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2015, July 20


The assignment for last week in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly was to Unplug. It was such a good reminder!
In today’s world, it’s so easy to feel that one needs to keep up constantly with text messages, e-mails, Instagram and other social media since we are inundated by information at all times. And it’s good to separate from that!

Even though I couldn’t exactly unplug for good, given that my work requires a turned on laptop, I did my best to keep my online presence, well… online, only during work hours this week. I limited the times I checked FB, Twitter or my e-mail and what ever else after I got home. The most I “used” my laptop at home was to watch an episode or two of “Murder, she wrote” with my boyfriend before going to bed.

A friend of mine, really wisely might I add, reserves time for herself in the morning. She’s definitely a morning person, unlike me. Ever since she started working after college, she has seen it as “her time”. I love that phrasing!
For her, mornings are this cushion of time where she doesn’t have any distractions, and she wakes up really early so that she can focus on the things she loves. She puts on her makeup, does her hair and cooks herself breakfast. She enjoys her breakfast at her little coffee table set up on the balcony, people watching.
After she’s done with all of this, she grabs the remainder of her coffee, gets cozy on the couch and reads a book.
And what I love most about her morning ritual? All the while, her phone is turned off! It’s her way of making sure she has no outside distractions, no temptation to go online, no looking at any social media. It’s her time to disconnect, to unplug every single day.
By the time she turns her phone back on, she’s feeling ready to go, energized and content because she got her me-time in and no matter how the day turns out by night time, she has had a really awesome start.

If you’re not a morning person either, set aside some time in the evening, or do what my friend j does and “steal some time”. She reminded me this week, that even on the busiest days, there are pockets of time that suddenly become available. So, she highly recommends this method for basically anything, but especially for filling one’s soul.

Using her method, last week I read for 20 min while waiting for a friend to arrive, called my grandmother on my father’s side while waiting for the BF after work, did some mid-week cleaning and tidying up, read a book before bed since my boyfriend fell asleep early, took my break every day at work instead of cutting it short or working through lunch and enjoyed meaningful conversations with my friend from work, I enjoyed a back massage, worked out a little, and played and cuddled with Pixel.
I also stayed offline for most of the day on Saturday and Sunday. I wrote five love letters (you’re not too late if you want to join in), did some journaling which I’ve been neglecting, and wrote this blog post with my internet connection turned off.

For me, the weekend is that time when I do the most things which bring me joy.
On Saturdays, my boyfriend usually goes to help his dad with groceries shopping and etc., so I stay at home and do some cleaning and some cooking. You probably know by now that these activities really help me relax (I’m definitely that person who starts de-cluttering at 10pm, if annoyed for some reason), but I also try and add in some reading and writing into my Saturday or Sunday mornings. I have always found writing to be very therapeutic for me, I can release what ever it is that I am feeling, or completely dive into a different world while reading a book I love.
Sundays are usually reserved for us-time with my boyfriend. We cook together, or watch a movie, play with Pixel, go for walks and sometimes meet up with friends. It’s the most chill-paced day we both have in the week and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. Doing what I love over the weekend really refreshes me for the week ahead.

I think that it’s important to do the things we love, no matter what time of the day it is. It makes a huge difference in one’s overall fulfillment and overall joy in life!

For week 29 the assignment is to Ban “I can’t” from your lexicon.
I really love the way j has phrased it in the 52-52 guide, so I’ll share an excerpt: “I can’t” is easy to say and rarely true. Or, if it is true, it’s only half the story (and I would argue it’s not the most interesting or important half). It leaves off where the real you begins, the one who is afraid of being imperfect, the one who’s been hurt and doesn’t want to get hurt again, the one who struggles with boundaries, or priorities, or confidence. Whatever the reasons you say, “I can’t” (and we all do), this week will be a challenge; you’ll have to figure out a different way to say what you want to say: “I don’t want to,” or “I’m not interested,” or “I’m not ready yet.” 

How was your week? Did you unplug? Do you regularly have time in a day set aside to just be present and do something you love which doesn’t involve having an internet connection or even a turned on phone?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

2015, July 13

Say Yes!

Last week’s assignment in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly was to Say Yes. Yes to an outing even when you feel like you’d rather go straight home after work, to helping someone with what will take you ten to fifteen minutes instead of the hour it might take them, or most especially say yes to that wild, inadvisable dream you have.
And as j explained it in the 52-52 guide, the most important thing during this week and this exercise is to “question every no. Understand where it comes from. Understand your reasons. If they’re sound, go ahead. If they’re based in fear, stop. Take a deep breath.” and say Yes.

