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2017, April 14

Today, I…

Life can be overwhelming sometimes and we all have days when we feel like we’re about to lose it, and while it’s necessary to work through all the hurdles in our lives, it’s also important to recognize that we need a mental breather, and step away from situations to find some clarity.

  • Today I dared to confront a friend.
  • Today I took a risk in writing a letter to an old friend.
  • Today I said goodbye to my vacation plans.
  • Today I challenged myself to run 6km! I made it to 7,4 km!
  • Today I did the hardest thing for me when I didn’t bring up what I truly wanted to talk about with my mom.
  • Today I did something worth doing: ran in a charity cross event!
  • Today I traveled to a friend’s funeral.
  • Today I was bold when I asked for what I needed.
  • Today I loved you in the only way I can right now.
  • Today I resisted fear by following the lead of my boyfriend.
  • Today I took a leap when I offered a different solution to an older, recurring issue.
  • Today I had the courage to sign up for a photography class.
  • Today I said yes to dates instead of chocolate.
  • I asked for help from colleagues when I got stuck.
  • Today I stopped doing the dishes to cuddle with the cat for a while.
  • Today I let go of the idea that I can’t have fun alone.
  • Today I got rid of half my wardrobe.
  • Today I acknowledged that I am enough, just as I am today.
  • Today I showed courage when I went ice skating alone.
  • Today I surrendered to depression.
  • Today I took a chance on myself.

They’re not all positive, just like Life doesn’t stop if we’re feeling low. But I enjoyed coming back to this blog posts’s draft for over two years, until I ended the sentences above.

Below, or if you click ‘continue reading’, you’ll find the list if you want to copy it for yourself and fill it out.

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2010, July 29


I thought for quite a while about weather or not to write a post this … almost too personal. This post is to myself actually, unselfishly starting the sentences with “I”, reminding myself of just a few things I want (to do), which I really miss or want in my life …

I want to relax and rest. To travel and be somewhere where only the horizon is the boundary between earth and sky. A place to feel free to be human. True freedom which actually starts when you realize that natural and moral duties are not conceived in liberty but actually locks the contrary, they are the wind that blows a kite and makes it shine across unknown lands. 

I want to lie on the grass, to close my eyes and feel the wind caress my hair at night … while looking at the starry sky, and in those moments I should feel admiration and an unspeakable gratitude towards whoever still wants me here on this Earth.

The things I fully enjoy in life are very simple: the love behind a cup of hot cocoa with a tad of milk in the morning, a walk in the afternoon, reading, writing, music, flowers in a vase, plants, art and crafts, good food, homemade things, light, rain and rainbows, the warm light of candles in our room …

I hope to live a little while longer in this imaginary world that harbors many thoughts, and which will hopefully fulfill the beautiful dreams I still have.

I remain a glimpse of hope that someday, I’ll say:
… There’s no place like … home.

2010, June 27

Lesson one: Smile at all times!

Someone asked me yesterday how come I posted such things like my instant obstacle course and funny signs of being tired for everyone to see and laugh about?

The thing is, if I started jotting down all the embarrassing mishaps I’ve ever had in my life so far, it would probably come out to be a very funny anthology.
Ignoring what anyone might think (or not), I do sometimes type out funny things about me and/or that happened to me.

What have I learned from all of them and from sharing with the world (wide web)?

That: a smile can be the ticket out of an embarrassing situation.
And that probably even making a fool out of yourself from time to time isn’t the end of the world :P

It’s all about perspective! ;)

Now it’s your turn, tell me: What’s your lesson number one?

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