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2012, June 6

My relationship to silence

Like most introverts, I like it. Silence. Quietness. Solitude. I seek it. There rarely are times when I avoid it.

I intentionally choose silent times as much as possible, especially when I want to write. The last time I wished for a few hours of quietness was around my birthday. I recall being torn into a million pieces with work and life in general; I recall thinking I’d rather have silence, than any other present. I like not going out to parties on weekends, or to busy cafés. I much rather enjoy a quiet, intimate night, either in or out. The thought of three days in a cabin without music or TV make me feel pangs of longing.

Sometimes I can take it, but generally there can’t be loud music playing while I’m working on something. While I craft maybe, that works, but when I’m writing – forget it. Simple instrumental music doesn’t even help many times.

Like I said in a comment on Carolyn Rubenstein’s recent blog post, the Chef is a complete extrovert. He keeps the TV on even if he’s not in the room, needs to listen to music while doing most anything; thrives on it.
I’ll have to slowly teach him the “trick” of putting headphones on if we’re both trying to work in the same room *winks* That way both of us will be happy and not get cranky.

I’m more and more aware of the quality of silence between me and other people. I’m a strong believer of silence being louder than words, many times. In conversations, especially new conversations I fill in silences carefully. I like finding out things, but make sure not to overwhelm people. But I rarely fill the air with music, singing, one word at a time. I like listening.

Listening, really listening feels like a luxury. Most people are so busy and distracted, that it might feel like a passive action or an impatient pause. But when someone truly listens, it gives me a feeling of hope. True listening is an art, really.


*Blog post inspired by this question from Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Questions Series.

2012, May 17

Money resentments to let go of

I had to think long and hard to answer this question. And I’m unsure of the “right” answer. But I resent high prices, and unappreciative people.

Guess one of my problems is that I’m always struggling financially. And as such, offer low prices for my crafts. I’m always weary of raising the price of refrigerator magnets for example because I figure people won’t buy them.

In April, I felt courageous and told clients how much their order messed up my time off “regular” work as I had to work on this freelance wedding favor order. One little heart took 15-20 minutes (not to mention the 30+ minutes of drying) and I was at it all day long Monday-next Saturday, I might as well have slept in my kitchen. It was beyond stressful!

I felt courageous and told the clients I wouldn’t mind if they reconsidered and paid full-price for the order (I have a 10% off policy for orders above 50 pieces and theirs was 120 – I add extras too in case anything should happen to them). They didn’t care.
But I felt so much better from asking. I’d rather regret doing something than not having tried at all!

So now, I went back and updated the prices of my crafts. I made sure I raised them high enough to repay my efforts. Yet low enough for people to still buy them :)


Now it’s your turn. What money resentments do you have…that you could let go of?


*Blog post inspired by this question from Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Questions Series.

2012, May 7

How do you say what you do?

I really like the bio from my blog, but that was easy to write. Emphasis on the “write” part there. For me, everything is easier in writing. I’ve been attentive at this for a few weeks, and am finally starting to adjust my way of answering the question “What do you do for a living?”.

I generally said “I craft, tutor, babysit (and write).”

Now wouldn’t the following sound so much better?

“(I used to be a floral artist – and still am at heart.)
Currently, when I’m not, as some phrase it, “wasting time” writing, my day job consists of tutoring English, running my freelance plaster crafting business with an emphasis on wedding favor orders. I am on the writer’s staff of Milliver’s Travels, and an Associate Editor of Friday Flash Dot Org. To keep myself buys in the afternoons, I also babysit a little girl.”

(Actually, it does sound sooo much better. I tried it out when I went to a middle-school reunion a couple of weeks ago.)

A little bit of tweaking to that first answer and no one suspects how low my actual income is ;)


Your turn, cause I’m really curious: How do you say what you do?


*Blog post inspired by this question from Danielle LaPorte’s The Burning Questions Series.

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