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2010, June 27

Lesson one: Smile at all times!

Someone asked me yesterday how come I posted such things like my instant obstacle course and funny signs of being tired for everyone to see and laugh about?

The thing is, if I started jotting down all the embarrassing mishaps I’ve ever had in my life so far, it would probably come out to be a very funny anthology.
Ignoring what anyone might think (or not), I do sometimes type out funny things about me and/or that happened to me.

What have I learned from all of them and from sharing with the world (wide web)?

That: a smile can be the ticket out of an embarrassing situation.
And that probably even making a fool out of yourself from time to time isn’t the end of the world :P

It’s all about perspective! ;)

Now it’s your turn, tell me: What’s your lesson number one?

2010, June 25

Signs of being tired

Given how last week was one of the most tiresome weeks of this year, I noticed a few things and remembered a few other things too, which are funny enough for me to share.

Here goes, I know I’m tired when I:

  • answer my personal cell while at home with the line “Hello, flower shop X this is Estrella speaking, how may I help you?”
  • measure a cup of plaster and instead of pouring it into the mixing bowl, I fill up the water cup with it
  • search for the tea kettle in the bedroom, kitchen and pantry for a good 15 minutes before looking for it in the sink, which I passed at least 10 times during the big search
  • read worms (râme) instead of frames (rame) on an ad board…

So… there’s my confession of the day.
How do you know you’re tired? Any similarly funny signs to share?
I promise, it will stay between us! ;)

PS: I know, I totally disregarded my posting schedule this week, but like I’ve said on Monday, I’ll be back to following the usual schedule starting next week.
Already working on my posts and great craft project for Tuesday :)

2009, November 26

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #11

This funny pear of wisdom dates back to when our female roommate (who teaches history in some God forgotten village) was reading something out loud in her room. I was quite surprised… she can’t read continuously. I would’ve been ashamed to read like her, like a bad record player (remember those?) :P

After looking at me with the face of a little kid at Christmas my fiancé said:

pearls of wisdom no 6

2009, October 11

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #10

This funny pearl of wisdom dates back to one night when, after strategically placing a scented incense on the ashtray used by the roommate studying for exams, the girl asked if she should also leave a note saying “Please light this when you start smoking.”

The guy, with a totally straight face, answered:

pearls of wisdom no 10

Next night they left a note.

2009, October 11

Economy – how we see it differently

Sunday everyone is looking for a day off filled with peace, quiet, lots of laughter, fun, maybe a walk with their loved ones or if the weather isn’t holding up maybe a nice day cuddling and watching movies, and generally a great time. I know I am, so thought I’d start off with this today :)

No need to take men seriously every time, but here’s how men and women see different economical aspects, a random order of my totally unbiased opinion, yet in a funny and somewhat over-stretched point of view ;)

  • -> When men really like something they’d pay even double to get it.
    -> When women see something half-price they buy it even if it’s not exactly what they were looking for and make it work.
  • -> When the waiter leaves the check on the table, men round up the sum and leave a big tip without a second look at it, to impress.
    -> Women take out their calculator and start adding up the sum counting and checking every piece of bread.
  • -> Men love paying by credit card or high sum bills. They think pennies are for the kid’s piggy bank, that they’ll be considered lesser men if they carry pennies with them.
    -> Women on the other hand always answer easily to a cashier’s ever-lasting question: “Do you have some change?”


2009, October 9

Sense of humor

Happy Fall everyone!A great laugh is so liberating, isn’t it?
You’re brought to tears, your jaws start hurting, but you still can’t stop laughing.

Moments like this don’t happen every day, but luckily we get to experience them from time to time brought on by funny situations around us or by the people who know exactly how to make us laugh and relax.

Some people are born with an extra dose of humor to their use, who always see the funny part in everything and have the amazing ability of pointing it out, they’re fun to hang around with and funny (even) without telling text book jokes.
They can distension any situation and make everyone feel great and happy.

And the best part of it -> they know how to even make fun and laugh at themselves.

I’m lucky to have quite a few people like this in my life and by being around them, having conversations, e-mailing, reading their blogs, etc. I most always get back to my cheerful self :)

Thank you! ;)

PS: special dedication to my charming, witty and funny friends! You know who you are ;)

2009, September 21

Funny Pearls of Wisdom #9

This pearl of wisdom I read on Karen’s blog and thought it’s definitely worth sharing to an even wider crowd ;)

I’ve giggled for quite a while after reading it :)

pearl karen

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