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2013, September 16

11 easy, homemade gifts for Chefs

Having a Chef for a boyfriend is nice.
However, it is a bit hard to give them gifts when one best likes giving handmade/homemade ones.

There are so many ideas out there which require serious “props”, that I thought I’d first share here the easy ideas I’ve come across, tried and was successful with.


page chef crafts

Crafts for your chef:

  1. Cookery-inspired fridge magnets
  2. Or some wine cork fridge magnets
  3. An interesting, highly practical spice-shelf
  4. Baby-apron for a bottle of something you gift them


page chef gifts you cook

More along the lines of you cooking:

  1. House delivery of an Estrella’s Love Pizza 
  2. If they like coffee, a bottle of Pumpkin Spice Syrup
  3. A bottle of Orange Syrup


page chef gifts he cooks

So your chef can do some cooking (with):

  1. Gift in a jar, Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. A baby-jar of Mumbai Spice
  3. Or maybe some French Spiced Salt
  4. For flavoring dishes, a jar of Red Peppers Paste


PS: When I have access to materials for more elaborate gifts, I’ll write another summary post like this one.

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