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2015, June 1

Visit a favorite place; send yourself a postcard

In the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, this week the assignment was to Visit a favorite place; send yourself a postcard. When I wrote my initial thoughts on this suggestion, I said that I can’t wait to look at postcards I brought home from places I visited, and maybe even mail one of them to myself!

Well, that didn’t happen. I don’t have *all* of my stuff with me since living with my boyfriend, and the pretty postcards I brought home from places I visited and loved are nicely placed under the clear glass top of my desk at my mom’s.
So instead, I decided to go through photos of my old trips. That did the trick!

I started with London, since that was my most recent trip, and looking through the photos on my phone, all the memories came rushing back. It also reminded me, that I delayed buying a post card on several evenings and ended up forgetting before I left on Friday… So, I e-mailed myself the photo below.

A smile and two kind words can turn around your day!

A smile and two kind words can turn around your day!

I thought about how much I enjoyed everything in London!
All the people who were very very nice, both at work and if I was asking for directions or anything they were kind and went our of their way to be helpful.
I loved the double decker buses! And while I was more comfortable riding on the top deck for more than three stops, it was nice because for two days I rode with my friend Stephany so was sure to get off at the right stop, and then in Kingston where I was staying/working I couldn’t have gotten lost had I wanted to, cause it’s such a small place.

It was funny, because I had a few days stay there, but I did not get used to which side of the road I was supposed to look before crossing the street (neither with looking down and reading where the sidewalk said to look, because obviously we don’t have that here in Romania).
Repeatedly I waited for buses on the wrong side of the street, and had several buses pass me before someone pointed out that I need to signal the bus driver (the way you signal a taxi driver) if I wanted it to stop for me.
And the currency… don’t even try asking me about it, because aside from the full pound, I have no idea which penny is which, etc.

Also, I even managed to overlook pushing the button which said “push to open door” and rode an extra stop with the train at around 11:45 pm only to then have to cross to the other side, wait for another train and ride one stop back to the one I needed.
The train conductor, a lady, smiled at me and wished me a good night as I was walking all tired, feet hurting and upset about having missed my stop earlier, towards the gates in the right station. She hadn’t seen my clumsiness, of course. This made me smile and forget about it all, thanked her and wished her an easy shift. This is one of my favorite “people moments” from that trip!

Writing this blog post, the assignment itself and going through the photos from my trip prompted the thought that I should mail myself a postcard when I travel next. From every trip, actually. It would be so cool to sum up a thought, a feeling and have it arrive by mail on a beautiful postcard after getting home.

The assignment for week 22 is to Smile at Strangers. Wow, does it go oh-so-nicely with my favorite people moment which I just detailed above from my London trip! Here’s what j said about smiling at strangers, in the 52-52 guide:
“You may feel surprised by the times when you hesitate, or by the times when you absolutely don’t hesitate, and you see it happen, the little jolt in someone else, the light that comes on behind the eyes of a person who was, until the moment of your smile, running on autopilot.”

How was your week? Did you leave visit a favorite place? Or did you also just take a stroll down memory lane by looking at photos, postcards and other mementos you brought back from previous trips? Have you mailed yourself a postcard either this past week, or ever before?

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

2015, May 25

Leaving Love Laying Around

Last week, in the year of loving ourselves fearlessly, we left love laying around.

That means, I lit a candle, baked cookies and made tea. I left pots-it note love on the fridge, and wrote some Love Letters and left them laying around in the kitchen at work, on the street, under windshield wipers and in a coffee shop.

Having my birthday last Wednesday, I was also on the recipient end of some love. Friends called me, texted, e-mailed and left me sweet comments and messages on Facebook and via Twitter. Dinner was made for me, I received presents, flowers, I got a massage, and was pampered.

It was a good week, and it felt like all the love I left laying around, came pouring back in!

