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2010, January 24


First off, I’m proud to announce that I have finally finished the new blog page for my plaster crafting business. It’s been a long long week and I still have some minor maintenance to tackle but it’s done and I started advertising it as of today!

I’m so happy! :)

Here’s the link, it’s in Romanian, but you can check out all the pretty photos of the products ;) (sure you can Google translate into English if you want to.)

My Plaster Craftings
Handmade gifts to surprise your loved ones on any occasion!

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Second, I created a new page of Life’s a stage – WebBlog by the title of My Happiness Project.

I advise everyone to go check out Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog and find out more about what a happiness project is, how you can have one too and generally get so so inspired by her articles.

And third, which isn’t really an announcement, but I’ll let you know anyway: I’m off to have what’s left of a relaxing afternoon reading, listening to music, building my family tree, scanning old family photos, watching movies with my fiancé, etc. without a shadow of guilt for taking the day to myself ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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