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2011, October 26

Upcycling to Fridge magnet

We had this older wooden spoon we hardly ever used any more. It looked dreadful and my mom was about to throw it away before I stopped her.

I knew exactly how I could turn it into something pretty and decorative!


Wooden spoon up cycled to fridge magnet

wooden spoon
glue napkins or transfer paper

First paint your wooden spoon with a base color of your choice

Then use the decoupage technique to add some kitchen (or which ever desired) motifs

Finish it off by gluing a magnet to its back and optionally add a ribbon

Place on refrigerator, microwave oven, etc.

2011, May 25

Cute corner bookmarks

I’ve been mostly neglecting the Green Lifestyle posts, particularly the ‘Arts, crafts & recycling’ section as I like to post pictures of what I made. Luckily for me (and you) I still have my friend’s camera for the day and I found a super quick & easy tutorial to share.

I’ve stated it before and I’ll say it again: I’m always short of bookmarks. Last year I posted a tutorial on how to create some Classy handmade bookmarks with the paper napkin transfer method – which I still make semi-regularly as gifts, as well as for myself (only semi-regularly cause my fear of hot or sharp objects around my fingers doesn’t seem to pass) ;) 

Here are the latest creations, all done in less than five minutes!

page corner bookmars

page corner bookmarks

Cute corner bookmarks

Scrap cardstock: white, colored, patterned, etc. – It’s a good idea to work with two different colored cardstock 
Craft glue
Scissors and paper pinking shears
Craft accessories, decorations
Pens and markers

Cut two 2×2 inch squares from the colored cardstock. Cut the corner off of the white (different colored) cardstock, then cut one of the squares in half diagonally to create a triangle.

Spread a thin layer of glue on one side of the triangle and fit the white cardstock inside, trimming it with pinking shears to create a decorative pattern along the edge.

Add a thin layer of glue along the two shorter edges of the triangle and press onto the square – this creates a pocket for the corner of your book.

Allow the glue to dry and your bookmark is ready to slip onto the corner of your page!

Happy crafting and reading! ;)

2010, June 29

Classy handmade bookmarks

I always run out of bookmarks… Always.

I love them, have a lot of different ones, but especially given that I keep most of my books at my mom’s and take what I’m currently reading to my fiancé’s, the bookmarks tend to get forgotten in the books I don’t have with me.

So, after a bit of research on the internet, while expanding my knowledge on decoupaging, I ran across the loveliest way of making my own classy bookmarks, plus I can make all sort of decorative paper from patterned paper napkins with the following paper napkin transfer method.

This one’s for all you avid readers out there ;)

S7006340-1  IMG_5210-1

Classy handmade bookmarks

scribble pad (or a few separate pages)
plastic wrap
patterned paper napkins
extra decoration to your liking: ribbons, tassels, buttons, etc.

Use a scribble pad to place on it a cardboard (cardstock, etc.) cut to the size you want your bookmark to be. On that place a piece of leftover plastic wrap you use in the kitchen, make sure it overlaps the whole surface of the cardboard. 

Cut a piece of napkin that’s slightly bigger than the cardboard, peel it apart like you do for regular decoupaging, keeping only the patterned layer (the rest can be repurposed while cleaning). Lay it on the plastic wrap covered cardboard, turn a few pages of paper over them (depends on how thick the paper is, I used two pages), set your iron to medium (I used an old iron we don’t iron with anymore; be careful not to get plastic on the iron if it’s your everyday iron) and go over the pages where the cardboard is for about 20-30 seconds, applying a bit of pressure. If need be you can go over it again later.

Turn the pages, if the plastic wrap is stuck to them don’t worry it peels right off, get your cardboard off of it, trim around the edges to get rid of the excess napkin and plastic wrap, and you’re done!

You can now start decorating your new bookmark, cardstock, etc.

I cut the edges with special pattern scissors and decorated my new bookmarks with ribbons, old interesting buttons, handmade tassels, roses, etc. Let your imagination go wild!

Happy crafting and happy reading! ;)

2010, March 9

Decoupage technique

Someone gave this wooden “cup” to me a few years ago and I’m sorry but I’ve never liked it.
I have lived with it in the kitchen for ages, hid it behind plants, didn’t really use it. Didn’t want to use it!

And last week while cleaning up, I “found” it again and thought ‘Okay, now you’re on your way to the dumpster!’
And then an idea formed out of nowhere and here’s how I made this awful looking thing beautiful.
And now it’s on my desk, I’m actually loving and using it!

page decoupage 2

Decoupage technique – on wood

As a base cover the whole surface of the object with dull hobby paint (or glue) in a few layers, the edges too.
Cut the desired pattern (form), as accurately as possible.
Separate the napkin, only the top layer will be needed the pattern part, the rest of the napkin can be disposed of.
After the primer dull paint coat has dried, brush a coat of adhesive varnish on the entire surface.

Then gently place the cut napkin pattern and smooth out any wrinkles. It doesn’t have to perfectly smooth, it gives a more antique look if it’s a bit wrinkly.
Coat the entire surface so the model will be completely covered with adhesive paint.

With decoupage technique you can easily and quickly make wonderful decorative items or renew old boring things, old furniture.
Different pattern napkins can be placed on: porcelain vases, pottery, wooden boxes, trays, splash pages, on candles with candle adhesive, with textile adhesive on table linens, curtains, cushions.

The napkins have different effects on different grounds, and the variations are endless!

Here are links to some wall pictures I made with this technique:

Christmas wall pictures, and wall pictures from my plaster crafting site

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