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2017, December 15

Broke the BF ice skating

To the question “What have you been up to last ice skating season?”, the answer is “I broke the BF.”

He was already off from work, while I would be off starting two days later. However, I figured taking a break and going with the BF to run an errand, we could stop at the ice rink together. He liked the idea.

We were on the ice for about 15 minutes. He fell a couple of times, but was fine. Then I turned around for a minute, and he fell again, hitting his head.
He was fine, nothing major… but to this day, and probably until his last day on Earth, has a scar from the cut he got next to his right eyebrow.
It bled a bit back then, because of the sensitive area it is in, but hasn’t swollen, which was good. He kept saying that I should go skate more, he’s fine, and I kept saying “No, we really need to go sit you down. Besides, you might scare the children skating around us!” I am not even kidding – a mob of children have gathered around him in no time asking what happened and if there were any gory details to it…
I know logically it’s a natural thing to fall on ice, and he’s still being cute making jokes about it and not blaming me or anything, but oh well.

I haven’t asked him to come with me again after that day. Nor did I ask anyone else. I went alone, one session almost every week of the season.

This season? I’m going alone still! We’ll just have squash, hiking and cycling as sports activities to do together.

2017, March 17

A successful ice skating season

The ice skating season here in my city of Cluj-Napoca has closed on the 28th of February. I realized I never really talked about it while it was ongoing, so given I’m also at a loss for any other blog post idea, well, here we go ;)

I have my own skates, bought them a few years ago when I started going to the rink. They’re 10 Lei to rent, so when I was sure I’d be going more than three times during that winter, I decided to buy my own. A pair of ice skates cost 100 Lei back then (they’re about 75 Lei now, prices have dropped a bit), so it was and still is better/cheaper, and to me more reliable since I have small feet, to buy them.

The season opened on the 18th of November 2016. At first, it was a bit hard to convince myself to go all by myself.
The plan I stuck to was to go every Wednesday evening, because my BF works until 7pm that day every week.
If he also had soccer games, I’d just walk through the parking lot and get on a bus toward home,or if soccer falls through, he could come pick me up from the rink without having to wait a lot until I got out at 7:30pm.
I am proud to say I stuck to that schedule! There were only three or four times I missed due to being on holiday, and when it was -3 F or lower over here.

After asking a friend if she wanted to come with me on a Wednesday and she replied with “I’m going skating tomorrow with colleagues from 4pm”, I was pretty annoyed and forced myself to dress accordingly in the morning, and take my skates with me to work, so I wouldn’t chicken out of going alone.
(The reply above annoyed me because of its phrasing, not because of my invitation being turned down.)

So that first Wednesday, I got off work at 5pm, my fingers felt like they were about to freeze off because I forgot my gloves so I stopped to buy new gloves and then I was on my way to the rink!
The admission was in between 6-7:30pm, but I only arrived around 6:20 due to my little detour.
The rink wasn’t packed, so there was more than enough room to skate and there were many kids, but 80% of them knew how to skate better than I do, so I didn’t have to keep avoiding possible accidents.

I wasn’t even too sore the following day! (Probably helps that since the summer I started walking more again, then running, and going to the gym once it got chilly outside.) I didn’t have to stop too many times. I also didn’t have to keep the same pace as anyone I would’ve gone with, which was cool. By the time the hours were up, I even picked up more speed.

The important thing is that the above mentioned rejection forced me to go alone, and I had an awesome time. I didn’t even think to ask anyone if they wanted to come with me, for the rest of the season.
Definitely a lesson learned: stop waiting for other people when you want to do something you love!

Here’s to many more ice skating outings next season!!!

2012, January 9

In time… As cliché as it may sound, actually works

“Sometimes there are no words. No words to describe what we feel, and no words that could truly comfort us.”

It’s the second time around that I’ve started a blog post with these words. These are the beginning sentences of one of my love letters I volunteered to write back in December. And I still believe every single one of the above words.

I won’t share the whole letter with you, but it was along the lines of the, by now cliché, “time will heal all wounds”.
Because as much as I wanted to find some amazing new formula or tips for doing X, Y, Z and one’s grief will magically dissipate… I wasn’t able to. I think I did find a fresh way of comforting my letter’s recipient, but the message behind my words was still “in time…”.
Writing this particular letter has actually helped me deal with my own grief. I felt much lighter after finishing and sending it along, as if I’d found a new way that worked for me as grief-release.

What I didn’t expect was being struck by realization (or rather thrown to the ice and being demanded that I pay attention) weeks later.

The Chef finally convinced me to go ice skating. I haven’t done so ever since I was around 8 years old.
Sure, I rollerblade very well, but was afraid of stepping onto the ice, knowing it would be very different from the dry-land version. I kept putting it off. And for good reason might I add, as my friends went ice skating right before Christmas, then New Year and I wanted to have all limbs intact for the holidays.
However, I had no more excuses for last week… And there I went.

A friend let me borrow her skates since she couldn’t make it, so I arrived at the ice skating rink, got equipped and stood around waiting. It wasn’t too bad, I could walk or stand and keep my balance without any problems.
We slowly progressed in the crowd towards the ice rink once it was cleaned and ready for use.
I stepped onto the ice and it felt so strange. The Chef held my hand tight and gave me a few pointers like “Bend your knees a bit more”, "Don’t be afraid" and reassured me “It’ll be alright” – and I let go.

I let go of all the fear and anxiousness I’ve managed to gather up until that point. And it all went well.
We skated for two laps holding hands, and then I let go of the Chef’s hand, and skated on my own.
It felt so good! Not to mention how happy I was that no one had to stick around and teach me very slowly how to ice skate.
I only held the Chef’s hand again at times when I wanted to gain more speed.
Then I sometimes let go of his hand even then.

I leapt and the net appeared, even if only figuratively speaking.

During the whole time, I kept thinking of the person who has taught me how to ice skate some 16 years ago. I mentioned it to the Chef.

About fifteen minutes before our time on the rink was up however, my skate’s toe picks made me trip up in a place the ice was overused/had some holes made by people previously jumping there.
Naturally, I fell. It hurt. (My hip and knee were blue/purple/black within the hour.)
But I got right back up, brushed the ice off of my clothes and was on my way a couple of minutes after the event.

But in that moment, when my body hit the ice, when, even though it felt like eternity, I quickly brought my hands near me and proceeded to pick myself up – I could see it.

I could clearly recall the very first time I ice skated.
I could clearly recall the very first time I fell when I was 8 years old and my uncle was right there next to me, right there to pick me up quickly.
When he didn’t give me any time to think past being on the ice one second and being upright the next.
When he kissed me and held my hand for a little while longer before letting it go again as I skated some more.

And I felt it. I felt some of my grief being relieved.
I felt like he could see me, like he was right there next to me again so I wouldn’t get blocked and scared.
I felt like he would be proud of me.
I felt like I was connected with him in a way that absolutely nothing can ever diminish.
Not even death.

I’m going ice skating again this evening. And I will try to pay more attention.
But I know He’ll be watching, ready to help me get right back up in case I fall again.

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