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2013, March 8

More subtle signs

I’ve talked about them before. And they’re at it again. This time around however, I can’t just pack up and visit Paris. It’s off the destinations list. But, it was nice to entertain the thought.

2013-03-10 10.30.39

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2012, April 13

I’m Myth Busting!

Do you know how long ago I wanted a blog post title like the one above? ;-)

Well, today I’m over at Milliver’s Travels, doing some myth busting research within my travel article “Truth of Fiction: Are Parisians Rude to Tourists?”

Paris is swarming with tourists!

I did my research before leaving and read several articles on different websites. This one here… read more

Drop by and see if the myth is Plausible, gets Busted or Confirmed.

Then make sure to tell me in the comment section there: Have you been to Paris? What are your impressions? Are Parisians rude to tourists?

2011, November 2

Zooming in on travel, gratitude and gifts

Long time no travel writing, right? I’ve been a bit under the weather writing-wise, but let’s fix that right now as my newest travel article is up for your viewing pleasure on Milliver’s Travels.

I am giving Smart Tips for Your First Time in Paris, so feel free to drop by and let me know what you think. Even if you will not visit Paris any time soon, it is timeless info.

Oh, and for a cookie, I suggest you leave me a comment while you’re over there ;)


Speaking of photos.

Yesterday I read this blog post over at Positively Present and felt immediately inspired. It’s a 30 day photo challenge with the theme ‘Gratitude’.
You already know how much I love taking pictures, so I’m thinking this awesome way to stay present will also go so well with November being the month of Gifts in the Love Project.
To take part, I downloaded the .pdf document to my phone, so I’ll have the list with me at all times and I’ve already set up a
Facebook album with the photo from Day 1. To share with you as the month progresses, I’ll link to the album again later on.

This challenge couldn’t have come at a better moment to give me a nudge towards taking more photos, as I was just thinking that I’m not taking nearly enough of them lately.

Time to add my camera as a permanent fixture of my backpack’s contents again ;)

Anyone else feel like joining this photo challenge?


PS: you have to be my friend on FB in order to see the album, but I’ll probably make a collage of these at the end of the month to have all the pics on my blog as well.

2011, July 27

Attractions that attracted me in Paris

First off, I’d like to officially share with you my exciting news of becoming a staff writer at Milliver’s Travels. At any time, you’ll be able to browse through all my articles right here.
It’s wonderful to be able to share on a regular basis some of the places I visited/will visit and fell in love with – and I feel privileged to be in such awe-inspiring company. Go check out everyone’s articles, they’re all lovely!

And now for the second part of today’s news ;)

After I wrote and sent in my first article on Paris to Milli Thornton, we quickly noticed that I had way too much to say. We divided the article into two parts, which then grew up to become a three part series.

So go ahead, click through if you’re wondering which ones are “My Three Most Favorite Attractions in Paris”.

2011, July 2

Walking is fun everywhere

I love traveling. In any amount!

To places I’ve seen before and of course even more so to places I dreamed of visiting all my life. This year, I’ve been the luckiest to have the opportunity of spending a short weekend Paris.

If you’re curious as to why this city (also) has captured my attention and took over a part of my heart – head on over to Milliver’s Travels and read all about it in my guest post, “Walking Through Paris” ;)

2011, March 30

My trip to Paris, France

Let me start this post by stating that before I left, I had some preconceived notions on what Paris and the trip overall would be like. I was wrong.

It was far better that anything I could’ve ever imagined!
Somehow, I still can’t believe I wasn’t dreaming and that I have actually visited the city I’ve dreamed of visiting ever since, as a child, I could pronounce the name “Eiffel Tower”.

Walking in Paris is amazing, and I spent almost the whole time doing so during the two and a half days spent there.
The city is swarming with tourists, the food is great, the sights are all worth waiting in (the long) lines for, there are in fact streets so small they appear on no map.

