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2009, November 26

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #11

This funny pear of wisdom dates back to when our female roommate (who teaches history in some God forgotten village) was reading something out loud in her room. I was quite surprised… she can’t read continuously. I would’ve been ashamed to read like her, like a bad record player (remember those?) :P

After looking at me with the face of a little kid at Christmas my fiancé said:

pearls of wisdom no 6

2009, November 4

Pop Art and Funny Pearl of Wisdom #11

Given that I’m very busy today cleaning up my virtual space, copying/moving things from folder to folder/partition to partition/PC to laptop, analyzing thoroughly what I do or don’t need any more, deleting stuff… I kinda… didn’t prepare a post for today.

Luckily for me, Karen (I must say “Happy Birthday!” to her again with this opportunity) decided to include one of my pop art I made of her photo a while back and also tell the world how much she liked my Halloween short story and something I said/wrote to her in an e-mail.

So here it is, my pop art and personal funny pearl of wisdom over at Karen Schindler’s Miscellaneous Yammering.

Thank you again Karen, especially for being my friend and an amazing role model to look up to!

Kisses and hugs!

2009, October 29

Why you should be alone in these situations

A few weeks ago my fiancé was testing his microphone after installing the Windows Voice Recognition program right in front of me, making me laugh ‘till tears.

Somehow I managed to type the funniest ones, so here they are, hope you have a laugh too! ;)

“wait. don’t laugh. I’m just testing the microphone. I mean never mind, you’re going to laugh anyway… just saw the sentence I have to read out loud.”

“one, two. two! two two two! two already! not to, two!”

“press see. press see as in cat. press c.”

“say enter. oh… enter”

“next. next! start.”

“down. down! scroll down.”

"I love my bunny" (turns to me and says what the pc wrote: "I love my body…")

"love. L L! L as in load. L!" PC constantly writes "nove, N, N"

"insert. send. send! enter"

“inbox.” error so says “close.” program closes the whole window. don’t close that…

"stop listening.” says something to me, turns back to the monitor and find his sentence written “delete that." don’t write delete that… "stop listening! stop listening. cancel" finally…

This definitely is among the reasons you should be alone in situations like this if you don’t want anyone to publish your pearls :P

Many times, he sounded like Steve Martin in The Pink Panther when learning the famous phrase: “I want to buy a dahmbehrgerr, ehenber, embebber, ömbögarrrr, damburger”

I can’t get enough of this video!

2009, October 11

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #10

This funny pearl of wisdom dates back to one night when, after strategically placing a scented incense on the ashtray used by the roommate studying for exams, the girl asked if she should also leave a note saying “Please light this when you start smoking.”

The guy, with a totally straight face, answered:

pearls of wisdom no 10

Next night they left a note.

2009, September 21

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #9

This pearl of wisdom I read on Karen’s blog and thought it’s definitely worth sharing to an even wider crowd ;)

I’ve giggled for quite a while after reading it :)

pearl karen

2009, September 7

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #8

This Funny Pearl of Wisdom dates back to when I was still a child and I went with my mother to buy the tickets for the play we were going to watch in the Theatre (also with my grandparents and a friend of theirs).

ticket buying 

The ticket seller was laughing her head off and my mother turned red…

This Pearl is the display of love and affection one wants from their mother, daughter and friend :P

2009, July 10

You made me laugh! aka Funny Pearls of Wisdom! #5 to #7

It amazes me how many things people are preoccupied with most of their time, what they actually search for on WordPress… and get to MY blog by doing so. They’re extended to a few months back :P Even for such an informative blog like mine (apparently), it’s not on a daily basis that I get to read search terms this funny. Anyway, here’s the top 3 that made me laugh my head off (and next to them my thoughts while reading them):

  1. quotes with "blood" or "heart" in them (I can understand that, it’s the same thing)
  2. tips for sex change (my hat off to you for at least searching for tips before the main event)
  3. wedding jitters decision (so it’s finally clear: it’s a decision you make. Silly me, how could I not know that?)

My personal favorite is the 2nd. But thanks to all you guys, for the laughs! You’ve made my existence in the blogosphere so much more fun. I really hope you’ve found what you were looking for =))

Which one’s your favorite? And in case you have a blog, what was the funniest search term you’ve noticed? :)

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