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2017, April 7

Finding your awesome

Today I want to take a second to talk about a very cool, illustrated creative journal, FIND YOUR AWESOME, by my friend Judy Clement Wall.

It seems to me that everyone lately is only thinking about themselves, and it makes me sad.
I think when people are dealing with some things in their lives, they tend to forget that everyone else also has stuff to deal with – more or less difficult then they themselves are. This is where it’d be great to also focus on others, because it really doesn’t take much time or effort to be attentive, and if one can, why not make someone’s day better? Even by simply smiling at them, by saying hello and asking how they are, it’s already a step in the right direction.
We need to be better, to be humans and care. Thinking about others will always make you a better person.

That said, it also seems to me that among family and friends, many people rarely put themselves first, or do, or buy things for themselves.
Yes, doing things with others will help make them be/feel special in your life.
But on the other hand, I believe that we need to take care of ourselves in order to fully be able to be the better people I described above. For people to truly be able to love other people and be kind, it all starts with self-love.

This is the message my friend j transmits through her creative journal. Go read her blog post about it, and watch her very cool animated book trailer!

In her own words, she wrote and illustrated FIND YOUR AWESOME not to help people become someone new, but to help them uncover the imaginative, openhearted, amazing selves they already are. She truly believes that if one completes this book, committing oneself to just 30 days of self-discovery and celebration, it will change how they move in the world and infuse their life with love, fun, connection, and creativity.

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the journal! I believe that it’ll be, like everything j creates, a beautiful piece of art as well as a very useful tool for people to well… find their awesome.

J also has a challenge in store for her readers and friends – 30 days of self-love! Here’s the excerpt from her website:

“On May 15th, I’ll be embarking on my own 30-day self-love challenge using FIND YOUR AWESOME, and I’d love for you to join me. There will be a Facebook group, short daily emails of encouragement, and more animated videos to inspire you. It’ll be free, fun, and good for your soul, plus if you sign up, you’ll be automatically entered to win a signed copy of FIND YOUR AWESOME. (Even if you’ve already purchased my book , sign up. These little journals make wonderful gifts.)
I’ll be posting more about the book and the challenge over the next several weeks.”

Haven’t done a self-love challenge in a while, so I’ve already signed up, and I think I’ll post a little summary blog post every week on Fridays while the challenge lasts. They were fun to do during my year of following the 52/52 e-guide‘s assignments every week, so I’m looking forward to it!

2009, September 13

Moments when you need a change

There are moments in Life when too much of a good thing is boring.

Maybe when you’re in a routine and don’t realize it.
You have beautiful, loving people around you but don’t see them any more, you’re wanting something different, feeling the need of change without knowing what the reason for it is.

Maybe in a moment of hesitation and weakness we’d give up on what we have for something unsure. We may want something we don’t have, and when getting it realize: it really wasn’t what we imagined.
In moments when you need a change, instead of totally giving up on things, things you’d rather leave behind, if you consider all the alternatives before deciding, you’ll notice how: not much needs changing. There’s always the possibility of treasuring things more than you would’ve before.

Then there are times when change is necessary. When after thinking everything through so you won’t regret any upcoming decisions the best thing is to leave behind things that make you unhappy or hold you back and make a choice. Choose to be happy and make it happen by changing jobs, living situations, relationships, cities, countries… what ever it takes!

And… even if not always explicitly, there’s always someone there for us along the way and who helps us and shows us the way or the way back to our journey. Maybe it’s a family member, a good friend, a lover or someone you’ve never even met in person, someone you’re exchanging e-mails with and inspires you.

For a while now I’ve been on a journey of changing quite a few things and so far I couldn’t make the biggest changes I need, but I’m still going forward and that’s what matters right now!

2009, February 2

Jon & Kate Plus 8


Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ght

Sadly, there are many people impersonating them, making up websites, forums, blogs, etc. and a lot who are saying mean things, who critique every single thing Jon and Kate do, and other things like this. I guess it comes with being on TV, but it’s sad that some people don’t have anything better to do than to make other people’s lives harder than it already is… We have to keep in mind that they only show a portion of the children’s lives, the producers are the ones who have to edit the footage and prepare what they think will be the most entertaining.
Also I am quite sure that if given the chance anyone would do a show and accept all the free trips and gifts given to them. How many people are out there who never went on a trip because of the lack of money? Get my point?
Living alone is hard too, a family doesn’t live exactly easy eighter, and kids are very expensive to bring up… so just multiply that with 8 in this case :)

Here’s a clip about Jon and Kate plus their 8 wonderful kids: Cara, Mady, Hannah, Collin, Alexis, Joel, Leah and Aaden.

If you’re interested for more, visit: Jon & Kate plus ei8ght on TLC, or The Gosseling 10 (which I think is their real site)

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