Noticing the little things – some of the pedestrian signs cracked me up as never in my life have I seen a man on a pedestrian sign wait with his hands on his hips.
The city is so stylish that their McDonalds “M” on Champs-Élysées is white instead of yellow (apparently the yellow sign was considered tacky so even McDonalds plays dress up in Paris).
While you may state my mind is in the gutter I’ll just go ahead and say it anyway – some of the statues seem pretty inappropriate for public display
from specific angles.
And you know how you sometimes wish you could just pull over at the corner? Well people here actually do it, so you need to watch out for cars when crossing the road because you might not see the oncoming traffic on account of the awkwardly parked cars on street corners.

And as opposed to everything I’ve heard about their resentment towards tourists all the locals I spoke to were very sweet and willing to help.
One lady even confused me for a local (within 2 hours of my arrival) when I asked about a street (apparently I pronounced the name oh-so-correctly in French) until she realized the confused stare came from my not understanding a word she’d just said (plus she talked sooo fast).

To sum it all up: I’ve had the time of my life, many new firsts (there may be a list in an upcoming blog post) and I don’t regret one second of… any of it!

Plus, I had the best company I could’ve hoped for ;)


page cloudscape Cloudscapes


page corner view from the hotel View from the hotel


page jardin de tuilleries champs elyseesJardin des Tuileries, Champs-Élysées


page obelisque d arlesObélisque de Louxor


page arc du triomphe   Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile


page louis xiv Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel assemblee nationale basilica mazarin hotel les invalides Basilique Mazarin, Louis XIV, Hotel les Invalides, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Assemblée Nationale

 page musee du louvre page musee du louvre nightshot Musée du Louvre


page ecole militaire le mur pour la paix Flamme de la Liberte Basilique Ste-Clotilde hotel de ville Basilique Ste-Clotilde, Flamme de la Liberté, Le Mur pour la Paix, Hotel de Ville, École Militaire


page eiffel towerpage eiffel tower sunsetTour Eiffel


page view from eiffel towerView from Tour Eiffel


page paris at nightParis at night 

 page notre damepage notre dame nightshotpage notre dame visitpage notre dame rose windows Notre Dame

page view from centre pompidou View from Centre Pompidou

2011, March 2

Subtle Signs? :)

A friend of mine was wondering out loud a few weeks ago if she was missing the signs.
Now, I may have been more aware since we talked about it, but I answered by saying what I still believe:
signs are easy to miss, they tend to be subtle (unless you’re the main character of a movie, there won’t be any flashing neon lights or arrows pointing towards the right direction).
This makes signs more of a big deal when we actually recognize them (in time).


Yesterday, as I turned the page of my wonderful Book Lover’s Calendar from February to March, the picture and quote of the month stood out more than in the previous two months of 2011.

The picture is of the Chapter One Restaurant’s sign in Dublin. Of course the name is what caught my attention and slowly sank in – “Chapter One”. The first chapter, the beginning of a journey – both literally and figuratively.

As I read the quote of the month at the bottom of the page, I realized -  it couldn’t possibly be more spot on as I’m traveling to Paris for a long weekend this Friday.

"If you take a book with you on a journey,…an odd thing happens: The book begins collecting your memories. And forever after you have only to open that book to be back where you first read it. It will all come into your mind with the very first words: the sights you saw in that place, what it smelled like, the ice cream you ate while you were reading it…yes, books are like flypaper–memories cling to the printed page better than anything else."
Cornelia Funke (Inkheart)

I’ve already decided (last week actually) which books I’m taking with me.

And then, this morning I came across this post from Daisy Janie and fell in love with that last locket cover. Leap! (I sooo want one of those!)

Now, separately I might be inclined to brush them off as mere coincidences.
I mean I find/see/read stuff I like/inspires me and which could be in some way applied to my life on a regular basis.
However, stringing all of these together in an under 24 hours period…

Is it just me, or is the Universe trying to tell me something? ;)

PS: I’ll be offline for about a week, but I’ll try to tweet about my trip once a day if I can.

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