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2010, May 12

Time does fly when you’re having fun :)

S7005269 At first, I didn’t really understand what a blog was for, I couldn’t wrap my mind around why it was so interesting to share your thoughts and daily happenings with the whole world, even though I can sometimes talk ones ears off :)

I wrote my very first blog post in 2007 at a very hard moment in my life, and then started blogging more regularly in 2008 at a time of waiting and insecurity, out of the necessity of being heard by people who don’t know me in person, who wouldn’t just say “It will pass, you’ll be okay.”; to have a place of my own where I could deposit all the things, questions and thoughts which brought a smile to my face, or made me sad.

I have since deleted that post from 2007, I still have it hid away safely on my computer, but as the years went by I figured that one particular post had no place in what my blog has become. Slowly I opened a door to let you guys in, then another, and there are still many door to be opened.

Now, I could say that blogging is so much a part of me that I couldn’t imagine my life without it, even if I sometimes have no time to post on schedule. But that’s okay, I’m learning that coloring outside the lines is fine too :)

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to write (both blog posts and creative writing), to photograph, to feature recipes and ideas for homemade stuff, to show you happy and colorful things. And thank you to all of you who read my blog but don’t leave your mark here, I still know you’re out there in my view counts and I’m intrigued by the mystery behind the numbers.

I honestly hope that my blog will have the same effect on those who are skeptical about blogging as friend’s or randomly read blogs have had on me, and that everyone will enjoy stopping by even if they’ve just stumbled upon my blog or are regular readers.


And now, let me redirect you to one of my first regular posts, just a few un-straightened thoughts, but which led to one of my favorite comments anyone has left me since I started Life’s a stage – WebBlog.

A big heart – and the comment which I cherish so much is the first one, from Connie.

2010, January 24


First off, I’m proud to announce that I have finally finished the new blog page for my plaster crafting business. It’s been a long long week and I still have some minor maintenance to tackle but it’s done and I started advertising it as of today!

I’m so happy! :)

Here’s the link, it’s in Romanian, but you can check out all the pretty photos of the products ;) (sure you can Google translate into English if you want to.)

My Plaster Craftings
Handmade gifts to surprise your loved ones on any occasion!

S7004216 cropped texted-1

Second, I created a new page of Life’s a stage – WebBlog by the title of My Happiness Project.

I advise everyone to go check out Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog and find out more about what a happiness project is, how you can have one too and generally get so so inspired by her articles.

And third, which isn’t really an announcement, but I’ll let you know anyway: I’m off to have what’s left of a relaxing afternoon reading, listening to music, building my family tree, scanning old family photos, watching movies with my fiancé, etc. without a shadow of guilt for taking the day to myself ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!

2010, January 20

Quick Hello (and Good Night)

Given that I only have ten more minutes of Wednesday left to post this and that I’m virtually sleep-typing, I’ll keep it short.

Taking a deep breath.

I’m currently working on expanding my plaster crafting business which requires me to actually make the products I’ll be selling, take photos, baptize them with codes, write posts with details about them under the photos on my upcoming plaster craftings blog (word misspelled by choice, quirky name choosing going on at this end), buy supplies and run errands, etc.

Well, due to minor interruptions here’s the ten minutes up.

I hope you’re all having a great day and week, I’ll see you on Friday!

2007, October 17

Hello everyone!

First of all, hello all you bloggers out there!

Life has sooo many surprises for us, which we don’t even see coming, that it’s hard just to get by… everyone is merely an actor on life’s stage :)

It was finally time for me to check this out too, and to be honest, at first it didn’t seem like a big deal, yet it’s gonna be nice to post what troubles me, what I’m happy about, etc.

… you’ll find here a glimpse of what matters to me and what makes my heart beat a little faster… also mostly questions and my conclusions about life in general… and like the song says, keep in mind that -> Life is what happens while we are busy making other plans! A very big event in my life made me start this blog, hope you like it, have questions, and comment :)

It’s nice to be here, hope to have a great time too :)

Kisses, Estrella Azul

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