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2010, November 9

Handmade Chair Leg Booties

I haven’t personally made the socks from the photos (they were a gift), but after using them in the room on hard wood floors I’m very pleased of how well they protect it. Plus, they’re so cute and easy enough to hand make; thought I’d share the idea with you guys too :)


Handmade Chair Leg Booties

Cut two round pieces of fabric the size of the chair foot plus 3-4 inches. Hem the circle by folding fabric under a quarter inch then once again. Stitch around the hem. Insert a thin elastic or ribbon through the hem.

Cut a half sized piece of leather than your original pieces (or carpeting) and sew it unto the bottom of the bootie for further protection and durability.

Place the chair foot in the center of the fabric circle and draw up the elastic or ribbon. Secure and your chairs are cuter by the second :)

Optionally, if you have uneven floors or chair legs, use a small scrap of carpeting or quilt padding and place it under the chair leg before the chair leg bootie is attached. It’s unnoticeable and your chair won’t waddle any more.

Happy crafting ;)

2010, September 27

Handmade Newspaper Gift Bag

For this week’s tutorial, hope you won’t mind that I’ll share one I found a few weeks ago.

Since we have tons of old newspapers (especially my grandparents) it seems like the perfect bag to place my plaster crafts for a client’s order. Plus I had so much fun making the following handmade newspaper gift bag!


Happy crafting ;)

2009, December 6

Christmas gift bags

Because most gift wrapping papers are not recyclable (nor reusable after people tear them when opening gifts) this year I thought I’d try a different approach: making and using cloth gift bags.

I considered this idea since they are much easier to re-use (also they won’t cost money when you re-use them next year) and they look great, aside from saving you from all the hassle of complicatedly wrapping the presents in the first place!

My mom and I have picked out two beautiful designs.

As much as I’d love to be able to sew them on my own (you’d think I’d have it in my genes, passed down from my grandmother who sews clothes, etc. for herself/the family/friends every day) I’m just terrible at it, so I cut them to the appropriate sizes and had my grandmother sew the margins together.

Here’s what they look like: very cute and festive while environmentally friendly!


Can’t wait to open them on Christmas!

PS: you can also buy cloth gift bags in stores, just keep in mind –> with the amount of money you spend on them you can buy the fabric and make or have made at least 4 big bags.

Later update: You can also find my post about the “Autumn window decorations” right here on

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