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2017, September 1

Six Reasons to Smile – Summer 2017

This is my second blog post in the “Six Reasons to Smile” series, which I have turned into a seasonal one after a year of monthly blog posts.

Summer was a mix of good, of bad, of worse, and everything in between. I honestly still don’t really feel like talking about it, so I’ll simply leave you with the collage.

Here are the reasons I smiled this Summer:


Did you smile a lot this Summer? This month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2017, May 12

Six Reasons to Smile – Spring 2017

No, you are not seeing double. I totally just back-dated this blog post because I missed hitting “publish” when I was supposed to. Good thing I read Bloggoneit’s Blog, and her ‘6 reasons’ posts reminded me!

I think that we all need more positivity in our lives. Which is why, near the end of each month last year, I posted a collage of six pictures here on my blog as part of a year-long “Six Reasons to Smile” series. I liked it so much I’ll continue the practice into 2017, except as a seasonal summary. Here’s hoping I remember to publish them on time for the rest of the year!

Spring was really nice this year. As soon as it was warm enough outside we started taking road trips to cities and villages near our city, and for my birthday we traveled to Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Chia pudding quickly became a favorite after trying out new recipes. I marveled in the quietness of the countryside, and the beauty of flowers, of nature all around me. It was a hectic kind of season, but I think we managed to feed our souls, too.

Here are the reasons I smiled this Spring:

Did you smile a lot this Spring? This month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2016, October 28

Six reasons to smile in October

At the beginning of the month, my boyfriend and I took a little one day trip to Jibou, where we had the most lovely walk in its Botanical Garden. I never knew it existed until a friend of my mom’s told us about it. The place is really beautiful, and our day together came very close to perfection.

During the enigmatic and spooky team building I took with my firm last week in the mountains at over 1100 meters altitude, we stayed at Hotel Castel Dracula. It was a nice weekend, even nicer for the people who love partying. But the view did bring smiles to my face and I was happy that it stopped raining just enough for a one hour walk to take it all in.

Here are the reasons I smiled in October:


Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2016, September 23

Six reasons to smile in September

This month, I have signed up for George HS Singer’s Poetry Tour run by Poetic Book Tours, so I am posting this one week early. I know you won’t mind, once you see the pictures I’ll share ;)

Nearly every morning, I get one of these beautiful lattes, prepared by the boyfriend after he wakes me up. I love sitting on the balcony with him while drinking it.
For the birthday of a colleague at work, I decided to get a bit creative and place the money we raised in a jar filled with M&Ms – he loved it!
Pixel was all sorts of cute this past month – like always – and delighted me with a bunch of new poses.

I was walking on Eroilor Street one afternoon and saw an arrows-advertisement for WalkingMonth, which I found interesting. Teams of four people compete against each other to take as many steps as they can during September 12 – October 11, and the funds raised through registration will be donated to the children with neuromotor disabilities cared for by the Malteser Relief Service in Romania.
I would’ve loved to participate, if I hadn’t already (very bravely!) signed up for The Companies Cross, where you can run either as individuals or in teams, in a fun race of 6 km! My colleagues and I have formed teams and have trained for the run in Central Park every week this month, and honestly I can’t wait to see myself crossing that finish line on Sunday. Like my colleague also said, the benefits of doing sports are life changing: helps us clear our minds, makes us more productive, keeps us focused and in good shape. Definitely a nice little nudge to continue my new-found exercise routine! I only wish I could run during winter as well, without having to go to the gym, which I hate the thought of…

One evening when I was visiting my mom, I really felt like turning on the lamp my godfather made when he was young. I just needed a moment of quiet.
And one day after my afternoon run, I came across a really pretty sunflower. Just the one. In the middle of a grass patch. I loved it!

Here are the reasons I smiled in September:


Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2016, August 26

Six reasons to smile in August

This month was interesting. I finally broke down and bought a year-round vignette (road tax) instead of the usual week-long one I got every time we decided to take a road trip. It’s good to do the math sometimes ;)

I quite like how these “six reasons” posts have turned into my little “highlights of the month” posts. Because I mostly write about certain topics, DIY, or recipes, etc. which cross my mind at any given time, I feel that I have lost touch a little with this more personal side of blogging these past couple of years. Hence, my previous blog post.

