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2010, April 28

Guest post by Karen Schindler for National Poetry Month

ntl-poetry-button_purpleToday, as a part of the National Poetry Month Blog Tour 2010, I have the distinct pleasure of featuring a guest post by my dearest friend and my mentor, Karen Schindler. 

I was anxiously waiting for her reply and just as well that her response to my invitation to visit with me on Life’s a stage – WebBlog came in the form of an email and not Skype with sound and vision cause as soon as I read it, I jumped up screaming in excitement (and scared one of my cats)!

I will forever be grateful for all of Karen’s help and guidance, for being such an amazing, supportive friend, and thought this might be a good way to show her how important she is to me and try to make up at least a bit for everything she has done for me!

Now, without further ado, meet Karen Schindler
*insert cheers and applause here* ;)


dancing queen Karen Schindler hosts Miscellaneous Yammering, is the managing editor of Pow Fast Flash Fiction and edits other people’s work for a living.
When she’s not writing she goes out into the world and has adventures so she can write about them.
Odd things happen to her and she seems to attract aliens and woodland creatures. She takes all this in stride and smiles a lot.
I mean a lot. Sometimes it’s quite unnerving how much she smiles…..

Karen has been published online in  VoxPoetica, Eclectic Flash, WeirdYear, Flashes in the Dark, InkNode, Blink/InkNegative Suck , 52 stitches and in various print publications including Art Around the World Poetry and Pill Hill Press.

~ ~ ~

"A poet is a man who manages, in a lifetime of standing out in thunderstorms, to be struck by lightning five or six times."
— Randall Jarell


I don’t write traditional poetry, and I never write structured poems. I sometimes appreciate poetry that is structured, ideas that have been made to fit into rigid guidelines of length and rhythm, but since I don’t even like to be led when I dance, I tend to write my own poetry free form.

When I read something that speaks to me I feel connected to the person who wrote it. Even if it’s just for a moment. For that moment they touched my heart or my mind and got me to feel the emotions that they felt when they wrote the piece. I think that is what poetry is all about. Touching another person.

Estrella asked me what motivated me to write poetry, which pieces I’m most proud of and when I first decided that I was a poet.

The poetry that I’ve written that I like best is work that deals with the human condition. And in my case, it’s my own human condition. Usually the subject matter is something that I’m grappling with to make sense of in my own mind. When I can boil an idea down to just a few words and put it into a poem it helps me to sort out how I feel. Summoning the courage to show my most intimate thoughts to people is the next hurdle.

I just recently started calling myself a poet. Prior to that I would demur and say that I was a writer who sometimes wrote small snapshots of life that could be considered poetry. I’ve been published online and people seem to like my work, but I still had a hard time calling myself a poet.

Then I had a poem published in a book of international poetry that is being sold to raise money for Greenpeace. So I guess now I can call myself a published poet.

Estrella asked me which of my current pieces made me make the biggest effort.

I have to say that Dispensable was the hardest poem to boil down to essentials and it was the one that made me take the most deep breaths to be able to push the “publish” button and share it with my readers at Miscellaneous Yammering. I don’t think that there has ever been a time in my life when I felt more naked, more vulnerable than I did by sharing my pain in a public forum. The great thing is that the piece seemed to be universally accessible to the people who read it. And surprisingly enough, their warm reception of the piece and the fact that they connected with it and by extension with me, really did lessen some of the pain behind the poem.

I think that poetry is an amazing place to dump angst. You can think about whatever is hurting you inside, boil it down to its barest essentials, nail the pain to the words and flush it out of your system by putting it into your art.

Writing is an awesome adventure and I feel so blessed that there are people willing to read my work.

Thanks to the very lovely Estrella Azul for inviting me, thanks to Serena at Savvy Verse and Wit for organizing the blog tour and thanks to everyone who stopped in to see me visiting in Romania.

[I hope I get to take home a tee shirt]

~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for accepting my invitation Karen, I saved this very special sparkly tee shirt with Minnie Mouse just for you!

2009, December 29

Responding to The Best of 2009 Challenge

Looking back on 2009, realizing it’s almost over I admit it’s been a wonderful, yet hard year with many good and bad memories altogether.

As I see more and more people tweeting about their best of 2009 blog challenge, I decided quite late that I’ll join in and share with you not a daily prompt (for the obvious reason: I don’t have 31 days for this anymore) but my list of all 31 bests.


The #best09 Prompts

1 Trip.
Odd as it may be, I didn’t go on a trip this year… I do miss it a lot, but it will happen next year.

2 Restaurant moment.
The best restaurant experience this year was definitely the one with Trang, Mark and my fiancé, they have all made it so very special from the beginning to the end. It was so much more of a mushy moment in the end because it was Trang and Mark’s last night in Kolozsvár.

3 Article. 
10 easy ways to get inspired and Becoming a writer –  A practical guide which were very helpful and made me realize, simple is always best, you don’t need complicated things to write or write about. Anything coming from the heart is best!

