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2017, December 29

Happy New Year, the travel writer’s way

It’s been three years since my boyfriend and I started travelling over our New Year’s holiday time. We are currently enjoying Skopje, Macedonia.

I still want to wish you all a very Happy New Year and wonderful 2018 ahead – the travel writer’s way.

Go on over to Milliver’s  Travels to read about our New Year’s Eve, 2015 trip in my travel article, “Spending New Year’s Eve in Budapest, Hungary”. You won’t regret it.
Happy 2018, everyone!

2013, December 31

A fresh page…

fresh page fresh start

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year full of love, laughter and health!

Thank you for being a friend, and thank you for reading my blog!

2011, January 1

Tomorrow is a new day

Have you guys made any New Year’s resolutions? Will you work hard on keeping them or will they be forgotten in the following few days when the hectic-ness of everyday life takes over again?
Do they matter?

I’ll make and reaffirm my life choices whenever needed; when I walk on a different path or make my own path, when I feel lost or confused, when I’m in need of a change, when I want to experiment and when I make mistakes…
Some of these happen often enough that I have a New Year almost monthly ;)

I like the prospect of tomorrow being a new day.
Tomorrow is always a new day with no mistakes in it yet.
It always offers a chance to turn the page on yesterday,
even on last year, and its old ways.

2010 has been a year of angst, of possibilities, of mistakes, of dreams come true, of striving for the best I can achieve and be, of hope, of helplessness, opportunities, of Life… It has been one of the messiest, scariest, toughest, challenging, yet also one of the best years so far.

So, I’ve decided to re-work a bit, add a few things to my personal commandments list and publish that as opposed to a resolutions list, precisely because I think personal commandments are the core behind everything else we may want to achieve, the principles that guide our lives.


Estrella Azul’s Personal Commandments

  • Be Estrella
  • Dare to dream and dare to live
  • Be flexible, be willing to compromise and make course corrections
  • Be determined and diligent -> stay positive and maintain optimism as much as I can
  • Listen carefully so I can learn something new as often as I have the chance to
  • Know my weaknesses -> embrace them, and learn how to overcome them
  • Enjoy Life more -> decide to ‘Go For It’ when I have a good opportunity, and remember to have fun and enjoy the journey
  • Be grateful for all I have and all I am -> ‘give back’ with kindness and charity, help others
  • Accept that Life is messy -> that I need to make messes in order to find out who I am and why I’m here
  • Notice the little things
  • Be creative, improvise, work with what I have and sometimes, if I’m really lucky, what I’ll have will turn out to be exactly what I need
  • Know that it’s okay to follow someone else’s lead from time to time
  • Leap (and the net will appear!)


Now it’s your turn, tell me, what are your personal commandments, resolutions and or expectations from yourself for 2011?

2009, December 31

Clean page – by Estrella Azul

Hectic past years

written and done.

New year on a fresh,

clean page.

A work in progress

commencing tonight,

hopefully slow paced.

I wish everyone a blessed New Year and more happy moments in the year to come than snowflakes a fairy tale winter can provide!
2009, January 3

Resolutions for the New Year

2009New Year’s Eve has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the upcoming year. It’s a time to reflect on the changes we want (or need) to make and resolve to follow through on those changes.

However, if you truly want to make and keep your New Year Resolution, so it doesn’t die a sudden, certain death midway through January, you have to make the right resolution.

One that’s not impossible, one about which you have enormous desire, passion, and interest, because only in this case you’ll take the right approach, system, and attitude, so it can bring great joy, achievement, and reward when you tick it off the list :)

Most people already strapped on their thinking cap, did some daydreaming, brainstorming, plotting, and planning… just like me. This year, my Sweetheart and I agreed to write resolutions, separately our own, and together the resolutions for US as a couple. Don’t know about my Sweetheart, but for me, it’s gonna be easy, cause I’m quite obsessive-compulsive in the sense that having suck a meticulous and perfectionist personality, I can make a list for anything, and I’m absolutely great with following them :) Here it goes, in a more or less random order:

MY New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Dare to dream about all the wonderful possibilities!
  2. Say “I love you!” more -> not that I don’t mean it each time I say it, or that I don’t say it a lot, but it can never hurt to say it more and even when I’m upset.
  3. Believe in myself, my talents, abilities, my dreams, resolutions, and daily goals -> know my strengths and use them effectively.
  4. Be flexible -> life is full of  ‘Overtaken By Events’ days so I’ll try to be flexible, prepared, and willing to compromise and make course corrections.
  5. Find a good job -> something I enjoy so I can love what I do each and every day.
  6. Be determined and diligent -> stay positive and maintain my optimism as much as I can.
  7. Know my weaknesses -> embrace them, and learn how to overcome them.
  8. Learn something new -> one of the easiest, most motivating New Year’s resolutions to keep (and it’s half way through because of the improving floral artist course I’m taking -> get high mark on the exams, possibly 10). But I learn something new almost every day, and I’m looking forward to it.
  9. Enjoy Life More -> decide to ‘Go For It’ when I have a good opportunity, and remember to have fun and enjoy the journey.
  10. Be willing to work hard and stay committed -> through good times and bad times, in any circumstance.
  11. Be grateful for all I have and all I am -> ‘give back’ with kindness and charity, help others!

And now, our united resolutions list for US. Can’t say that our relationship is perfect, but most of the things listed here should begin with “Continue to”.

OUR New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Say “I love you!”  -> as much or more than we do now. A simple “I love you!” can melt someone’s heart. A simple “I love you!” can be the perfect ending to an argument. Saying “I love you!” is also a perfect way of saying Good Morning and Good Night. You simply can’t say these words enough to each other.
  2. Notice the little things -> cause sometimes it’s the littlest of things that really matter and make us happier.
  3. Listen to each other, be romantic, help each other out, make compliments, argue less, compromise, etc.
  4. Spend time together, cook, play, take walks, watch movies, etc. :)
  5. Buy an apartment and live together!

2009, January 1

Happy New Year!

3,2,1... Happy New Year!

3,2,1... Happy New Year!

“We will open the book. It’s pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and it’s first chapter is New Year’s Day. Happy New Year!”

“Abriremos el libro. Sus páginas están en blanco. Pondremos palabras los nosotros mismos. El libro es llamado Oportunidad y su primer capítulo es el Día de Año Nuevo. Próspero año nuevo!”

“Kinyitjuk a könyvet. A lapjai üresek. Írjuk rá mi magunk a szavakat. A könyv neve Esély, és az első fejezete Új Év napja. Boldog új évet!”

“Deschidem cartea. Paginie ei sunt albe. Să scriem noi inşine cuvintele pe ele. Titlul cărţii este Oportunitate şi primul capitol este ziua Anului Nou. La mulţi ani!”

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2008, November 20

New Year’s Eve: just 4 US :)

It’s not even December yet… hack, it wasn’t even November yet eighter when I was first asked this year of what I’ll be doing, where I’m going, and who with, on New Year’s Eve. The answer was: well nothing much…

I don’t know where people’s obsession with going away comes from, or the urge to go and party with total strangers, drink so much that the following day they can’t even remember where they are and who with… Like a friend of mine said, nowadays it’s not important that people don’t even have enough money to do these things, they borrow, steal, sell a kidney just to be able to copy what everyone else is doing. And in my opinion… it’s kind of sad, isn’t it?
Also another person said that he can’t understand people who stay at home instead of partying, and that everyone should go somewhere so when they have kids, they can tell them that they lived life 100% and not that: “Well my child, I stayed at home and felt sorry for myself…”
Honestly I can’t understand people who think like this. Why do they think that just because someone doesn’t have the means to go away or go party, they stay at home and feel sorry for them self?

It’s not like I don’t wish I could go on a few days trip with my Sweetheart and spend New year’s Eve in a cozy cabana somewhere, with a lot of snow around, and great sights… It’s just that for now, it’s not possible.
But even if it was, and when it will be… we’d probably go alone, just the two of us!

My Sweetheart and I stayed at home for the last few years, we spent a very nice time together, and had more fun than we could’ve had in any other place. It’s our decision, and this is how we like it.
And basically, at least on New Year’s Eve, we can be together with no interruptions, no families that need us around just for the fun of it, no one to come home in the middle of the night and start shouting, etc.
We can cuddle up and just talk about anything… what we’d like to achieve the following year, make resolutions, talk about our goals, our dreams, all the things we will be able to do, and those we’re not sure about yet… Not that we couldn’t do this another time, but it is in fact the beginning of a new year.

To us, it’s a very special night, and it only comes once a year. A night when we can leave all our worries behind and just look ahead, even if it’s just for that one night.
It’s a holiday, but we don’t get material presents on it, it’s the beginning of something new and exciting, a new and fresh start, or simply just the continuance of your old life, with a great new feel to it.

It’s one of my favorite nights besides Christmas :)

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