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2012, May 23


I really liked Carolyn Rubenstein’s blog post on how things don’t have to be perfect. I immediately wanted to add to the list. But then I decided to set it aside, save the link, and take a stab at after a little while, when I no longer recall what Carolyn wrote.

Things may still coincide, but here’s my own list of what doesn’t need to be perfect in my life. Easy to keep in mind, harder to accept. But I’m working on it.


It doesn’t have to be perfect

… your dreams.

… your writing.

… your decisions.

… your love.

… your outfit.

… your advices.

… your pictures.

… your art.

… your thoughts.

… your feelings.

… your words.

… your relationships.

… your timing.

… your beauty.

… your days, your weeks, your years – your life.


What about you? What doesn’t need to be perfect in your life right now?

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