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2015, September 18

Things we do/avoid, due to Pixel reasons

Just the other day I was thinking about our life before the arrival of our kitty, Pixel. Of the things we used to do, of the things we do now or the ones we simply don’t do anymore. Some items seemed funny to me, so here’s sharing.

Pet owners everywhere will be able to relate to some of the items on my list, I’m sure.


Things we do/avoid, due to Pixel reasons:

  • Close all cabinet doors, even if stepping away for only a moment.
  • Sit/lay uncomfortably for hours, because Pixel is too cute sleeping on top of us.
  • Have a long-pawed stuffed tiger doll hanging from our bar stool.
  • Get our faces tickled and licked to wake up. (You’d think only dogs did that…)
  • Have someone sit in our handbags, suitcases or shopping bags.
  • Find refrigerator magnets in odd places, like in the bathroom for example. 
  • Don’t own a terrarium or other fun stuff like that.
  • Wash the dishes before bed, every night.
  • Had only 20% of the decorations up for Christmas. (Easter as well, for that matter.)
  • Keep no plants on the balcony.
  • Have entire conversations with the kitty.
  • Pick up random stuff like deodorant, socks, mittens, mason jar lids, hand cream, forks, the kitchen sponge or the egg slicer off the floor.
  • Have a source of warmth for our feet while laying in bed.
  • Keep the crystal litter on the balcony instead of inside.
  • Are greeted at the door when arriving home.
  • Often find ourselves thinking we need a bedroom with a door.
  • Constantly have a source of amusement.
  • Enter the apartment bent down to grab him in case kitten tries to escape.
  • Cover the bed every morning before leaving for work.
  • Watch our step, especially with hot beverages in hand.
  • Don’t leave cat toys laying around during the night.
  • Place plants on top of the range hood.
  • Also keep candles, matches, tissues, a dried rose, my angel lampwork bead and a vase on top of the range hood. (Good thing its design allows it!)
  • Don’t leave glasses/cups on the nightstand overnight. 
  • Wear slippers in the bathroom, too.
  • Keep the toilet seat lid down.
  • Place the toilet paper high up in a shelf.
  • Find clothes and tea towels on the floor when getting home from work.
  • Throw away tea bags instead of leaving them on the saucer even for five minutes.
  • Don’t sleep with out hands under the pillow.
  • Nor with our feet peeking out from under the covers.
  • Are overheard by our neighbors as what seems like us talking to ourselves when it’s only one of us and the kitty.
  • Crane our necks to look at PC, phone, tablet and laptop monitors or read a book around the cat.
  • Say “NO” more often than we’d like.
  • Don’t leave food unattended.
  • Fish out cat toys from our shoes and slippers.
  • Keep pens, keys, scotch tape, batteries, paperclips, etc. in a basket.
  • Also, keep said basket behind a cabinet door. (Until we get a lidded box or something we can leave on the counter.)
  • Let kitten climb under the kitchen furniture.
  • Then dust him off.
  • Keep most of our shoes in boxes.
  • Replace certain shoelaces every other month.
  • Walk up the stairs quietly, on our tiptoes sometimes, so kitten won’t start meowing when we’re still three stories away.
  • Fall asleep with him purring on top of us.
  • Check on him regularly when he’s on the balcony.
  • Have tiny heart attacks every time we see him on the railing.
  • Listen for birds chirping. And run out the moment they stop, in case they need rescuing.
  • Check kitten for birds when he rushes into the kitchen from outside too fast.
  • Know exactly where a fly, mosquito, moth or spider is located.
  • Have a “built-in” fly killer. 
  • Try not letting him fall asleep too soon in the evening to avoid him waking up too early.
  • Don’t pet him after I’ve used the hair dryer to dry my hair. (The effect it has on him has to wear off first. *laughing*)
  • Same rule applies after vacuuming the apartment.
  • Accidentally hit “Send” when trying to write a text with Pixel on our tummy.
  • Have someone overly interested in anything we’re doing.
  • Are sometimes collateral damage while he’s playing.
  • Smile and laugh out loud at his funny poses. All. The. Time.
  • Have half a bag of laundry detergent in the hamper so he won’t knock it over.
  • Know the kitty is approaching even in the dark when a crystal is stuck to his paw from the litter box.
  • Replaced several mugs and glasses. Always our favorites.
  • Don’t get to sleep in, not even on weekends.
  • Wipe off all kitchen surfaces before starting dinner.
  • Love our life a whole lot more.
  • Have a writing companion while I write this list. 

Do you have pets? Did you relate to some of these things? Feel free to name a few things off your own list of things you do, or avoid doing due to pet reasons. I’d love love love to see what other pet owners have to say!

2010, July 15

Truly unconditional

As I stated in the first part of this older post of mine, I’m still partial to pets over people when it comes to unconditional love.

And I have just the story to prove it.

Ever since I was a little girl, anywhere we went (on trips, visiting with someone, etc.) I could always find a pet to play with, or even a stray one and felt so much better that I played with them while no one else might have.
I’m still like that at 23, finding comfort in just one look from a sweet little furball.

Last week, as I was sitting at my laptop near the window, I heard a kitten’s desperate calling of his mother. At first I thought he’ll find her and eventually go away, but the meowing didn’t stop.
When I went out looking for the kitten I couldn’t find him at first, although I looked for him under the bushes, dumpsters, cars behind the flat. The meowing was getting more and more desperate.
I listened carefully and could hear him very close, but could see nothing…
And then it hit me.
I pushed away the leaves from of the bush I was standing next to, from the top to bottom, and finally found the small black and grey furball. He must have gotten scared from a dog or something, climbed up the bush, but couldn’t climb back down.