August was long-awaited! I was most excited because after a looong time (six years, to be exact) I finally went on a trip longer than four days. My boyfriend liked Hungary so much, that we decided to go back in the summer as well, and spent 6 nights there. I made the reservations back in January!!! Expect my Budapest-themed travel articles over at Milliver’s Travels in the near future.

It was such a great vacation! We visited Budapest, walked all day long every single day we were there, and since we traveled by car we even visited a few cities near Budapest, and took a day trip to Bratislava as well.

Trust me when I say, it was extremely hard to choose only six pictures to share what made me smile this month!

Here are the reasons I smiled in August:

page 2016 summer vacation

The cities shown above are, from left to right then downwards:
Budapest, Győr and Esztergom,
Szentendre, Debrecen and Bratislava.

Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2016, July 29

Six reasons to smile in July

This month we took a road trip, to a quaint little mountain village, Mogos. When we left home at 7am, we figured we’d be back by afternoon. Nope. We arrived home at 9pm, and were absolutely beat.
I took so many beautiful pictures, that my Instagram wall was mostly filled with those throughout the whole month.

On another note, I decided to buy a bike. I saw a cute, black with white polka dots design, so I already have the bell and handle grips laughing Granted, I decided this last Spring as well, so I am really hopeful that this year I’ll actually buy a bike and not be left only with these two parts for it. I’ll post a picture when I have it.

Until I do buy a bike, I signed up for the free city cycle scheme here in Cluj-Napoca. I think that it’s a nice idea to have such a thing! I’m still afraid to bike next to cars, so I only rode to my mom’s on a Saturday morning when there was little to no traffic on my way there, and other than that, I mostly stopped by the park after work and cycled for 30-45 minutes on sunny afternoons. The only issue I have with the cycle scheme is that the bikes are a bit high, for my 160 cm figure, even with their seats all the way down… I’m doing my best to get used to them.

I also crafted an order of wedding favors for a friend of mine. Below are the green magnetic hearts all done and painted. It was a big order, but I had fun creating it. I really do miss this creative side of life, ever since it’s not my livelihood anymore.

Here are the reasons I smiled in July:


Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2016, June 24

Six reasons to smile in June

It’s nearly the end of June, and I honestly can’t believe this month went by so fast!
June started out perfectly! I went to a concert!
As soon as I noticed that Republic band were coming to perform here as part of the Hungarian Day organized at the Gilau Castle during the Transylvania International Film Festival, I bought tickets. I went with a friend of mine. The weather was really weird that day, and it had rained on and off all afternoon. We decided we’d go anyway, we love the band so much. On our way up the small hill on the castle grounds, it was still raining, we could hear thunder and saw a flash of lightning. When my friend asked if she saw correctly, I replied overly-positively “No! It’s not even raining anymore!” We laughed, but by the time we reached the stage, the rain stopped! I couldn’t believe it, but sure wasn’t complaining :)
The concert was amazing. We were in the front row and had a blast. The band was really good, they laughed and genuinely had a great time themselves, no playback or anything like that! One of the reasons I love them so much. After the concert ended, and before heading home, we even got autographs.

I stayed at home for two weeks, because of a clone being made of the Online Help website I am working on, and no one was allowed to make modifications. In the first week, I took the time to complete a Technical Writer’s course, and worked from home the following week on some smaller, non-deadline-related projects.

This resulted in witnessing quite a few funny kitty poses, aside from Pixel having the time of his life being able to get out on the balcony during the day. He also caught his first (and hopefully last!) bird this year, which brings us to a total of four. Luckily, three of them survived his grabby little paws.
The other funny thing was that he measured himself! While I took a shower, he sat on our digital bathroom scale, and got measured. He weighs 4,9 kg.

We also went to the Botanical Garden this month, took the scenic route home several times, went on a few one-day road trips, gathered Elder flowers for lemonade and to dry for wintertime tea, took a short road trip and went out with friends.
It was a full month all in all, despite working from home half of it!

Here are the reasons I smiled in June:

six reasons june1

Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

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