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2018, July 22

Chewed shoelaces

Some of my shoelaces have chew marks. I need be careful they don’t rip when I tie them up in the morning. Their role is to remind me that I once had a Pixel kitty. And that he was mine. And that sometimes, when I didn’t notice, he’d get to my shoes and play with them. And that he was loved, so very loved.

I’m keeping the shoelaces when I (eventually) throw out the shoes.

In loving memory of Pixel, 2014-2017

2010, July 3

Being there – by Estrella Azul

Life’s fragile…

I discern it in your voice…
You’re aching,
and I can’t cease the grief.
You’re crying,
and I can’t halt the tears.
But I can
softly wipe them off
and just be there
like a balm to your soul;
with a comforting word,
a hug, a kiss, a poem…


* Sometimes just being near by is all that truly matters!

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