I was so happy I found him!

I wanted to take him inside, but as I walked towards the entrance, I noticed a mommy cat and another kitten at the other flat entrance, so I rushed over there thinking it must be her kitten, put him down and he ran straight to the mommy cat.

The mommy cat kind of took steps back even though the kitten was happily rubbing against her, she smelled him various times and kept looking at me as if asking “Why did you bring this kitten here? It’s not mine…”
This fear of mine was reinforced by the fact that the kitten wanted to rub against the other kitten who started running away from him and hissing at him, so he went back to the mommy cat.
He clearly wasn’t her kitten.

Right when I decided to catch him again, take him home and donate him to someone, a few people came by going into the flat and scared the little guy, making him run far to the other entrance.

And here comes the part where I got all teary eyed and sentimental.

The mommy cat looked at me, at her own kitten and then ran over to the other entrance, started licking the little guy I rescued from the bush and brought him back to the other entrance where they get fed and can get into the cellar to sleep.

Sadly, as opposed to so many people who give up, leave, abuse or even kill their child…
that moment when the mommy cat decided to adopt the kitten, to make him her baby even though he clearly wasn’t hers, it made me think how noble, how caring and loving a simple cat can be!


2008, November 25

The best (pet) friends!

From insects to alpacas, pets come in all shapes and sizes. Many families feel that they are not complete without some little (or large) creature to love.
This is how i feel too!
I have always been partial to pets over humans when it comes to friendship. I have been burned so many times after being the kindest, most caring person I could be, that I find serenity in my relationships with pets! The possibility of them turning on you is much lower than that of a human, and they never judge you :)
Ok, it’s not like I don’t have good friends, it’s just that I try to avoid as much as possible people (who I know of) who don’t like animals, because… I can’t trust them.
How can anyone trust someone who can’t love unconditionally? Unconditional love is the only kind of love you can feel towards your pet, and in my opinion, that’s how it should be in human relationships too, even if not 100%, but as much as possible (so about 90%) :)

And now, let me tell you a little bit about my pets: I have 2 cats (Mili and Onyx), and a bunny (Tapsi). Also, I’ll throw in a few advices you may find useful.

Pets page 2009

The sweetest little furballs :)

Cats make wonderful companions for children and adults alike. They are by nature curious creatures, independent and like to go where and when they please. Ever heard of this saying: “Dogs come when they’re called, but cats tell you to take a message and get back to you later”. Ask any cat lover and they’ll tell you how true this statement is. I’m sure most of you already know all about cats, so I won’t bore you too much, here are just a few tips.

Before you think of purchasing or adopting a kitten, it’s very important to look at all aspects of owning one as a pet. You should be prepared to care for him for his basic needs, that is food, shelter, annual check ups, vaccinations and most important of all, your time spent in building that special bond with him.
I don’t always get to spend as much time as I’d like with my cats, but they are great. We have overcome a lot, and even if a few times we had some accidents that needed surgery and had to spend more than we had on them, it’s worth the effort, cause seeing them get well and their affection is most rewarding!

All creatures have their endearing and not so easy to deal with qualities. Before bringing any pets into your home it is vital that you do the research and consider if that particular creature is a good fit for you and your family. So if you don’t want a pet that leaves the house, maintained easy, or you wish for an animal who is more or less noiseless, you could opt for a bunny. I’ll elaborate on this one, cause not too many people have house rabbits as a pet :)

House rabbits are very quiet animals to share your life with. Aside from a gentle clicking of the teeth when happy or a low grunt when irritated, rabbits are virtually noiseless pets (this may depend on the cage and toys you provide them with). There are a variety of bunny body language signals that house rabbits use to let you know how they are doing and even what they want. If you want more details, click here.
When treated with respect and care, most house rabbits show their love in clear ways. A happy bunny will give you soft licks akin to kisses, run around your feet and follow you, pull your pants a bit if they want attention, bite gently on your slippers, etc. They will also indicate if they are angry or feel threatened. Of course, each house rabbit’s personality is different, so everyone finds out on their own bunny these things.
Be sure to research breed temperament tendencies and if possible, spend time with the rabbit before adoption. Once home, a close bond can be encouraged between family members and the bunny by providing plenty of social time. Rabbits need at least 2-3 hours a day out of their cages or pens and they tend to like to be around others, especially during those peak activity times of day.
Rabbits are vegetarians and can easily share the abundance of your garden or purchased produce. There are many diet choices you can make for your bunny rabbit. However, it is vital that you feed him/her mainly fresh hays and green vegetables. And they are odorless if you use kittie-litter instead of saw dust, cause it’s a very good absorbent and it comes in lots of different frangances too. You can even recycle while playing with them, like providing your bunny with cardboard tubes as toys :)
Contrary to what you might think, with careful training and gradual introductions, your house rabbit can coexist peacefully with other pets. In most cases, other pets can be trained to treat your bunny with respect and they may even become buddies! For example, Tapsi doesn’t even care that much about our cats, but the cats are mostly afraid of her if she tries to approach them… so this is the peaceful coexisting part, they don’t bother each other :)
Another reason why house rabbits are so unique is how playful and personable they can be. Especially during their most active hours (early morning and early evening) so don’t be surprised to find a happy bunny racing and leaping about your home providing just about the best entertainment a pet can offer!
Providing proper care can be a lot of work and deciding to adopt a house rabbit in the first place should never be taken lightly.
I sometimes wonder if I made the right choice, but one ticklish lick from my nose-twitching lagomorph Tapsi, and I know, that a bunny may just be one of the best pets I’ve ever shared my life with!

So if you really think about it, pets, no matter what species, can be great friends and comfort us no matter where we are on our journey of life!

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