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2011, December 2

Winter’s miracles – by Estrella Azul


The smallest snow flakes
Delicately rest on leaves –
Tiny miracles

2011, June 17

Stillness – by Estrella Azul

2011-06-07 20.21.13

"Through a lens I glance
At the beauty around me –
Capturing stillness"


Loved the natural artsy light/shadows effect coming through our new window after closing the curtains for the first time.

The above haiku was inspired by this photograph and Kevin J. Mackey (who just published his amazing haiku collection – if you haven’t already purchased your copy: What are you waiting for?).

2010, September 17

Letting loose the little kid inside ;)

Found this poetry idea engine through Savvy Verse & Wit. It’s a great way for kids to learn about poetry while playing, and, ummm… letting loose the little kid inside myself, here’s what I came up with.

It was fun! ;)


Haiku: For hope

Starfish growing legs,
Soon they will be leaping out
Jumping up for hope.


Limerick: Chuckling giraffe

There once was a grumpy giraffe
Who hadn’t chuckled since he was a calf.
But one morn a bunny
Said a story so funny,
So he finally enjoyed a good laugh.


Cinquain: Torrid desert

Intensely stark
Sand dunes stir daily
To elude the sun, but at night


Free verse: Playful

Letting loose
the little kid inside,
You may find you’re not
as unplayful as you thought.

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