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2018, March 23

8 ways I am being more eco-friendly

With Earth Hour being tomorrow evening around the Globe, and in past blog posts talking about how to spend your time during Earth Hour, I thought today I’d share a few of the things I’ve done/started doing throughout the year to be more eco-friendly (aside from recycling efforts).

  1. Use a reusable water bottle. We have water coolers at work, so I don’t need to buy my water. I’ve opted a few years back for a glass water bottle instead of using the disposable plastic cups, and I make tea or coffee in my own ceramic mug. To take it even further, I actually acquired the Starbucks mug from work – a colleague left it behind when they left the firm and no one else claimed it.
  2. Use up leftovers and waste less food:
    Freeze fruits or vegetables about to go off. I slice or chop them, if needed, and freeze for later use. Vegetables I use for stew, soup, Quiche or almost any kind of casserole. I also freeze green leaves like parsley, basil, lemongrass, etc. The fruits I use up when baking cakes, cooking fruit soup or especially when making smoothies or Chia pudding.
    Last week, I noticed a huge bottle of chili sauce was about to go off in two weeks, and given the bottle was still full, I decided to pour the sauce in ice-cube trays and freeze them; I’ll use one or two cubes when I’m cooking dishes they go with.
    Bake a casserole or Quiche to use up left over slices of bacon, salami, cheese, etc.
  3. Buy local, be it food, clothing or home ware, as much as possible.
  4. Reducing meat and dairy intake. On the one hand, it is really beneficial to the environment even if it’s just a dairy or meat-free day once a week. On the other hand, I love vegetables and can’t wait for mid-Spring when all the fresh produce will be in season over here and I can start having salads for dinner every evening again!
  5. Walk instead of drive. I don’t drive myself, but living outside of the city and because of our schedules it is a necessity to take the car when we go to the office. However, we started walking a lot more, biking and using public transportation at least during the weekend. I also love walking overall and feel better if I’m more active, so I walk instead of using even public transportation when I go visit mom or while running errands.
  6. Use less and refuse plastic when ever possible. I started refusing plastic bags a while ago and take canvas tote bags, a backpack or recyclable shopping bags when going for groceries.
    More recently I started refusing straws and plastic cutlery when I go out for drinks or dinner, take my own thermos if buying coffee on the go, or my Tupperware when grabbing lunch to refuse the Styrofoam containers the establishment offers.
  7. Switched to LED light bulbs. Everywhere but the bathroom, where our wiring just refuses them for some reason and the fan stops working… We need to sort that out.
  8. Turn off lights/unplug things when not using them.

What are you doing for Earth Hour this year? And what are some of your ways of being more eco-friendly during your everydays?

2015, September 18

Things we do/avoid, due to Pixel reasons

Just the other day I was thinking about our life before the arrival of our kitty, Pixel. Of the things we used to do, of the things we do now or the ones we simply don’t do anymore. Some items seemed funny to me, so here’s sharing.

Pet owners everywhere will be able to relate to some of the items on my list, I’m sure.


Things we do/avoid, due to Pixel reasons:

