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2013, October 7

How to prolong the life of your cut flowers


One of the very first things I’ve learned when I started working at a flower shop (by now, so many years ago) is that cut flowers’ lives can be prolonged.

There are small packets of flower-food people can purchase and add them to the water when placing flowers in vases, or I’ve heard crushed Aspirin, tiny spoonfuls of sugar or a droplet of bleach also help. I’m not really a fan of these however.

In my experience the most effective thing one can do is wash the vases well, change the water in them every single day, cut the stems diagonally, and a little bit more each day when changing the water.
This is why flower arrangements in floral foam (which aren’t tall) last for such a long time.



What about when flowers in a bouquet start fading at different rates? Simple: rearrange. :)

First off, take the flowers which appear less affected and cut the stems to half, then place them in a smaller vase and treat them as before the bouquet was pulled apart.


Second, take the more affected flowers (or when you notice fading again) and do the same exact thing. A “baby” vase looks just as pretty as a vase with tall flowers in it!



Third, one of my favorites, floating flower heads:
What I found is that when flowers such as Gerberas, Lilies and Daisies for example are fading, you can prolong their life if the stem is cut even shorter than short.
You should cut the stem as close to the flower head as possible and arrange them so as to make a bowl of floating flower heads.
I have two champagne glasses (the old, wide type ones from my grandmother’s) which are lonesome, their sets broken years ago. I add water and place my flower’s heads in those. Or in round bowls – glass, clay, whatever you have on hand works.
The end result looks really pretty when your arrangement is placed on a table as a center piece or where ever you have a place for them, and your flowers will live so much longer than they would in a simple vase.

page bowl and glasses of flowers


Do You have any tips that have worked for you and prolonged the life of your cut flowers?

2012, October 17

Getting the boot to fit one’s garden

While on one of the road trips we took over the summer, I bought a sweet little potted Hypoesthesia. I love it so much, especially cause it’s so colorful and deserving of the informal name of Polka Dot Plant ;)

For a while it stood in its pot next to my other plants – but I had plans for it! As soon as I got a little bit more time on my hands, I repotted it. Why is that such a big deal, you might ask? Because I repotted it into an old rubber boot.

Want to know how I did it? It was really easy!

page boot prep 

page boot plant pot

Repotting into a rubber boot

I used one of my grandma’s old rubber boots (I’ll use its pair for another plant in the Spring).

First I washed it well.

Then, I made tiny holes in the sides of the boot, near the outsole.

I added some rocks to make sure it was heavy on the bottom and won’t tip over in heavier wind; filled the instep with the rocks.

The boot had some lining and padding, so as not to have it unnecessarily steal water from the plant, I decided to recycle an old soda bottle. I cut off the soda bottle’s top, stuck it upside down into the boot, then marked it and cut off the excess.

Filled the bottle inside the boot with plant soil, then repotted my Hypoesthesia.

For the final touch, I watered it well, until the water started pouring out through the holes near the outsole; to make sure the soil was well drenched in water.

After that, I placed it next to my other plants and not it proudly stands out among them ;)

Happy gardening! ;)

2010, July 1

May you have a colorful day!

Lately my interests are focusing more on tracking the degree in which flowers are blooming. Spring is gone, summer is here and I’m most happy when the sun is shining, shining increasingly more every day.

I love that on most nights we can leave the window open until around 3 AM and it still isn’t cold outside.

How’s the weather where you live?


Breathe in summer with all its beauty :)

S7005521 S7005520


S7005153 S7005121-1

May you have a blooming summer and a colorful day!

2009, October 3

Beautiful living – by Estrella Azul

Practically living among hundreds of flowers and bringing joy and smiles to people’s faces – more often without even knowing it for sure.

A simple lady, who dreamed of a job like this ever since she was a little girl and if she had to choose between this and other jobs, she’d certainly choose this one over and over again.

This being: a floral artist.

What can be more beautiful than being surrounded by flowers, by that multitude of color and scents all day long until you flick off the lights and close the shop?
Almost every person who goes in the shop envies her, but not one of them thinks about the hardness of it.

No one realizes that being a floral artist doesn’t mean just sitting on a chair enjoying the beauty around you and selling the flowers.
Making bouquets, arrangements require lots of knowledge, special skills and even more talent.
It’s not as easy at it seems.
Flowers don’t stay beautiful on their own and don’t take care of themselves.

On most days she doesn’t get a break from the moment she arrives to work until she gets home.

Still, she wouldn’t be telling the truth if she told anyone that her job is a burden and that she doesn’t enjoy every minute of it.

It was and is one of the most beautiful ways of making a living.

Based on a true story.

2009, September 11

Flowers… no other words necessary

On the day they celebrated their 9 years of marriage he sent her a bouquet of 9 roses as a testament to all the beautiful things during that time.

A surprise. A very simple gesture which matters so much.

She is one of my best friends, and when she came up the stairs with the magnificent bouquet in her arms, she had on one of the most happy smiles I ever saw.

No expensive jewelry, no new car keys, just a bouquet of roses.

Most of the time the simplest of gestures turn into the most meaningful, appreciated and happy moments in our lives.

A bouquet says a thousand words because it’s proof that someone thought of, remembered or simply wanted to show us their feelings.



Most of the time flowers say it all!

No other words necessary…

2009, August 30

Tips on sending flowers – even if you’re worlds apart

imageloadNo matter what your reason might be, a flower bouquet, an arrangement, a gift can send ones love, thoughts and caring warmth in a pleasant way. 
Here are my 2 quick tips for sending flowers to someone, even if you’re worlds apart. You just have to choose the floral bouquet that you like and with some clicks you can send it anywhere in the world!

  1. Interflora – it’s the world’s largest and most popular flower delivery network. It can help you hand-deliver your floral message anywhere in the country and everywhere in the world!
    On their site, you’ll be able to design your own bouquets, pick something from the catalog or ask the florists for suggestions.
    I suggested this because I have worked with them, they’re very good, professionals.
  2. Or – you could contact directly the local florist in the vicinity of where you want to send flowers to (use Google search), and since most of the flower shops nowadays provide the option of ordering and paying online, arrange delivery with them.

2009, August 16

Orchids and love

When feeling down, the little things/gestures matter most. Like a hug, kisses, a flower coming from someone who loves you to try help you forget, even for a second, all your troubles. It works and it’s the most appreciated kind of help :)

Thank you Sweetheart for the beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid! I love you!

page phalaenopsis

Anyone else interested can find some good tips about caring for a Phalaenopsis Orchid on (and lots of other types of Orchid care tips too).

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