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2010, May 26

Betraying gestures

How good or bad nervousness is, I couldn’t tell you. But what I can tell you for sure is that blushing or trembling hands aren’t the only ones giving our tenseness away. It can be a nervous habit, typos while writing a letter to someone dear, a look, the pause between two words… or maybe the extra thought we put into hiding them.

We’re usually aware and not necessarily fond of being nervous and embarrassed in front of others, because it makes us feel vulnerable. But again, the details make the difference: a stutter can be charming, while a tantrum couldn’t.

I think being nervous says a lot about our personality. And excluding excesses, which I haven’t experienced, I think it makes each of us special.

This is why I don’t always mind tense gestures betraying me. It would be a shame.

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