girly girl post for today

On the blog, I haven’t talked fashion, accessories, pony tails and etc. as far as I can remember. Probably because I’m not that into them in real life either. Don’t get me wrong though, I like nice things – just am not such a girly girl in general.

That said, I’ll take today off from my slightly tomboyish self and introduce you to two of my new favorite hairdos. They’re described as the perfect hairdos for everyday wear. Which is why I found them while searching for a good wedding hairdo. ;)

What can I say, I like simple best! And just love how these can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion.

Easy Everyday Headband Hairstyle for Short and Long Hair

From this video, I really like the half up and half down hairstyle, as well as the side swept hairstyle.

page half up half down side swept hairstyle

Here’s how to achieve them:

For the half up half down hairstyle, take a headband and place it over your head. Starting on the right side, pick up a chunk of hair above your ear and tuck it into your headband. Pick up another chunk of hair right beside it, and tuck it into your headband. Then, do the exact same thing on the other side.

For the side swept hairstyle, starting on only one side follow the above instructions and continue to tuck chunks of hair into your headband until you’ve reached the other side of your head. Then, when you have all your hair on one side, pick up one chunk of hair from that side and tuck it into the headband as well to complete the look.

Now, I don’t normally have the time to curl my hair, which means it falls apart sooner than it should. I use a small hairclip to prolong its “life”. So, if you’re not gifted with naturally curly hair, when you can, do take the time to curl it. Your hairstyle will last so much longer!


Everyday Fancy Loop Ponytail Hairstyle for Medium and Long Hair

This next hairdo I found last year, and have my hair like this when I’m looking for something more interesting than a simple pony tail, but am having a rushed morning.

page fancy loop ponytail

Here’s how to achieve it:

Brush your hair to one side until it’s all smooth. Part your hair in half, take an elastic hair tie and tie off the pony tail. Make a hole above the hair tie and flip your pony tail through it. Divide the bottom layer in two.

Of the two sections take the upper one and tie it with the pony tail, then as before, make a hole above the hair tie in the middle of the strand and flip the pony tail through it.

Finally, gather the last section and repeat the first steps. If it’s a more special occasion than just a work day, dress it up with a flower or classier hair pin.

So, which hairstyle do you like best? Do you have a good quick and easy hairstyle to share?

2010, July 1

May you have a colorful day!

Lately my interests are focusing more on tracking the degree in which flowers are blooming. Spring is gone, summer is here and I’m most happy when the sun is shining, shining increasingly more every day.

I love that on most nights we can leave the window open until around 3 AM and it still isn’t cold outside.

How’s the weather where you live?


Breathe in summer with all its beauty :)

S7005521 S7005520


S7005153 S7005121-1

May you have a blooming summer and a colorful day!

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