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2012, October 31

Happy Halloween & some other thoughts

Happy Halloween everyone!

People don’t really celebrate it here in Romania, but whatever. Why should that stop me from carving a pumpkin for October 31st?

So here’s the masterpiece the Chef and I made this Monday.

IMG_7459-1 IMG_7466-1 


I think, yes, one can write for themselves and only for themselves, with absolutely no thought or desire to be read by anyone.

(Even if that also means my 8th grade journal, which I hid for years before throwing it out with my own two hands, with all its pages shredded.)


Starting Saturday, I have a new job.

I sent in my CV for a different position and ended up being interviewed for this one. Sales representative and home design advisor at a curtain and textiles shop. I’m nervous. I only have a year of interior design in the background for this and I haven’t worked in sales since 2008. However, I have a good feeling about this!

Thank you for everyone’s encouraging FB likes and comments on the day of the interview (and upon announcing that I got the job.) *hugs everyone*


The above statement also means much, much less internet time and severely fewer free days. So I’ve decided to cut back on blogging, until I get into the hang of things at the new job.

Starting next Monday, I’ll be posting one blog post per week. Occasionally there will be more, when I have travel articles and other good news; plus a recipe of the month on a Sunday.

Also, for tomorrow I’ve already signed up for Mindful Writing Day. Really looking forward to writing my small stone. And I think I’ll share here on the blog.

Other than that, I’ll see you here every Monday!

2010, November 11

What do you do for a living?

Until I started, when someone asked if I was working and I answered no, I felt terribly guilty.
I could hear them judgingly thinking: “Why isn’t she’s working? Unbelievable.” But I was ok, I didn’t really care, I hid behind classes and courses, which, between you and me, were virtually non-existent, with easy courses in a few weekends a year without too many exams.

Instead now, when the same question gets asked and I answer: “I’m a floral artist. I have my own crafting business. And, well I also tutor English. (And I write flash fiction and poems in English.)” I don’t feel guilty, but downright embarrassed.
I can see myself labeled and shoved into the same pot as “losers” who aren’t able to find a job in their field, fitting their training and education, or even a job where you can sit down from time to time, and have the only required exercise of bowing to clients.

I think that any job where you have to deal directly with the customer, a customer who automatically is on a higher rank because “I don’t like what you have here, I want you to make me something else” is a job where your value is determined strictly by the degree of kindness that you are willing to offer. And yes, especially on days when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I don’t have too much courtesy. Yet I’m still kind and patient despite everything thrown at me, while I just feel like running towards a more “noble” job, where you only have to sit at a desk all day long and think instead of sweating over hand making something quickly.
I would like to be paid for what I think (or even for my writing someday), and not for how quickly I can move my hands. And though this business can seem so dreamy and calm and relaxing and involving tons of creativity, I’m guessing that most of the world couldn’t care less about my/our creativity. We’re here to make the customer’s creativity reality, which more often than not is questionable, because in some people’s opinion you can mix red with yellow and orange, purple, green and white with pink and I know how many decorative birds and ribbons and hearts and butterflies and still end up with something nice.
And yes, the reply I heard most often to the question “Wouldn’t you like any of the bouquets already made?” was: “No, I want something more spectacular, more interesting. Make me a bouquet of three roses.” (red of course). And that’s even without mentioning those customers who don’t even ask “I’d like you to make a such and such bunch of flowers” but who say “I want to make a bunch so and so”.

Perhaps it’s not quite so bad as it seemed to me at the moment, and yes, I should be happy that I even have jobs, with the financial crisis and wages cuts and everything else going all wrong. But I sometimes feel all sad and I can not find a tangible reason, the rain doesn’t seem to stop washing me of everything; thoughts, ideas and especially the joy of the holidays that are getting closer with each passing day.

So… I’m waiting for sunnier days (in a lovely place (more on that to come)).

And Christmas! :)

2009, November 6

You never forget your first – by Estrella Azul

They say you never forget your first… it’s so true!

I sit here at my notebook now and still remember like it was only minutes ago that I was there, dressed up in a red form fitted shirt, my favorite mini skirt and high heels.