  • Close all cabinet doors, even if stepping away for only a moment.
  • Sit/lay uncomfortably for hours, because Pixel is too cute sleeping on top of us.
  • Have a long-pawed stuffed tiger doll hanging from our bar stool.
  • Get our faces tickled and licked to wake up. (You’d think only dogs did that…)
  • Have someone sit in our handbags, suitcases or shopping bags.
  • Find refrigerator magnets in odd places, like in the bathroom for example. 
  • Don’t own a terrarium or other fun stuff like that.
  • Wash the dishes before bed, every night.
  • Had only 20% of the decorations up for Christmas. (Easter as well, for that matter.)
  • Keep no plants on the balcony.
  • Have entire conversations with the kitty.
  • Pick up random stuff like deodorant, socks, mittens, mason jar lids, hand cream, forks, the kitchen sponge or the egg slicer off the floor.
  • Have a source of warmth for our feet while laying in bed.
  • Keep the crystal litter on the balcony instead of inside.
  • Are greeted at the door when arriving home.
  • Often find ourselves thinking we need a bedroom with a door.
  • Constantly have a source of amusement.
  • Enter the apartment bent down to grab him in case kitten tries to escape.
  • Cover the bed every morning before leaving for work.
  • Watch our step, especially with hot beverages in hand.
  • Don’t leave cat toys laying around during the night.
  • Place plants on top of the range hood.
  • Also keep candles, matches, tissues, a dried rose, my angel lampwork bead and a vase on top of the range hood. (Good thing its design allows it!)
  • Don’t leave glasses/cups on the nightstand overnight. 
  • Wear slippers in the bathroom, too.
  • Keep the toilet seat lid down.
  • Place the toilet paper high up in a shelf.
  • Find clothes and tea towels on the floor when getting home from work.
  • Throw away tea bags instead of leaving them on the saucer even for five minutes.
  • Don’t sleep with out hands under the pillow.
  • Nor with our feet peeking out from under the covers.
  • Are overheard by our neighbors as what seems like us talking to ourselves when it’s only one of us and the kitty.
  • Crane our necks to look at PC, phone, tablet and laptop monitors or read a book around the cat.
  • Say “NO” more often than we’d like.
  • Don’t leave food unattended.
  • Fish out cat toys from our shoes and slippers.
  • Keep pens, keys, scotch tape, batteries, paperclips, etc. in a basket.
  • Also, keep said basket behind a cabinet door. (Until we get a lidded box or something we can leave on the counter.)
  • Let kitten climb under the kitchen furniture.
  • Then dust him off.
  • Keep most of our shoes in boxes.
  • Replace certain shoelaces every other month.
  • Walk up the stairs quietly, on our tiptoes sometimes, so kitten won’t start meowing when we’re still three stories away.
  • Fall asleep with him purring on top of us.
  • Check on him regularly when he’s on the balcony.
  • Have tiny heart attacks every time we see him on the railing.
  • Listen for birds chirping. And run out the moment they stop, in case they need rescuing.
  • Check kitten for birds when he rushes into the kitchen from outside too fast.
  • Know exactly where a fly, mosquito, moth or spider is located.
  • Have a “built-in” fly killer. 
  • Try not letting him fall asleep too soon in the evening to avoid him waking up too early.
  • Don’t pet him after I’ve used the hair dryer to dry my hair. (The effect it has on him has to wear off first. *laughing*)
  • Same rule applies after vacuuming the apartment.
  • Accidentally hit “Send” when trying to write a text with Pixel on our tummy.
  • Have someone overly interested in anything we’re doing.
  • Are sometimes collateral damage while he’s playing.
  • Smile and laugh out loud at his funny poses. All. The. Time.
  • Have half a bag of laundry detergent in the hamper so he won’t knock it over.
  • Know the kitty is approaching even in the dark when a crystal is stuck to his paw from the litter box.
  • Replaced several mugs and glasses. Always our favorites.
  • Don’t get to sleep in, not even on weekends.
  • Wipe off all kitchen surfaces before starting dinner.
  • Love our life a whole lot more.
  • Have a writing companion while I write this list. 

Do you have pets? Did you relate to some of these things? Feel free to name a few things off your own list of things you do, or avoid doing due to pet reasons. I’d love love love to see what other pet owners have to say!

2014, June 18

Desire mapping

In one of Danielle LaPorte’s recent roundup e-mails, she said “We visualize to manifest. Vision boards, motivational quotes on your desk. Ideas on sticky notes to inspire. At the root of desire mapping is this notion: Knowing how you want to feel is the most powerful form of clarity you can have. And…being reminded of your core desired feelings is part of the practice.”

With that in mind, I was instantly drawn to use the Desire Map Graphic Maker.

I’m starting out small, so-to-say, and sharing my first Desire Map publicly here. I have a feeling more will follow as my desires shift.



What would be on your Desire Map?

2014, March 10

How to drive Estrella nuts on a regular work day

I no longer work at the deco shop, but having written the points below a while back, I really wanted to post them. It was a very frustrating time of my life, and so, I’ll consider this my goodbye to it :-)


Before and After

Before and After


How to drive Estrella nuts on a regular work day:

  • Ask all prices. Randomly, walking from one end of the store to the other
  • Fill the storage room blocking the way to the light switch, so that she’ll walk into the furniture
  • Make/leave behind messes
  • Let your kid knock off candles from shelves – she’ll make said kid cry when she stops him
  • Still don’t pay any attention to the kid
  • Ask impossible questions to which there are no answers to
  • Leave her alone for the afternoon in the store


Good luck getting to the light switch.

Good luck getting to the light switch.


Have you ever worked in sales? What was it like? Or if you haven’t, what would drive you nuts?

2013, November 25

My Cozy List for Sweater Weather

The thing is, I am a true home body during sweater weather. Any time I can get away with it, actually, but especially during Winter.

One way that makes me feel a little better about the cooler (and upcoming bitterly cold!) months is getting the chance to transform my cave house into a cozy place. Where I can chose to hibernate the winter months away (not joking.) ;)

In doing so, for today’s post, I decided to make a list of it and name a few cozy home items I love. 