4 Book.
PS: I love you, by Cecelia Ahern is one of my favorites this year.

5 Night out.
That wonderful night when my Sweetheart proposed. One of the best moments in my life not only this year!

6 Workshop or conference.
I turned my room into my personal workshop and learned to craft a lot of things from the great hobby magazines I found online.

7 Blog find of the year.
I have two. Those gem of blogs I honestly can’t believe I didn’t know about earlier are Judy Clement Wall’s –
Zebra Sounds and Karen Schindler’s – Miscellaneous Yammering.
You should check them out, they’re amazing and quite addictive!

8 Moment of peace.
Looking out the window and watching the snowfall. Like I said before, there’s something so magical about a snowflake’s graceful simplicity, yet complicated and perfect design that always makes me happy and relaxed.

9 Challenge.
500 words a day challenge. For now it’s the 500 words a day, but I hope to slowly but steadily expand to the 1000 words a day challenge.

10 Album of the year.
Technically not one album, but aside from many mixed songs I listened mostly to all albums of Rebecca Lavelle and Westlife.

11 The best place.
The lake near the mall, I always loved that place and it became even more special after the proposal in the middle of the lake. *blushing, happy sigh*

12 New food.
Homemade Shaorma.

13 What’s the best change you made to the place you live?
All the decorations. And getting a new shelf, looks so much better than the old one not to mention it has more space. (I’m hoping to remodel my mom’s house, so that will be the best change for next year.)

14 Rush.
As dull as it may sound… baking. (just so I won’t admit to anything illegal…)

15 Best packaging.
I feel this is a trick prompt to make me admit to everyone my looove for cute packaging which can be virtually anything. (Oops… well anyway…) I especially like our Christmas present gift bags though because they’re homemade.

16 Tea of the year.
Elderberry tea with a teaspoon of honey. Great taste and very good to prevent/cure the sniffles.

17 Word or phrase. A word that encapsulates your year.
2009 was surprising (in many ways).

18 Shop.
The Hobby Shop where I bought a lot of things for my crafts.

19 Car ride.
The taxi ride home when taking my grandparent’s flower arrangement for their fiftieth wedding anniversary. The driver was a dear older gentlemen who got out of the car and opened the door for me, he knew the streets and shortcuts and got me home in a few minutes in spite of the distance, avoiding all the stop lights.

20 New person.
Well quite a few people, but since I can choose only one, I’ll have to say:
Karen (your friendly virtual editor, who is also the author of Miscellaneous Yammering I wrote about at prompt 7).
Aside from being an amazing friend, awe-inspiring person and one of the most talented writers I met, she inspired me most to start writing, does everything in her power to help me grow, give advice and I couldn’t imagine my life without her friendship!
I think her struggle and her blog posts show how everyone will get where they want to if they hang on long enough, and not give up.
(Huge melting hugs honey! Thank you for everything!)

21 Project.
Oh, well many things and I’m very excited about being able to make many things homemade from beauty products to crafts.

22 Startup.
In relation to prompt 21, I started selling some of the crafts I made before Christmas. It was a great idea, it’s special because I love doing crafts and it pays off. I’ll continue making them for other holidays and all year long.

23 Web tool.
Windows Live Writer! I love it and couldn’t imagine writing without it!

24 Learning experience.
There’s no need to do everything perfectly and it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone from time to time.

25 Gift.
I started making sure I eliminated all toxins from life and body, this paid off better than I expected helping me learn a lot of new things.

26 Insight or aha! moment.
When I finished my first flash fiction and saw my fiancé’s proud and surprised look, I realized I can be a writer, I do have what it takes.

27 Social web moment.
Finding the
#fridayflash group. An amazing group of writers who welcomed me with open arms and being an emerging writer I’m thrilled that they take the time to come by weekly, read my flash fiction and give their opinions, constructive criticism which I appreciate so much.

28 Stationery.
I like a few from yahoo mail and there’s this cool Diddl stationary I received, but I don’t really use stationeries.

29 Laugh.
Had quite a few laughs, and the ones I had with my fiancé stand out most.

30 Ad.
The ones advertising Earth Hour were my favorite.

31 Resolution you wish you’d stuck with.
Staying positive was hard but I’ve done okay with the rest of
my resolutions for 2009.


As I reflect on the list I just completed I can’t help but notice how much all the listed things have in common and how low maintenance I really am, getting all happy about a dinner with friends, listening to good music, letting go of some things and keeping what was best, finding my writer’s voice, getting a whole new way to look at the world, meeting amazing people through their blogs or in real life, being by my fiancé’s side sharing my life with him…

For me, it’s all about being happy with simple things that touch my heart in ways I never even suspected!

2009, November 4

Pop Art and Funny Pearl of Wisdom #11

Given that I’m very busy today cleaning up my virtual space, copying/moving things from folder to folder/partition to partition/PC to laptop, analyzing thoroughly what I do or don’t need any more, deleting stuff… I kinda… didn’t prepare a post for today.

Luckily for me, Karen (I must say “Happy Birthday!” to her again with this opportunity) decided to include one of my pop art I made of her photo a while back and also tell the world how much she liked my Halloween short story and something I said/wrote to her in an e-mail.

So here it is, my pop art and personal funny pearl of wisdom over at Karen Schindler’s Miscellaneous Yammering.

