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2017, February 24

From ruins to beautiful, functioning museum

Remember those days when we didn’t have digital cameras? One would go visit a beautiful place, and take a mere ten or so photographs, half of which turned out blurry after developing them, and we were still content?
Well, I am infinitely happier now with my digital camera, than I was in 2005 with the old one.

Because this way, I could take those few old photographs of the Castle of Diósgyőr and compare them to the times I visited again in 2010 and 2015! The castle’s restoration during this time period makes these pictures even more precious to me.

Want to see the difference? Head on over to Milliver’s Travels, where my travel article “The Castle of Diósgyőr’s road to restoration” is ready for your viewing pleasure.

2017, January 27

Every five years, my roads led to Miskolc

As I state in the opening line of my latest travel article, Visiting Miskolc, Hungary during the winter holidays, I first visited Miskolc in 2005, and it just so happened that I re-visited this city in Hungary every five years after that.

Head on over to Milliver’s Travels and find out what it is that kept me going back! Even if shudder you don’t find my reasons interesting, the photos are well worth the time and mouse click ;)

2016, September 26

If you only have three days in Debrecen

A couple of years ago, I’ve talked about walking with my friends and admiring the flower floats that participated in the St. Stephen’s Day parade in Debrecen.

This week, I have a new travel article up on Milliver’s Travels, about my three days exploring the city of Debrecen. I think that if one only has three days to visit that city, the places I mention are well worth taking a look at.
Stop by to read about them, and see the pretty pictures of the quaint city, its parks and gardens, botanical garden and zoo!

2016, August 29

A mix of places to visit in Hungary

Lately I’ve been thinking about travel a lot and, given our recent trip to Budapest, of past travels. So I’ve written about another older trip, this time about a trip I took alone. It was just what I needed back then!

Head over to Milliver’s Travels to read my article, “Places worth visiting in Northern Hungary”I’ll see you there!

2016, August 26

Six reasons to smile in August

This month was interesting. I finally broke down and bought a year-round vignette (road tax) instead of the usual week-long one I got every time we decided to take a road trip. It’s good to do the math sometimes ;)

I quite like how these “six reasons” posts have turned into my little “highlights of the month” posts. Because I mostly write about certain topics, DIY, or recipes, etc. which cross my mind at any given time, I feel that I have lost touch a little with this more personal side of blogging these past couple of years. Hence, my previous blog post.

August was long-awaited! I was most excited because after a looong time (six years, to be exact) I finally went on a trip longer than four days. My boyfriend liked Hungary so much, that we decided to go back in the summer as well, and spent 6 nights there. I made the reservations back in January!!! Expect my Budapest-themed travel articles over at Milliver’s Travels in the near future.

It was such a great vacation! We visited Budapest, walked all day long every single day we were there, and since we traveled by car we even visited a few cities near Budapest, and took a day trip to Bratislava as well.

Trust me when I say, it was extremely hard to choose only six pictures to share what made me smile this month!

Here are the reasons I smiled in August:

page 2016 summer vacation

The cities shown above are, from left to right then downwards:
Budapest, Győr and Esztergom,
Szentendre, Debrecen and Bratislava.

Did you smile a lot this month? What were your reasons? In case you’ve also captured them on camera, I’d love to see!

2016, July 1

A froggy story

Back in 2010 while visiting my friend Csilla who lives in the countryside in Hungary, she let me know that they have frogs in the garden. I just had to find some and take photos, knowing a friend of mine would really like an e-mail with them :) And so I did, on my third day there. They were so little, only one inches or even smaller.
But little did I know that I’d get to take another photo, and get very close and personal with a froggy.


One morning, as I stood over my suit case, searching for something to wear around the house that I wouldn’t mind getting dirty from her dogs jumping on me after it had rained, I heard a noise. A very weird noise!
I looked around, but couldn’t see anything.
Then the noise came from a roll of plastic sheets my friends have used for construction, a few meters of it had remained plopped in a corner of the previously unused guest room. I looked that way, but there was nothing there. So I went on with my clothes search.


When I looked up again though, I saw it: my visitor!
One tiny frog in the opposite side of the room, looking for a way out. That was what made the noise on the plastic, but got away before I could see it earlier.
I was wondering how it got inside as the doors were closed. But then I remembered: the other day I myself took a photo of a frog going up the wall!


It must have come up on the wall, jumped in through the bathroom window and my room’s door was open, because I didn’t want to make too much noise when I went outside before my friends woke up in the morning :)
I searched for a container to put on top of it, slid a paper under and took it outside, away from the dog’s reach.


However, to this day I’m amazed how those tiny little guys can climb a wall like that!


2014, February 15

An event that truly touched my little floral artist heart

Something one has always wanted to see, in real life, gets erased from your list. Life happens. Plans get derailed.
Want to know how you can make up for missing a world-famous Flower Festival?

Drop by Milliver’s Travels and read my travel article to find out how I was Making up for missing the Debrecen world-famous Flower Festival a couple of years ago; and by reading it, you’ll make up for missing it, too.

Hope it’ll convince you to drop everything and come visit Debrecen (and me?) this August.

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