My boss’ sentence “Good luck with your first client and your future working career” rang in my head throughout the weekend before going in to work that day.

I wanted to relax, but felt more nervous with every minute that went past, I looked at my clock numerous times, anxiety was taking over as I thought of what was about to happen for the very first time.

I now know for sure I was compared to other girls, but back then I only thought about how I wouldn’t be able to perform like I wanted, about what it would mean for me, what to expect emotionally and physically, that it may hurt me in ways I haven’t even imagined before.


He came in, calmly looked around the space then determinedly looked at me.

My heart beat like crazy in all it’s madness as I saw him come towards me, but he wasn’t nervous.

He already made up his mind and knew exactly what he wanted.

And I wanted him to think that I was good at it, I wanted to meet his standards.


This evergreen phrase has been reminded to me countlessly while I was still in training: “Our client is our master.”

I was taught to wear practical clothes that would come off and could be put back on quickly enough in heated situations so the client wouldn’t have to wait for too long, discreet so I won’t attract too much attention, care in revealing things about myself to my co-workers and clients, knowing that my words and behavior will attract different sorts of reactions from them and affect how they treat me in return.

I was afraid about times when a client could be overly infatuated by me, I already thought of how I wouldn’t lead him on and help him see reality before things get out of hand.

It was going to be a totally new experience, but I knew it would be made easier by all the information I got throughout the training period, confidence and also the client’s support.


After saying hello to him, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and asked how I could please him.

He looked at me deeply and attentively, and when he started talking everything seemed unreal.
He asked for something incomprehensible to me and I had to think for a second before knowing how to respond, without making him feel unattended.

I still remember his words so clearly in my head:

“Hello. Nice flower shop. I would like to buy a plant for my car!”

2009, October 3

Beautiful living – by Estrella Azul

Practically living among hundreds of flowers and bringing joy and smiles to people’s faces – more often without even knowing it for sure.

A simple lady, who dreamed of a job like this ever since she was a little girl and if she had to choose between this and other jobs, she’d certainly choose this one over and over again.

This being: a floral artist.

What can be more beautiful than being surrounded by flowers, by that multitude of color and scents all day long until you flick off the lights and close the shop?
Almost every person who goes in the shop envies her, but not one of them thinks about the hardness of it.

No one realizes that being a floral artist doesn’t mean just sitting on a chair enjoying the beauty around you and selling the flowers.
Making bouquets, arrangements require lots of knowledge, special skills and even more talent.
It’s not as easy at it seems.
Flowers don’t stay beautiful on their own and don’t take care of themselves.

On most days she doesn’t get a break from the moment she arrives to work until she gets home.

Still, she wouldn’t be telling the truth if she told anyone that her job is a burden and that she doesn’t enjoy every minute of it.

It was and is one of the most beautiful ways of making a living.

Based on a true story.

2008, June 4

The importance of a pice of paper

” True genius comes from what’s in your heart, not from what a piece of paper hanging on the wall tells you… The people who love you the most tell you this every day. “

I heard this in a movie, “A class of his own” it’s called. It’s about a guy who quit school, and ended up as school custodian and it’s a shock but he loves his job. It’s the best thing that happened to him, he likes the students there and the students love him, they are best friends. The school somehow finds out he doesn’t have a diploma, and tell him to get the GED or he’ll lose his job. He then manages to learn a lot, with the help of his wife, teacher friends and his student friends and their parents too, everyone helps as they can. Finally he gets his job back even if he doesn’t pass the tests, because the parents sent a looooooooooot of letters to the administration, school board, etc everywhere where it could hepl, and it does! In the end, he goes one last time, just for him, and he passes :)

I don’t know if you liked the story, as a movie it’s better then how I told it :P And getting back to the quotation from the beginning… I think it’s nice, and specially very very true! When we meet with someone and get into a conversation, and begin to know him, we don’t need him to have a college diploma. Because a diploma doesn’t make anyone a better person, there is no guarantee that a genius or anyone with high education won’t hurt you, make a fool out of you, that he’ll respect, care for you,love you or anything like this… it’s as simple as the quote said :)

I know nobody reads this, but what do you think about the quote my dear imaginary readers? :P

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