Thank you again Karen, especially for being my friend and an amazing role model to look up to!

Kisses and hugs!

2009, September 21

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #9

This pearl of wisdom I read on Karen’s blog and thought it’s definitely worth sharing to an even wider crowd ;)

I’ve giggled for quite a while after reading it :)

pearl karen

2009, September 5

The Island by Karen Schindler

I used to believe in the fairy tale romance. The happy ever after ending. But not anymore. Too many of my love affairs have ended in flames. And time after time as I sat ruminating in the hot lava and cooling magma of my hopes and dreams of true love I would vow never again to allow my heart to be turned to broken shards.

Three months ago I decided to buck the system and leave the dating pool. I decided I would turn myself to ice. I would be above it all. I would be like the Queen of England and surround myself with doting subjects so I could be FOR the people, but not need to be OF the people. I would wrap my dusty heart in a cocoon of independence and show the world that this chick didn’t need anything from anybody. She could roam the world free and be perfectly content.

So at the ripe old age of seventeen I hung up my lips.

I became stone, an island.

Now I spend my Saturday nights in the library researching mushroom forests and fairy rings.

It’s very rewarding.

And I’m learning a lot.

I just wish I could learn to be catlike. I read that in ancient Egypt they worshipped cats. Cat worship actually looks like fun. And it gives you a role model to aspire to. Cats are aloof and independent and they don’t need you for anything other than to open the can of tuna that they desire, but they’ll never thank you for doing it.

If I could just get to that feline perspective when it comes to love. The take it or leave it attitude that cats have.

But who am I kidding?

I’m a puppy. I like to have my belly rubbed. I like to be petted. I like to give and receive unconditional love and I want to jump up and lick my puppy friends on the face or anywhere else my fancy desires. I want warmth. I want that intangible something that when you feel it you know it.

You feel the juice connecting you to another being and you’re jazzed.

When you lay outside on a blanket with a new boyfriend and connect the dots on his arms with a pen, or make a wish with one of his stray eyelashes.

The rush of warmth when he tenderly pushes a lock of hair out of your eyes.

The flutter in your tummy when he looks at you and licks his lips just before he kisses you.

I want all that crap dammit.

And I don’t understand how to get it.

Maybe I just pick the wrong guys.

Or maybe it doesn’t come til later in life.

Or maybe it doesn’t exist. Maybe it’s an illusion, a slight of hand trick that the universe plays on us to keep us trying so the human race doesn’t die off.

I sat there on my cold hard chair in the nearly empty library thinking these thoughts.

That love doesn’t exist.

That romance is dead.

That good things only happen in hokey movies.

That all romance writers should die fiery deaths of horrible agony.

A single tear plopped onto the page in front of me.

“Are you ok?”

I looked up into the warm blue eyes of Jeremy. My best friend since second grade. He handed me a tissue and sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me tight to his side.

“I’ve been worried about you Cal, you haven’t been yourself lately.”

I blew my nose loudly and said nothing.

“I um, that is, I mean to say…..”

I looked at Jeremy and saw that he was flushed and sweating. His hair was matted onto his forehead and I could see the pulse point in his temple throbbing.

I wondered why the heck my normally animated talkative friend was so tongue tied.

Then I had a jolt of fear.

What if something was wrong with Jeremy?

“Jeremy? Are you all right? You don’t look good and you’re stammering and sweating. Is everything all right at home?”

“Yeah, fine. Just fine. It’s just that well….um….”

He dug around in his pocket for a minute and came up with an envelope. It was creased and bedraggled and had the initials BMG scrawled in his familiar handwriting in blue felt tip across the face.

“I wanted to ask you something.”

He squirmed around in his chair for a bit and then pulled away from me.

He stood up, paced around a minute and then came back and sat down.

“Cal, I know I’m not handsome and slick like the guys you usually date, and I know that what I’m about to do might wreck our friendship, but Cal, I have to do it cause I’m crazy about you and what I wanted to ask you is will you go to the blue man group with me tonight? I’ve had the tickets for a month but was too scared to ask you. So Cal, will you? Will you go?”

“You mean like a date?”

“Yes, I mean like a date. With hand holding and maybe a kiss goodnight at the end. Like that. Like a date like that.”

I looked at my friend.

I looked into his warm hopeful eyes.

I looked at his trembling hands as they crushed the envelope with the tickets.

“Jeremy, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

His eyes welled, he looked down at his hands, his hopes dashed, his dreams shattered.

I reached out with a trembling hand and tenderly lifted his chin so I could look at his sweet familiar face.

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard because I’m going to kiss you right now. You don’t have to wait til we say goodnight.”

As he smiled a blazing smile, brushed the hair out of my eyes, licked his lips and leaned in to meet my kiss a tiny voice in my head said

“Well, ok, maybe some of the romance writers can live another day.”

2009, August 24

Poetry Monday – Undiscovered




and body



sparkling shallow

flowing trickle

many times


dazzled blinking

gazing on


sacred space

only yesterday

to giggly glimpse


drying face

Undiscovered by Karen Schindler

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