  • snowflake jammies


  • hand warmers while crafting


  • a cup of delicious, hot tea


  • warm bed as a reading corner propped with a comfy array of pillows and blankie


  • night time reading

 page nighttime reading 

  • “sweater candles” and scented teacup candles

 page sweater candle and teacup candle 

  • furry friends to snuggle up with

page furry friends to snuggle up with

  • fluffy socks to keep my feet nice and warm


  • fresh-out-of-the-oven Cinnamon Rolls


Hand me any of these on a cold evening and I’m a happy cave-dweller lady ;)

What home items do you like best, what’s on Your Cozy List this season?

2013, October 14

My Seven Horcruxes

S7005487-1 If you are someone who has read Harry Potter, you’ll know that a horcrux is something one puts a part of their soul into so that one can never completely die. Voldemort managed to split his soul into 7 pieces.

During a conversation recently, a friend asked: “If you could pick any 7 things in the entire world to make your own horcruxes, what would they be?”

She listed her items, and I replied with my own list:

  1. A pair of cherished earrings (you won’t guess which of the two)
  2. My paperback copy of “The Best of Friday Flash – Volume One” which features one of my flash fiction pieces
  3. Some memento of my travels, like a magnet or something
  4. My laptop
  5. A love letter
  6. Something I’ve crafted
  7. and My silver necklace

I thought that was that for the interaction.


Ever since, I’ve been thinking about horcruxes and what they might mean to different people. Because you know something? I believe we all have horcruxes in real life.

There are so many people who are depressed, sad and inconsolable. It’s serious, and at the root of it can be the feeling that they’ve lost the things they care about – which I’d phrase as: their horcruxes have been lost or destroyed.

We do things with lots of energy and interest, with love. We put our character, ourselves, our heart and souls into many things, most of all into the things and people around us. Into what we love most. When we are 100% dedicated and passionate about something, people will remember it for ages.

So my question would be: “What are your 7 horcruxes?” What are the things you’ve already put your soul into?

Mine are, in bullet-list form because they’re hard to divide into seven separate things:

  • Everything I’m writing and most of what I’m reading
  • Anything I’m crafting
  • Loved ones (family, friends, pets)
  • Flowers and Items I cherish because of the memories they prompt
  • Hope, Trust and Dreams

How about You?

2011, June 1

Is there anything you don’t do?

As I was Tweet-ing back and forth with Kenneth (also fondly known as Tall Pajama Man) throughout a few days, he raised the above question last night – if there’s anything I can’t do – which in turn prompted this blog post.

To answer his question, actually yes, there are so many things I wish I could do (and I’m planning to learn how to). But for now, let’s make a list (don’t act all surprised, you knew this was leading to a list eventually!) of some of the things that I can do – and which express slightly tomboyish traits ;)

I could just call most of these collectively ‘basic repairs around the house’, but making a list is so much more fun.

So, I can:

  • wrench on a car – I used to help my grandfather in the garage when he still fixed cars
  • wire and install an outlet – watched the electrician do it a couple of days ago and asked to give the other one a go on my own (am planning to install a new one in my room too)
  • take a door off/put it back on its hinges all by myself and properly use WD-40 on said hinges (or others) to stop them from squeaking
  • take a bed apart (or almost anything really) and put it back together without leftover pieces
  • tile a countertop (upcoming DIY tutorial in a few weeks)
  • paint doors, window frames, shelves, walls, fences, etc.
  • build a shelf, fasten legs and handles on cabinet
  • hook up the entertainment center, set up Wi-Fi and operate Total Commander (I’m including the latter only because I’ve been told ‘Girls never use Total Commander.’) 
  • jump fences (sshh our little secret, alright?)

(Later edit – a couple of things I forgot/learned since publishing the original post)

  • reading a map and not getting lost even without one
  • use a staple gun (re-do upholstery)
  • use a foam gun
  • drill holes (correctly) for pelmet and shutters 

All that aside from the regular being great at cooking/baking, decorating cakes, interior design, arts & crafting, playing the piano (a bit), singing, writing, rollerblading, riding a bike, tutoring, floral art, photography (improving as I go), … I think that’s it. Hmmm… guess I should stop being amazed when people call me a true renaissance woman.

I’m hoping this post falls someplace neutral in between obnoxious self-importance and boring earnestness.

So, let’s talk business – want to adopt me? ;)

And tell me: what are you guys good at that’s generally considered a task for the opposite sex? 

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