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2018, June 1

Awkward money questions

I read The Financial Diet (TFD) on a regular basis, and when I noticed one of their “awkward money questions” interview, I figured I’d try to answer the questions myself.

  1. What’s the worst money you’ve ever spent in the name of romance?
    A weekend trip. Even though it resulted in a fun weekend and I enjoyed spending time with the guy, and exploring a new city I’ve never been to… I should not have spent that much while I was basically broke, had debt, and needed to borrow money just so I could go.
  2. What is a misguided purchase you’ve made to “upgrade” yourself?
    The Color Run, last year in my city. I needed motivation to keep running and training, and entering running races was the perfect way for me to do just that. All other races I entered were great and helped me keep in shape and training while also being fun. The Color Run however, was anything but a professionally organized race, and admission was steep for all that it ended up being (the happiest 5K in the World only summed up to 3,5K).
  3. What’s one guilty pleasure you spend on that you know you absolutely shouldn’t?
    Mugs. I love any kind of fun and interesting coffee cup, tea mug or drinking jug in all shapes and sizes. I have more than I could probably use up in a lifetime. I have gotten way better and refrain from buying new ones, but the occasional mug purchase still happens even though I really don’t need any new ones.
  4. What’s one thing you’re really cheap about that you know you should spend more money on?
    Self-care. I think of the cat, the BF, family and friends before I think of spending money on myself. I try to cut my own hair, do my own hair, make-up and nails as much as possible – going as far as borrowing a dress to wear at a wedding, because I don’t wear dresses often enough to justify buying a new one.
    I’m better at it when the BF nudges me to spend money on myself also and at least for special occasions I started getting manicures, and invested in a couple of dresses to have for weddings. However, I will probably cut my own hair until I can still hold scissors with a steady-enough hand.
  5. What is something that 2018 Estrella does that 2008 Estrella would have never thought possible?
    Wiring money into my savings account, and into private pension account every month.

Now I’m curious. What would your replies be to the above questions? Feel free to leave your answers in a comment below.

2012, February 20

My purpose for money

Steadying an aim is good for us from time to time. Even if I can’t fulfill much of it just yet, I think being on the right path is what matters most.

Estrella’s purpose for money, Feb. 2012

  • Travel. By myself, and with loved ones
  • Surprise loved ones with gifts
  • Buy friend’s books and art
  • Shop organic/homemade/handmade/etc.
  • Build my plaster crafting business so it becomes a steady income
  • Save up and invest wisely
  • Turn writing into a priority and a steady income 
  • Donate, be a philanthropist
  • Own a lovely home – where ever the right place for it turns out to be.
  • Create my own writing space and workshop in said home

Quite honestly, I don’t want a lot of money. I don’t think a pirate’s chest full of money is required to be happy. I only want enough to do what I want to do and be who I want to be this lifetime — as opposed to having two (three) jobs just to stay poor.

What is your purpose for money?


*Blog post inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s second post for The Burning Questions Series.

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