For week 21, the assignment is to Visit a favorite place; send yourself a postcard.
When j decided to write this e-guide, she sent a note to some people she loves asking for ideas. Her friend sent her this idea, and I like it so much! Can’t wait to look at postcards I brought home from places I visited, and maybe even mail one of them to myself!

How was your week? Did you leave love laying around? For your family only, or in public places for strangers to find as well? In case you took pics, too, I’d love to see them!

PS: If you’re interested in joining us, you don’t have to have the e-guide to play, but if you’d like it, you can buy it in the shop.

2011, October 31

Tough love, a letter

On Friday and Saturday, I was watching the conversations from the grand opening of Andrea Lewicki’s wonderful curiosity project on and off. I tuned in and figured out how to sign in via Twitter by the final conversation where Andrea was talking with Judy Clement Wall. The whole conversation left me inspired.

One snippet that stayed with me the most clearly was about the possibility of acknowledging our inner critic, accepting it as a part of ourselves, and possibly writing it a love letter. A letter that would say something along the lines of, “I love you. Thank you. But shut up now.”

It got me thinking. It kept me up late that night. And yesterday I decided to write my inner critic a love letter. A more or less tough love letter. Hope you won’t mind me sharing it with you (like I did last Monday) as an ending to my Month of Love Letters.


Dear I.C. (Inner Critic),

I’m writing to let you know how much I love and appreciate you.
As weird as it may sound, it’s actually comforting to know you’ll second guess every single decision I make, no matter how big or small. I think that’s because I always strive to do my best with everything and paired up with I.P. (Inner Perfectionist) you’re doing such a great job of keeping me in check.

However, I’m also writing to let you know that I won’t always listen to you from now on.
Sometimes a little quiet time is nice. And much needed.

Starting today, I’ll let myself off the hook and accept that I am only human. I’ll accept that I truly am doing my absolute best, that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing.
I’ll trust my instincts. I’ll focus on myself even when the world is screaming for my attention. And I’ll try to remind myself that I don’t need to change anything about myself.

Even when you disagree – I’ll trust that I’m perfect just the way I am.   

~ Estrella


How about you? What would you say to your inner critic? Feel free to share your letter in the comments below, I’d love to see your responses :)

PS: Would you like it if I occasionally shared more love letters?

2011, October 24

Some Love letters won’t be sent

This month was dedicated to love letters. Last Monday, in part one of this post, I talked about the snail mail I sent. I wrote some love letters to my friends all over the world, to friends who live in the same city as I do, to a (slowly becoming more and more) special person in my life. I’ve sent all of these.

However, not all of my love letters were/nor will be sent.

In May, I wrote a love letter to myself, and it just kept on going from there. More recently, I thanked bloggy awards. I posted a poem in memory of my uncle; it truly was the longest of farewells. I wrote love letters to my laptop and notebook, to a rose, to my bookshelf, to a particular leaf I felt the urge to pick up (and make something pretty and commemorative with once it dries), to someone who used to be a part of my life, to someone who died, and to someone who came into my life for a reason yet unfortunately only a season.

And now, since this won’t get sent either, I’ll share a love letter I wrote to Autumn (and some of the pretty pics I took in the past few weeks).

autumn light flower love collage

Dear Autumn,

I love your light. And I love your colors. I love the warm, golden leaves’ long shadows on the sidewalks. Walking on the streets, in parks, with leafs crunching under our feet and the smell of Chrysanthemums and chestnuts is lovely.

My red hair sometimes resembles the color of chestnuts. When I was little I liked that comparison the most, because I could envision dozens of chestnuts rolling in each strand. I now always anxiously await your arrival and chestnuts season for this reason.

Meeting friends for dinner at one of the terraces we love, with wooden tables, wrought iron railings and flowers flowing from window frames, I can’t help but look around and think of how clear, how peaceful and tranquil everything is. Your wealth is not measured in money, but in smiles and happiness.

So hold on to us, Autumn, we still have to gather so many of your fruits!

~ Estrella

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