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2013, September 30

DIY Pencil Holders

Usually I throw away tin cans. Last summer however, I decided to try and make myself a couple of new pencil holders. Not that I was in need of them per se, but I wanted to craft some.

At first, I made myself two – a smaller and a larger one with a nautical, summery feel to them. Then, in September, I made a couple more – in the same format for myself, and two larger ones as gifts for friends with a Fall theme.

page pencil holders

DIY Pencil Holders

tin cans (or paper tubes, or cores)

Start gluing the yarn from the top. If you find the yarn is a little difficult to attach to the tube, wait until the glue is tacky before wrapping the yarn around.

After wrapping a few rounds, turn the tube upside down and continue wrapping. I found that working from bottom to top is much easier than working from top to bottom.

You may change the color of the yarn or just keep to one color.

Decorate the pencil holder with embellishment when the yarn is securely affix to the tin can. As you can see, I used sea shells and rocks, ribbon, bows, felt leaves, a wood butterfly and interesting buttons.

Happy crafting! ;)

2010, September 21

What I’ve been crafting lately

Okay, so not technically a tutorial this week, but life has this annoying habit of butting in whenever I’d have a few spare minutes and fills them up with work and some more work :)
But thank goodness it does, or restless as I can get, I’d be in trouble!

Here’s what I crafted while in Hungary. There was an event in the first weekend, Tradition Keeping Days (to translate literally), and among other great things, there were stands with craft projects, one coordinated by my friend’s sister, for kids.

But you know me, always up for learning something new, so I made pen/pencil holders for my mom, grandparents and fiancé (after I got the hang of it I remained and helped my friend out with the kids) and at a different stand, a bead bracelet for myself.

crafts in hungary 

After, well actually ever since I came home, I’ve been swamped with plaster crafts orders, especially with these wedding favors.

page wedding favors 

But last week I had a bit of extra time on my hands and also made something pretty for myself. Decorated a wooden jewelry box I bought from Hungary and two folder holders (courtesy of a friend) using the decoupage technique.

page jewelry box

page folder holders

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