Lately, I like the fact that I can say No more easily. Sure there are still obligations I can’t get out of, or the usual compromises that every relationship has, be that with either family, romantic or with friends, but it has gotten easier to say No when I don’t want to do something, or go somewhere.

I think that it’s important to know when to say Yes or No, because if we just mindlessly said No to everything, or Yes to everything our lives wouldn’t have too much meaning… (like in that movie where the guy says Yes to everything and things go well for him, but then ends up realizing that too much of a good thing can be bad, too.)

Last week I’ve said Yes to a couple of things and realized that I’ve said No to more things. However, the things I said No to, have freed up time for me to rest over the weekend.
I listened to my tired, achy body and decided to work from home on Thursday and Friday, felt like cooking and experimenting with new recipes so I baked some Apple Crisp and made yummy Squash Fritters, and one evening when the BF came home later instead of watching a movie or getting lost online, I read a book.
We went to a house warming party we couldn’t get out of, but didn’t stay too long, so we could get up earlier and go out to a friend’s cabin in the mountains nearby. We had a lovely walk, some yummy grilled food and just plain had fun.

unnamed (1)

I guess by saying No to several things over the course of the week, I actually said a silent Yes to others.

For week 28, the assignment is to Unplug. 
j says, we try the following: “This week, take a hiatus. Turn off your computer, your television, your game consoles. Fill your time with things that don’t require an outlet. Plug yourself into your physical life; engage all your senses for a day. Or seven. Make some space, then fill it with the real, 3-D you.”
And while I can’t exactly unplug for good, given that my work requires a turned on laptop, I will do my best to keep my online presence, well… online, only during work hours this week and limit the times I check FB, Twitter or my e-mails and what ever else. Maybe even go for walks, or jogging after work?
I’ll try to read, and play and get out of the house more, and, every day this week I will take my one hour lunch break (and maybe go for a walk, when the weather is cooperating) instead of working through lunch.

How was your week? Did you say Yes to many things? Or have you also found that by saying No to the things you didn’t feel like doing, you made more time and had more energy for the things you really wanted to do?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

2012, January 3

Recap: Choosing throughout 2011

Turns out, this has been a year of surprising myself.

I chose one little word, and eleven more, a sentence, for 2011:
I chose to hope, dare, live, smile, dream, love, create, appreciate, listen, leap and enjoy.


– Decided to take each day for what it is. A new day.

– In the midst of business, it felt so lovely to notice, to appreciate, and not walk past small gems (like poppies by the tracks).

– Thought about my being a writer, and ended up wondering if people living with writers understood them? I cam to the conclusion that they almost never do, but I will keep writing anyway. It has to be important to me, not other people.

– Defined courage as rushing into oncoming traffic, on all Life’s stages, on a daily basis.

– Started sharing two of my passions, writing and traveling, through articles about the places I’ve seen on Milliver’s Travels where I’ve joined the staff since July.

– Raveled in the beauty (its way of showing love) nature provides and enjoyed walks.

– Gave my best to just being myself and checked in with my soul. Talked about why I write, how I started and what writing looks like to me. Pushed myself out of my comfort zone.

-Realized that I wasn’t afraid to be by myself back when five adults managed to lose me, between lost and found, four years old, in a shopping center full of strangers.
This has led me to realize that there’s no reason in the world why it shouldn’t be like that today.

– Managed to clear some clutter and clear my mind during the process.

– Found it interesting how, while CDs can’t record anything else besides computer data – they can bring up millions of memories the Heart records so well!

– While finding the right spot for one of my plants, I thought of how much I want to grow roots somewhere, even if I’m not yet entirely sure where the perfect spot for me is.


And as much as I wanted to, I haven’t really kept in mind that sometimes, when it’s least expected, it works the other way around too. However, something wonderful happened. Words, characters, books, songs, places, objects, people, feelings, dreams, happenings… Life – chose me.

There has been tons of surprises throughout 2011. As I mentioned it above, I’ve surprised myself. And it has also been a year of growth. A friend brought this to my attention last week and although I’ve noticed it myself, looking back it’s more prominent.

I’m not the same person I was seven years ago. I’m not the same person I was at the beginning of 2011. And I’m not the same as yesterday.

I liked it right there, right then. But I most definitely like it right here, right now!

Here’s to a 2012 as filled with surprises, change and growth as last year was!

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